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Thursday November 22nd 2007,
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EPMD once cited Phil Collins as their favorite artist, much to the astonishment of British journalists who consider the one-time Genesis drummer to be a boring old fart. The World Famous Brucie B swears that “In The Air Tonight” was killing it in the roller skating rinks in the 80s, and I vaguely recall some shitty Lil’ Kim song that actually had the bald bastard re-doing his hook. Fast forward to the 2000-era, and another boring Brit seems to have captured the hearts of the Rotten Apple. Yup, you guesed it…Coldplay front-man Chris Martin – who shares the same government as DJ Premier but none of the aural innovation – has recently been recruited for records with both Jay-Z and Kanye “Liberache” West.

Sure, it could be argued that S. Carter and Ye Tudda are chasing that “grown folk” dollar, but this wet-blanket brings about as much excitement as Weet-Bix (or Wheaties) and water. Surely there are millions of other moody Englishman that were available to make boring rap songs, but given that Coldplay have been the token “cool rock band” for the last few of years, who else are they gonna call? Hip-hop has a long history of loving shitty rock dudes. The Steve Miller Band have provided samples for everyone from Biz Markie to the Geto Boys, but have you ever tried listening to one of dude’s albums from start to finish? The otherwise faultless Kool G Rap once remade that god-awful “Cars” song by electronic weirdo Gary Numan, and don’t get me started on all the rappers who confess to being Duran Duran fans. The all-time low point was when P.M. Dawn decided to loop-up some Spandau Ballet shit for a worldwide smash that can still induce nausea to this day (and I believe to be the real reason that BDP shut ’em down).

It doesn’t stop there though – not by a long shot. Sting – another Boring British Bastard – also has many fans in the rap world, most notably when Puffy transformed his creepy song about stalking broads into a creepy song about a dead fat rapper. Didn’t Ja Rule sample Toto? Boring-ass hip-hoppers and bland rock fucks are a match made in musical hell. Look out for a Santana-style duets album from Coldplay, featuring Common, Nas, Talib Kweli and GURU in time for next Mother’s Day!

Ja Rule “The Reign”:

Lil’ Kim “In The Air Tonight”:

Puffy “I’ll Be Missing You” (Live):

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Gary Numan (that’s NUMAN, Robbie) was the bomb in 1979. How can you dis him?

Comment by Daddy Bones 11.22.07 @

being british i take full responsibility. sorry. at least rappers (to my knowledge) haven’t discovered chris de burgh yet.

Comment by Ass Hat 11.22.07 @

Dammit Robbie, I’m not feelin’ you this time.

I remember being a teenager, listening to Paris, and almost nearly turning black in white european suburbia. I hated Phil Collins and pop music.

Then I grew up, and started enjoying other types of music.
Seriously – watch the pilot for “Miami Vice” on YouTube, and tell me “I The Air Tonight” does not ROCK!

I’ll take the Roc + Chris Martin songs anyday over any type of rap + R’n’B BS like Mobb Deep feat. 112 – “Hey Luv”. Of which there is faaar too much to my taste.

Sting did “Shape of My Heart”, which Nas turned into “The Message”. A great song in my book.

And try checking out Gary Numan tracks like: “M.E.”, “Are Friends Electric” and “Me! I Disconnect From You”. As sampled by Sugababes and Basement Jaxx for instance.
They sound like Black Sabbath took up keyboards and computers instead of guitars.

Comment by SeventhSun 11.22.07 @

also, dont forget bone thugs did a joint with phil collins and beanie’s “feel it in the air” was a collins knock off took. beans track was hot tho.
rap cats taste in rock = doodoo. at least do it like the dips and sample fruity 80s pop-rock while fully accepting its total cheesiness instead of trying to make it sound “serious”. producers need to start fucking with them deep purple, uriah heep, hendrix, sabbath, cream, led zep, mountain samples.

Comment by spotrusherz 11.22.07 @

this robbie is a racist moron. seriously, he must be borderline retarded.

