Killa Sha – God Walk On Water Album Review
Tuesday October 16th 2007,
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You might remember Killa Sha as the guy that Rafi called a weed carrier at the “BK Hip-Hop Festival”, but Sha Lumi is no new jack. Apparently he was rolling with Tragedy back in 1986 as a member of the Super Kids with Craig G, although the only record ever credited to the crew was Trag’s solo “The Tragedy (Don’t Do It)” aka “Coke Is It”. He had a group called the Killa Kidz who you might remember getting shouts on mid-90s Mobb joints, so he’s been active through the various eras of Bridge rap. But where as some of the old QBC vets have fallen-off, gotten lazy or wasted superior vocals on weak beats, Sha has dropped a series of hardcore street albums like The Black Eminem (ho-haa!) and Da Billy Colez Story.

After bumping his first official album for the past week, I’ve gotta admit that this most entertaining album I’ve heard all year. Everything from the superior beat selections, “righteous ignorant” lyrics and over-the-top adlibs (that make Jim Jones, Tony Yayo and Solomon Childs all sound restrained) come together to knock ’em out the box. Large Pro, Ayatollah, J-Love and Havoc all deliver winners as expected, but even the up-and-comers like Jewelz Polar, DJ Rated R and Grudge come through, and as a result only two of the seventeen cuts get the skip treatment. Sha delivers the energy of a youngster but without the classic freshman mistakes of wack skits or corny song concepts. He sticks to a script of non-progressive Bridge street rap, but builds on the lessons from mentor Trag and vets like Large Pro while adding his own unique twist. He also makes several references to being a “chubby chaser” – how many dudes have got the stones to put that on a record? If you don’t own this by the end of the week, you might as well put on some white sunglasses and tight jeans before throwing yourself into the nearest river.

Killa Sha – “Come On”

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This is a serious record. IMO the first half of the album sounds like some mid 90’s wu-tang or mobb deep music. Except for his voice, he sounds like Lil Boosie on some tracks but well that’s fine with me. “Air” is probably my favorite joint on it. The second half is not as as good as the first IMO but still one of the best releases in 07! Propz for the (short) review

Comment by Infamous 10.16.07 @

Listened to the album yesterday and I agree with you man, shit is tight. Production is real nice. When’s the last time you heard a QB album that had chopped drum breaks on it, y’know? This shit brings the grit back to that Bridge sound. “Air” stuck out as my favorite joint, on the inaugural listen but I see many more spins in coming in the future and I’ll most likely buy an actual real copy too! Song with Trag is dope too.

Comment by Eons 10.16.07 @

I can definitly pump this.

Comment by DF MALO 10.16.07 @

anything described as “non-progressive” always gets my spidey sense tingling. that’s gonna be my adjective for the whole fuckin millenium…

Comment by mycrewdowngermanbeers 10.16.07 @

Come on’s got a raw beat Xtra P right? good shit

Comment by mycrewdowngermanbeers 10.16.07 @

Dope release.. Sha sounds like a queens agallah.

Comment by Bjorn 10.16.07 @

dat thing is the good sound.
i remember him as prince a.d. from a
documentary bout n hazadous.
spinnin and spittin.whatever.
he got skills.

Comment by swordfish 10.16.07 @

Queens vet releases dope album.

“Hip Hop” fans prefer mumbling homos and wack as fuck fly by night shitty “rappers”

shame really.

Comment by Jaz 10.17.07 @

I had my doubts, but upon hearing this….i gotta agree…this shit BANGS.

When in doubt…

hit up


Comment by AFFEX 10.17.07 @

I need to check this out asap.

Comment by silent minority 10.17.07 @


Comment by love is love 10.17.07 @

lol, check out all the cigarette burns on shas left arm and hand!

Comment by KQ 10.17.07 @

he does kinda sound like agallah, but hes got his own steez, i’ve listened to the album a few times now, and i gotta say its gonna be awhile before it loses its flavor

Comment by gstatty 10.17.07 @

“He also makes several references to being a “chubby chaser” – how many dudes have got the stones to put that on a record?”

NORE? Juvenile? Big Boi? a million others?

Comment by BR 10.18.07 @

best new york rap album this year…captures that classic sound better than most..without even trying

Comment by cv 10.18.07 @

Dope album indeed. I hope he will releases the Killa Kidz album soon, cant even find any tracks of them:( Heard they were very dope

Comment by Fritz 10.18.07 @

Okay, I’ll admit this was nice… you can download this where??

Comment by Tray 10.23.07 @

met Sha last night on kcr…hes really cool as hell. his lp produced tracks are fire

Comment by MERCILESZ 10.26.07 @

I was sleeping on this album, shame on me! Well, aside from having a good taste when it comes to beats, Sha also stepped his lyrical game up -as far as his voice goes, he’s between Agallah and Rock Marciano and that’s fine to me.
But what really made me decide to cop the original before some others I have on my wishlist is the fact that he refused to give some space to the god awful V-12, who regularly murders (in a bad way, of course) at least ONE song on every Tragedy release. He and even more talentless Chingy are the curses of QB albums/artists

Comment by reiser 10.27.07 @

Eh, I downloaded it and, surprise surprise, the song you posted was a lot better than the rest of what was on there. He’s a lot better than your average rapper stuck in the mid-90s, but I don’t know how much that’s saying.

Comment by Tray 10.27.07 @

That song with LP produced by Grudge “Frontlines” is a burner though
the album’s best are
Come on
and that one with Havoc
a Come on b/w Frontlines 12″ would be tight

Comment by automatkalashnikov 11.07.07 @

oooh I forgot
that first one with the Malcolm X speech (sounded like something that could’ve been on Daily Operation so of course it wins)
and Deep Thoughts is nice too

Comment by automatkalashnikov 11.07.07 @

okay maybe more like Moment of Truth, I was a little overzealous

Comment by automatkalashnikov 11.08.07 @

i never heard this guy before. when i heard first this album i thought he is a she (by his voice:).
but the beats are amazing! early mobb and wu exactly! also my favorite is “air”, listening it right now (10 times a row/day:)
this album is dope, like from 93 era, highly recommended! who are the producers? air and a thing called love – on the top of the best hiphop beats of all time.

Comment by sadddam 01.10.08 @

<blockquote cite= “He also makes several references to being a chubby chaser”

There’s a group that is called the Chubby Chasers and all they do it make music about chasing chubby girls. Their site is

Comment by Z. Rockwe 02.19.08 @

Sorry man. Their site is

Comment by Z. Rockwe 02.19.08 @


Comment by surgeongeneral 01.19.10 @

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