G Rap Keeps Airing Em Out

A few recent G Rap cuts, a couple of which are due to feature on the new album. Plus a nice feature with M.O.P and Mobb Deep from the old Frankie Cutlass LP and one of the better songs from the Click Of Respect project.

Flavor Unit fanatics – stay tuned for my interview with Ali Ba-Ski (aka Lord Alibaski) later this week.

Kool G Rap – “What’s More Realer Than That”

Kool G Rap – “Under My Wing”

Kool G Rap – “The Life”

Kool G Rap – “Air U Out”

Ghostface & Kool G Rap – “Ghost & Giacanna”

Frankie Cutlass feat. Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap & M.O.P – “Know Da Game”

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I gave away my copy of that Frankie Cutlass LP. I shouldn’t have. That tune was nice.

Comment by bse 10.29.07 @

why not just rename this website, swinging from G rap’s jock?

Comment by dfgf 10.30.07 @

why not just rename this website, swinging from G rap’s jock?

Comment by dfgf 10.30.07 @
it’s called giving credit where credit is due, there aren’t as many good MCs as you think there are

Comment by theoldmanupatairsmustadranktoomanybeers 10.30.07 @

I’m going to hold you to that Alibaski interview. And yo, what’s with the hate-on-Robbie-for-diggin’-G Rap drama?

Comment by Fosterakahunter 10.30.07 @

G Rap is The Greatest, thank you for blessing us with these jewels Robbie.

Comment by GRapSwinga 10.30.07 @

“why not just rename this website, swinging from G rap’s jock?”

^ You mad? Must be a Kane stan.

Comment by Robbie 10.31.07 @

Kool G knows how to check a mic and a ho

Comment by Bang 10.31.07 @

if i says it once i’ll say it a thousand times, when do we get a g rap interview? oh and @dfgf the fuck man, you wish you were one of g rap’s pubes

Comment by gstatty 11.01.07 @

theoldmanupatairsmustadranktoomanybeers has broken the site, well his name has changed the formatting. That name sounds a bit like mycrewdowngermanbeers………….G Rap and Rae.

Comment by silent minority 11.01.07 @

But on some real sh*t, there is a lot of G Rap jock-clutching on here… I mean damn, who gets appreciated as much on here as he does? I’m surprised y’all haven’t had a G Rap Month yet.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 11.03.07 @


Comment by POORMASON 11.05.07 @

yo I love that Frankie cutlass joint with G. Rap, M.O.P. and Mobb Deep…I was on that shit hard in high school…. good look for real Robbie, ay man u ever get my email about them unknown joints I was asking u about???

peace… T&B

Comment by Tired-N-Broke 11.06.07 @

JayZ? Who the fuck listen to what JayZ says? He’s basically Mic Geronimo as far as I’m concerned. Really dough.

Comment by dontplaymelikeIgotaflowerpotheadkid 11.07.07 @

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