The Revenge of the 90s Rap Videos
Monday October 22nd 2007,
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Here’s a follow-up to the video drop that Silent Minority did last month:

1. Boogie Down Productions – Love’s Gonna Get Cha’ (Material Love)

Nice video, this track is from the Edutainment album.

2. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Streets Of New York

Classic G Rap track and video. I always wondered why he didn’t make more tracks like this one or “Erase Racism”, where he departs from his usual themes.

3. EPMD – Gold Digger

The scenes with Erick and Parrish in group therapy are hilarious. Towards the end the therapist is chain-smoking and popping pills. EPMD always had a unique sense of humor which is evident in a lot of their material.

4. Geto Boys – Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me

Classic video. This song was great in the way it described feelings of paranoia and the video does a great job of visualizing the lyrics. Willie D‘s part is unintentionally funny, the way the “fool he ran out the block” runs and jumps out of the way (car wasn’t headed for him, it seems), Willie D driving past the scene of the shooting he just committed (with police present) and the way he peeks around the corner. Bushwick‘s part of the video beats the so called “horrorcore” groups by a few years.

5. Public Enemy – Shut ‘Em Down

Great mix of powerful imagery in this video, suits the track perfectly.

6. Jeru The Damaja – Can’t Stop The Prophet

This has to be considered one of the best hip-hop videos of all time. It’s a shame the same people didn’t do a follow up for the sequel on his Wrath Of The Math LP.

7. Funkmaster Flex featuring Sadat X & Akinyele – Loud Hangover

Flex pulls off a first here, he trumps other DJs who speak over tracks by being the first one to talk over a video. Sadat and Akinyele make a great team. I lost the “Nuttin’ But Flavor” video years ago and can’t seem to find it online.

8. Organized Konfusion – Stress

This video captures the stressed out feeling of inner city life well. Prince Po’s “bare-chested in the snow” look was crazy.

Robbie sez: Ayo (technology) to that last comment.

9. Hard 2 Obtain – Ghetto Diamond

The chick rap post got me thinking, I wouldn’t classify this track or Meth‘s “All I Need”, LL‘s “Around The Way Girl” or Pharcyde‘s “Passing Me By” as tracks only for women. Some of Ja Rule‘s catalogue maybe, but not these tracks. Could someone let me know who the second MC is on “Ghetto Diamond”? I’d love to hear more material by H20, if Kurious can release his demo tracks I hope these guys have some unreleased songs they might consider putting out.

Robbie: These guys were nothing but Grand Puba wannabes with good beats.

10. Wu-Tang Clan – “C.R.E.A.M” (The Source Awards Performance)

This was recorded in the days the Wu were still hungry. ODB seems to overpower everyone else on stage.

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who captured these, it’s appreciated.

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thats staright video cocaine you got there. can i have some? Rap today is bullsh&t. Golden age is over.

Comment by Chocolate Rain 10.22.07 @


Comment by nation 10.22.07 @

“These guys were nothing but Grand Puba wannabes with good beats.”

So are you saying that is a bad thing?

Comment by turtle 10.22.07 @

I’ve heard the Puba comparisons before but personally, I think H20 had their own style and on every beat they got their vibe across well.

Comment by silent minority 10.22.07 @

in the 90’s people said the 90s was wack …. over n over just stfu already

Comment by FUCK90S 10.22.07 @

wooo thanks! More golden age & old school videos should be ripped

Comment by zilla 10.22.07 @

@ turtle: of course it’s a bad thing. Doesn’t matter if the dude you’re carbon-copying the shit out of happens to be good… you’re still a carbon-copy. That said, I liked “Ghetto Diamond” and some of the other beats they had.

I was def. a big fan of Jeru’s “Prophet” vid… very much a standout from the standard hip-hop video of the time.

BDP’s “Love’s Gonna Getcha” might be one of the best simple videos ever… they still told a story and illustrated every point in the song despite it probably costing $200 to make.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 10.22.07 @

edutainment is my favourite BDP joint. ain’t not never seen this vid before. stoked.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 10.22.07 @

I gotta give a holla to A Tribe Called Quest! talk about brothas who weren’t afraid to do their own thing…they did it good with “We Got The Jazz”, and that was the 1st video (i can remember)to switch to a different track at the end (“Buggin Out”).

Oh yeah…and where’s Rakim? “The Ghetto” and “Follow The Leader”.

Comment by Darkman 10.23.07 @

speaking of nineties videos…does anyone have?:
N-Tyce-black to the point
N-Tyce-walk a little closer this way
Frankie Cutlass-puerto rico
Ground Floor-Check one two
Shorty Long-Shorties doin his own thing
Zhigge-Rakin in the dough
Lord Finesse-Actual Fact
BDP-yea we in there
Craig G-U r not the one
RzA-oh we love u rakeem

all i can think of now but my wishlist will grow later

Comment by MERCILESZ 10.23.07 @

I’ve got a few of those I think, only problem is finding them.

Definitely got the Finesse and Rza/Prince Rakeem somewhere.

Comment by silent minority 10.23.07 @

thats whass up.looking forward to seein them.havent in a while

Comment by MERCILESZ 10.23.07 @

Darkman, I posted the Jody Watley and Rakim Friends joint last time around, I wasn’t really trying to do a greatest videos thing, tried to throw one or two unexpected ones in there.

Mostly just videos I’d gone back to recently.

Comment by silent minority 10.23.07 @

still searchin for ‘bloodshed’.
from crustified dibbs.

Comment by swordfish 10.25.07 @

Nah, never seen that one.

Comment by silent minority 10.25.07 @

I thought the album cut of “All I Need” is funny with Streetlife telling Meth he’s all that he needs etc.

Comment by Mbari 11.05.07 @

On Tical? I don’t remember that, are you sure?

Comment by silent minority 11.06.07 @

swordfish i remember that video…was kind of horror core….gotta love R.A

Comment by MERCILESZ 11.06.07 @

i have The Zhigge video… font22@Gmail
nice lineup – classics!

Comment by onthaStrenff 11.12.07 @

Whoa!!! “Love’s Gonna’s Get U” One of my favorite hip-hop songs of all time. I remember one summer I would just sit and play the casssette single [yeah i said it lol] with the instrumental on it over and over and over and just vibe 2 it. That was my joint back 4 real.

Comment by UNDERSTANDING 02.22.08 @

Cassete singles were and still are the shit

Comment by silent minority 02.26.08 @

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