Comment by sup? 11.22.07 @

Yeah everyone should only listen to Hiphop and keep it really narrow rather than just get better taste in rock music…

“that god-awful “Cars” song by electronic weirdo Gary Newman”


Comment by bse 11.22.07 @

i agree 100% with robbie

“Yeah everyone should only listen to Hiphop and keep it really narrow rather than just get better taste in rock music…”

you actually think coldplay is good “rock music”? we’re talking about rappers working with bottom of the barrel rock musicians. im sure there are plenty of gigantic rock-heads who hate coldplay/sting/duran duran etc. i listen to rock, metal, psych, kraut, and i hate all those artists.

Comment by constrobuz 11.22.07 @

good post. totally agree with you. i find it hilarious that kanye or jay z believe using chris martin on a song actually makes their song more worthy of praise or that they are pushing the limit. remember that mtv doc on jay z where he was singing in the car to some mainstream pop song and declared himself a “renaissance man” as the tall israeli sat there chuckling? there are numerous people that could have been on that kanye album singing about chicago, perhaps even someone from chicago. instead he chose someone from england as he talks about repping his city. ehhhh, no. basically, these guys are using the wrong white people. why not dig in the independent crates? recently, i have enjoyed the boot camp’s usage of the loudmouf choir on smif n wessun and sean price tracks. their appearances have been original and fresh.

Comment by peter divito 11.22.07 @

producers need to start fucking with them deep purple, uriah heep, hendrix, sabbath, cream, led zep, mountain samples.

^naah. hendrix shit is off limits. led zep prolly cost more than these niggas entire budget. and half the value of the sample is recognizability. the deep purple crowd dont even know who somebody like common is.

white shit i fuck with that needs to be sampled: rolling stones, police, led zepplin, nirvana,the cure, smashing pumpkins, white stripes, the clash, blondie. phil collins do got two or three hot joints and somebody like cam should chop up devo. cam

Comment by 456 11.22.07 @

tribecas pony express on major league sampled clocks – dope
andtalking gary numans cars what about kool g’s cars nuff said

Comment by mustard 11.22.07 @

Was this inspired by the tracklisting of Beanie Sigel’s new album leaking yesterday with the news that he’s doing a song with James Blunt?

Phil Collins is god and Doug E. Fresh (some song on side b of his 2nd lp), PHD (“set it off”) and Nas (“one mic”) have also sampled “in the air tonight”. As has the original version of “feel it in the air” by Beanz aka “permanent scars” by Black Rob.

Lest we not forget Tears For Fears have been used by everyone from Craig G to Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince to Cash Money & Marvellous to Nas.

I remember hearing a Juelz Santana interview where he said he’d rather bump U2 than any current rapper who wasn’t a member of Dipset and then broke into a rendition of “beautiful day” complete with trademark Juelz GYEAH adlibs.

Robbie is just pissed that K. Def hasn’t sampled “land down under” by Men At Work yet.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.22.07 @

rock is a staple in hip hop…oh excuse me black people sampling white people doing black music is a staple in hip hop.hendrix has been touched for like 2 classics by tribe…krs touched deep purple for a classic….led zepplin has been touched…queen has been touched…c+c music factory made a remix to zone coaster using teen spirit..lol…ummm brand nubian and ms brickell….good stuff…dj hollywood and the cure…..good stuff…devo ummm not so sure…Mobb deep and blinded me with science…thats hot…jungle brothers and black sabbath….classic….yeah whoever said rolling stones is buggin….and late….rap and rock are one in the same….musical novelty…

Comment by MERCILESZ 11.22.07 @

Shit, how did i forget that Brand Nubian used “holding back the years” by Simply Red on “hold on” from their 3rd album.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.22.07 @

^ We’ve all tried to erase that musical abortion from our memories.
I’ll admit that Numan’s “Films” is classic, but I stand by my hate of “Cars”.

Comment by Robbie 11.22.07 @

I agree with daddy bones… that Numan LP with Cars is ill – sick drums. Nuff rock records have got hits on. I recall reading an interview with Premier where he was saying he was into Metallica and AC/DC and the like. Speaking of which, isn’t Play from House Party a Chris Martin too? He needs to get with Coldplay geezer and Premo – they’d clean up!

