J-Love Vinyl Special

Aside from pumping out pretty much the only mix CD’s worth checking for right now, J-Love has done some nice shit on the production side of things. He just dropped Street Savior 7 and Hidden Darts Volume 4. Here’s four winners that made it to vinyl….

Ghostface Killah & Trife – “Clipse of Doom (Remix)”

O.C. – “King of NY”

Raekwon – “Heavyweights”

Large Pro – “Cool” (12 Inch Version)

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“Aside from pumping out pretty much the only mix CD’s worth checking for right now”
What are you refering to?

Comment by Djeff 10.01.07 @

“Aside from pumping out pretty much the only mix CD’s worth checking for right now”

Comment by Bjorn 10.01.07 @

Djeff, here’s a quarter. Please purchase one clue. Thanks!

Comment by Marcoz 10.01.07 @

J Love’s mixtapes would be ok if it wasn’t for the fact that they have those audio snippets saying ‘J Love nigga’, and ‘J Love in the motherf*ckin’ house’ every 30 seconds all the way through. Those bug the f*ck out of me.

He is nice with the production though.

Comment by End Level Boss 10.02.07 @

yep, its ebarrassing listening to him shout ‘j love nigga’ over and over again. especially as he’s a tubby white kid.

i’ve never thought his own beats were very hot tho.

Comment by KQ 10.02.07 @

Are J-Love and Ill Bill related? I agree he drops far too many N-Bombs for my liking however his mixtapes are one of the few i will check for and his beats are not bad either. I like that Large Pro jam Robbie posted. Cool

Comment by P.M.ES 10.02.07 @

he can probably pass as puerto rican so he gets a pass, not than i’m in any position to give em out…

he doesn’t look like the type to carry switch blades on the reg

Comment by sooch 10.02.07 @

Um, who used this sample in the OC song before? Sounds extremely familiar. They don’t cut it quite as short as J Love did.

Comment by Tray 10.02.07 @

Oh, nevermind, that’s MF Doom, Dead Bent. He flipped it better.

Comment by Tray 10.02.07 @

Ghostface joint is hot as usual.

Comment by POLO25 10.03.07 @

I think J-Love is Puerto Rican and white; in any event he is unapologetically NY to the bone. While a lot of DJ’s have expanded their cd’s to include music that they personally feel is trash, J-Love will only play music that he is feeling. This may not be good business, but you can’t dispute the man’s integrity or love for Hip Hop culture. He always has some gems on most of his cd’s.

Comment by Bronxbred 10.04.07 @

J-Love is dope – outside of local cats who still rock blends and play the newest underground 12’s J-Love is the only dude who’s mixes i mess with on the regular.. His M.O.P. tape and his Alicia Keys tape are classix…

Comment by Jesse 10.04.07 @

According to one of one J-Love’s verses:

“Son I’m Puerto Rican, but still labeled as a white boy/ Still do what the fuck I want, writers I annoy/ I say nigga and spic, hoe, bitch to derelict/you can never control my speech, you fuckin’ idiot”

Comment by Robbie 10.05.07 @

wow, j-love is a white guy, you learn something new everyday…

Comment by alphastart 10.11.07 @

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