The Gayest Rap Set Ever?
Wednesday October 31st 2007,
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Fruity red pants? Check. “Fairy flying” dancers on some Harry Belafonte‘s stage production in Beat Street? Check. Corny orchestral backing? Check. MJ white gloves and fudge scarf? Check. Please kill yourself immediately if you enjoy this guy’s rapping on any level.

Note: You can watch the whole BET Awards that follow off of this Stage 6 shit, as if anyone would actually want to subject themselves to such torture. YouTube stays losing.

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Why so homophobic, Robbie?

Comment by AaronM 10.31.07 @

Man my thoughts exactly. Whats with the neckerchef, fake turban bullshit hanging around his neck? People everywhere are cringing over the fact that turbans are the new retail line at urban outfittes. Well like chuck d said bet is the cancer of black youth.

Comment by Harpo 10.31.07 @

I don’t think I have to bring up the “more stupidly” rhyme. I guess private schools are not all their hyped up to be. Fucking moron.

Comment by Harpo 10.31.07 @

“A lot of rappers go gay, for the wrong type of radio play… and everybodies like HATE don’t describe how much I HATE that phony ass fake, due to that fact we EARN THE PAY.” Grimey cats stand up, we need to stop jockin the rich, stop takin’ they shit and start straight “takin'” they shit! Feel me?

Comment by theoldmanupatairsmustadranktoomanybeers 10.31.07 @

Who ever wanted to dress like Double k from Beat Street anyway? Not no b-boys that’s for sure.. that shit was exploitive from the jump! Tell Kan-gay to peep little brother Lee’s gear man, shit!

Comment by theoldmanupatairsmustadranktoomanybeers 10.31.07 @

Kanye needs a hug and a loaded gun

Comment by Bang 10.31.07 @

No homo?

Comment by DonkeyKongBalls 10.31.07 @

Ayo (Technology) to this whole post.

Comment by Robbie 11.01.07 @

Lee from BeatStreet, “Yo, Ramo’s makin us the flyest jackets, man. Word. One side’s gonna say Beat Street with our name, and the other side’s gonna have the curvy lines… when I do my backspin, it’s gonna be the baddest man.”

Comment by dontplaymelikeIgotaflowerpotheadkid 11.01.07 @


Comment by -Bones 11.02.07 @

I’m gonna have to defer to KRS’ “Kanye isnt Hip Hop” statement. Dude is a dramatical queen.
“eat cho eggs before I break yo legs…now you know where you got your gallant talent from”.

Comment by keatso 11.03.07 @

And still, that guy’s made better albums in three years than Kool G Rap has in 10… so wat cha sayin’?

Comment by DANJAMANIA 11.03.07 @

…and don’t get witty with me, I mean “the last 10”. But I wouldn’t expect too many folk on here to agree, but fact is fact.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 11.03.07 @

i do….g-rap doesn’t have the production…when he does he’s pretty much unfuckwitable though.let kanye do an album for g and i know it would be great….

Comment by MERCILESZ 11.04.07 @

kanye’s beats aren’t good… nothing rich people do is ever very good.

Comment by dontplaymelikeIgotaflowerpotheadkid 11.05.07 @

and let’s not forget that dude can’t rap and G Rap definitely can, so I don’t know why anybody except college kids would be diggin his cheeseballs, fuck orchestration and musical interpolations, go get an mpc 2000 and don’t upgrade it for shit, and start diggin, ahh hip hop production

Comment by dontplaymelikeIgotaflowerpotheadkid 11.05.07 @

wow….kanye is really underrated by alot of people in “underground hiphop”….i dont understand whats wrong with college and i got records…the dude digs like crazy…him and just blaze actually made digging acceptable again for the major labels and i think thats what led to people like jim jones seeking out people like pete rock…i don’t know maybe im crazy or sumthing…

Comment by MERCILESZ 11.05.07 @

made diggin acceptable for those that can shell out the fee, the rest who can’t afford it, I guess it’s not acceptable for them… I just like it when someone makes the most out of the least, instead of vice-versa, wait a minute wasn’t that one of the underlying themes of Beat Street, ughlahh

Comment by schoolski 11.05.07 @

naaa i mean the sampling aesthetic…for a while it was nothin but keyboards and we all know what im talkin about…the majors werent trying to hear u if u sampled u know?

Comment by MERCILESZ 11.05.07 @

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