Comment by Chas n Dave 11.22.07 @

Phil Collins was IN THE VIDEO for that Bone Thugs song. Robbie needs to put a link up.


Who can forget Cru’s Phil Collins reference, “Phil Collins in the background, Sud-sud-sudio,” on Just Another Case?

I’d suggest a lot of hip hoppers are closet Phil Collins fans. No Jacket Required, man!

Comment by Finally 11.22.07 @

o and mountains drums have been sampled by almost everybody….

Comment by MERCILESZ 11.22.07 @

Whistle also sampled “In the Air Tongight” on their second LP – it sounds dope!

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 11.23.07 @

Wasn’t there some album of shit r&b covers of Phil Collins? I think I saw it in a bargain bin once.

But let’s not forget that there is a long and noble tradition in hip hop of flipping a cheesey sample ’cause it’s got a catchy hook, whether it be The Sugar Hill Gang ripping off Chic or The Beatnuts flipping Hijack by Herbie Mann. Sampling some dude who played ‘Buster’ in the film of the great train robbery is just part of the big picture. As for the props that wingeing git Chris Martin gets off Jigga and Kanye I think it’s just possible there’s some kind of mutual respect for the hyper-inflated egos of everyone involved.

Anyway. Anyone see the Chris Morris pastiche ‘Uzi Lover?’


Comment by The Eyechild 11.23.07 @

The issue has never been hip hop artists sampling rock musicians, it’s been going on since day one, ask Bambaata. It’s that corny ass mid 80’ss mullet rock that there’s no excuse for! I firmly believe you can take samples from anywhere, and flip it good, but straight jacking a whole 16 bars and not even chopping the shit out of it sucks. That whole Coldplay/James Blunt/Snow Patrol scene is just the new Abba as far I’m concerned, ok, they can all play but the shit is bland as hell – IMO!

Comment by Downstroke 11.23.07 @

I don’t understand how you can call Phil Collins, Sting and Coldplay shitty rock dudes.

Do you understand that to a “shitty rock fan” that’s like them calling Jay, Biggie and KRS “shitty rap dudes”?

Where is your musical respect? Now I do agree that Jay and Kanye were using Chris Martin as a gimmick because they know the world loves Coldplay and it would be a guranteed news headline to do a collab. But to instantly write them off as shitty or boring is absolutely retarded to me.

You can disagree with our own genres decision to use them in their songs (which I don’t because I see the vision and quality in the music they put out) but don’t be an ignorant moron and say that the rockers are shit.

I’m a Hip-Hop head through and through but this type of non-sensical bullshit that I read above is one of the reasons are GENRE IS REGARDED AS A JOKE AND WE AREN’T TAKEN SERIOUSLY. If you think Hip-Hop is music then respect it and respect the rest of the art forms (which are extremely talented and powerful if you would listen with open ears). If you can’t respect the other forms of music out there then may god help you as Hip-Hop sinks.

Comment by David Katz 11.23.07 @

“shitty rock dudes” ???
You don`t know what you are talking about.
Most of the Guys you mentioned did some great Music. Rock Music allways had a great influence
on Hip Hop Music (Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Billy Squier..), just as Funk/ Soul, Jazz etc. It`s time to grow up….

Comment by Rick Ski 11.23.07 @

David Katz – if you like Coldplay and don’t consider them the aural equivalent of tofu then you’re a bitchmade bedwetter who is soft as fuck and i would pelt you with food and drink in public for having such blandly appalling taste.

I’m not sure why most of the commenters are getting upset here with the “yo, led zep rox! stop hatin’, homie! since most of the stuff Robbie listed in his blog actually qualifies as pop rather than rock and even the guitar based stuff he mentioned, though it might be good, is basically “rock” for people who don’t usually like or know anything about rock.

We have yet to discuss The Eagles being sampled by Eric B. & Rakim and Beastie Boys and “Tom Sawyer” by Rush being a classic breakbeat.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.24.07 @

What about MOP/Foreigner – Cold as Ice. No-one’s mentioned that yet.

Comment by The Eyechild 11.24.07 @

There’s nuff classic rock breaks, loads still not touched yet, but using post Genisis Phil Collins and just replaying the chorus just makes my insides turn. When that abortion of a tupac tune with Elton Shlong came out, it underlined how wack mainstream hip hop had become. When the late 80’s Def jam artists started sampling rock, it wasn’t for the novelty value, but because back then hip hop beleived in pushing boundries and come out with that next shit. They weren’t rinsing choruses and blatant shit like that, but just looking for those couple of bars that would sound fat looped up.

You can like rock & hip hop cos there’s plenty of crossover of ideas in both genres, but I always liked Rick Rubin’s opinion that music should always support the hardcore, no matter what style it is, that’s why he worked with Johnny Cash, a gangsta pioneer!

Comment by Downstroke 11.24.07 @

These are great posts, I am getting an education on this topic today!

Comment by Bronxbred 11.24.07 @

Finally, some funny shit to read!

Thanks man, that post got a good laugh out of me!

and for all the people replying and picking sides…fall back! it ain’t that serious!

Comment by Nonchalant Misfit 11.24.07 @

If you can’t feel Steve Miller’s “Fly like an eagle”, you need your ears checked. on the flip side, Xzibit also sampled Toto (“Africa”) to disastrous results, on the song “Hearts of men”.

Comment by Question Marc 11.25.07 @

Best use of “Fly Like An Eagle” would have to be Donald D’s “Hellraiser” which uses the drums.

Comment by Robbie 11.25.07 @

This advert is killing it on British TV at the moment:


A little hairy, but Phil’s lookin’ good for a man in his 50s…

Comment by Dan Love 11.25.07 @

It comes down to being lazy and corny….Hip Hop producers sampling mainstream hits is boring at best…..Maybe it could get rocked on a mixtape or something, but it’s 2008 and the producers job is to dig for those gems [ If were talking Hip Hop]….I give T Ray props for recognizing the connections of Punk and Hip Hop….he produced a couple of “Helmet’s” albums….he made it sound raw as fuck and kept certain Hip Hop principles in the fold……… Rick Rubin even..he had a hardcore backround, and kept that foundation somewhat when he approached Hip Hop………When you take the hardcore out of Hip Hop, you have what you have now….Motherfuckers sampling anything and everything and doing it very softly…..

Comment by shamz 11.25.07 @

Phil Collins definitely got his gangsta on in ‘Buster’

Comment by step one 11.25.07 @

Every blue moon you say some off ish. This is off, I’m not saying using Chris Martin is hot, but Phil Collins, especially “In The Air Tonight”, made some great music. You can’t really love hip hop fully without knowing music. No great artist produces their best music in a vacuum, ie. every genre of music since blues and gospel.

Comment by dj eye ehn jee 11.25.07 @

Edan does the rock samples pretty well . . .

Comment by TonyM 11.25.07 @

I don’t like Chris Martin, but Beach Chair’s easily one of the best (and probably the best) songs on Kingdom Come; same’s true for Homecoming on Graduation, though I don’t think Martin gets much credit in either case. As for “Cars,” that’s one of my favorite songs by G Rap. His first verse is sick.

Comment by Tray 11.26.07 @

this is the beauty of hip hop!

Comment by TONESKILLET 11.26.07 @

Sarcasm dudes… “you actually think coldplay is good “rock music”?”

No, not at all. I just don’t think collaboration is problem, some rappers’ taste in collaborators is the problem.

Comment by bse 11.26.07 @

For the person talking about the Eagles, who I fucking hate, everyone loves “Those Shoes” right? That song is bizarre. Eagles fans hate it.

Comment by bse 11.26.07 @

Let’s not forget Lil Jon’s butchering of Slayer’s “Raining Blood”…no, wait, let’s never mention it again.

Someone mentioned how “In the Air Tonight” on the Miami Vice trailer rocked. You can thank Florida’s rap-metal act Nonpoint for that. Those guys prove that rap and heavy music can work together well, unlike Lil Jon’s…wait, we said we’d never mention that again.

However, rap and chill music together can work for the mainstream, but doesn’t do much for the diehards. BTW there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the artists in their own right; after all, I think Coldplay’s last record was one of the finest records of this decade, and there’s literally about 8 million people that at least liked it enough to buy it.

Jay-Z, on the other hand, hasn’t had a good album since 2001. I think he’s doing what he did when he petitioned Linkin Park a few years back. Paddles…5000 volts…CLEAR!

Comment by xlooking forwardx 11.26.07 @

ha, kanye is the black liberace, shit hes almost the black elton john, on the real i got sick of him bein bumped on the radio every five minutes in LA just because he turned his moms into frankenstein and she died as a result, and on the fuckin real Robbie, i agree with you one thousand percent, these “artists” aren’t even shitty rock dudes, they are shitty adult contemporary dudes, at least if you are gonna collabo, do some shit with actual musicians with talent, ala rodrigo y gabriela, john frusciante, yngwie malmsteen, i would even venture to say some og electronic shit like kraftwerk, oh and beans is the shitty emcee in an otherwise great group, it goes, sayyid, high priest, and way last, beans

Comment by gstatty 11.26.07 @

Damn some of you guys are ignorant.

I can only quote Ice T: “I feel sorry for people, who only listen to one kind of music”

And BTW – that Beanie Siegel song “I Can Feel In It In The Air” has got NOTHING to do with the Phil Collins song.

Comment by SeventhSun 11.27.07 @

“Phil Collins was IN THE VIDEO for that Bone Thugs song. Robbie needs to put a link up.”

Yeah they even named him Chrome Bone.

Comment by Robbie 11.27.07 @

if you haven’t checked the leaked wu 8 diagrams yet, you oughta cause they do a collabo with john frusciante, hip hoprophecy

Comment by gstatty 11.27.07 @

And BTW – that Beanie Siegel song “I Can Feel In It In The Air” has got NOTHING to do with the Phil Collins song

Uh, yes it has because the original version of that song which Heavy D sold to Black Rob had a Phil C sample, which was switched to the singing chick on the Beanie joint.

LOL @ the dude saying rappers should do tracks with Yngwie Malmsteen or whatever that guitar masturbating faggots name is.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.28.07 @

i cant believe odbs cover of “sussudio” hasnt been mentioned yet…


Comment by KQ 11.28.07 @

what somebody needs to do is sample the Go-Go’s, “Automatic” (I think it’s on the Beauty and The Beat album but not sure it could be on the Vacation one, in fact I’m surprised Edan didn’t snatch it yet with his fast rap ass cuz he snatched their album title), it’s got it all: bare drums to chop, sick echoing breakdowns, guitar stabs, and a chorus built-in. yall should peep, ha!

Comment by Grand Invincible 11.28.07 @

Porno for Pyros first album got basslines and congas out the yang… bong!! Skatemaster Tate

Comment by smoothtriumph 11.28.07 @

el-p intertwined rock & hiphop perfectly on ISWYD…just check out mars volta on TPC or NIN’s Trent Reznor on Flyentology, those tracks are banging

so yeah you can do it right…but probably not with Chris Martin

Comment by Rubskeezo 11.29.07 @

In my opinion the worst rock/rap collabo ever was the spin doctors/biz markie remake of “that’s the way I like it”.

Comment by Trickykid 11.29.07 @

SeventhSun mentioned an Ice-T quote, I remember Ice saying something similar about pop songs- he said a good song is a good song regardless of genre, think he was talking about power ballads……..

I remember a Nore interview where he said he was a big fan of Phil Collins, that shit always cracks me up- picturing CNN chilling to some Phil Collins before recording some War Report tracks.

Pretty sure Scarface is a Black Sabbath and AC/DC fan.

Comment by silent minority 11.30.07 @

Sabbath and AC/DC aren’t Middle of the Road soft rockers, which is who this article is aimed at. I also neglected to mention that John Mayer douche who did shit with Common and them.

Comment by Robbie 11.30.07 @

Yeah, I was just mentioning that Scarface thing because it came to mind. He didn’t listen to hiphop at I think.

I never got that Phil Collins tribute lp but I’d look for it if Nore did a version of Two Hearts.

Comment by silent minority 11.30.07 @

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