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Thursday November 29th 2007,
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It goes without saying that the new Ghostface is a million times more interesting than the Wu-Tang LP. While both of them share a love for classic break-beats, RZA managed to fuck-up most of the decent songs on the group album by adding abysmal singing to half the tracks (at least grab Blue Raspberry from whatever 7-11 she’s working at if you need hooks!), while Starks continues to win regardless. That being said, The Big Doe Rehab seems more like a mixtape than a true album – which adds weight to the argument that the Ironman needs to stop churning out so much music – but that’s the way shit rolls these days I guess.

“Rec Room Therapy” is gold until U-God starts rapping, after which point you’ll be begging for the song to finish, while “Take It Back” is another quality RAGU effort that proves once again that “Nautilus” is the greatest break of all time. Come to think of it, the RZA should have used one of his 50 Replicator proto-types and just flipped different sections of Bob James’ masterpiece for the whole of 8 Diagrams. Case in point – the mixtape version of “Unpredictable”, called “Thug World”, doesn’t feature singing and includes a more entertaining verse (though still fairly retarded) from Bob Digi to compliment Rebel INS’ spirited performance. The moral of the story? Mathematics need to take over the reigns for all future Wu-Tang projects, while Prince Rakeem might be better-off sticking to soundtracks from now on.

Ghostface feat. Raekwon & U-God – “Rec Room Therapy”

Wu-Tang Clan – “Take It Back”

Wu-Tang Clan – “Thug World” (original version)


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yeah, there is too much singing on
the album. but beatwise it’s better
than the last two lp’s i think.
n ghost? dope as usual!

Comment by swordfish 11.29.07 @

no way is the the big doe rehab better, production-wise especially.

Comment by g 11.29.07 @

you know what.. i didn’t like the wu at all on first listen, but after throwing it in the car.. I like it a lot. It’s not what i wanted it to be at all, but it’s good. Track five is horrible though.

p.s. METHOD MAN KILLS SHIT ON BOTH THESE ALBUMS! he hasn’t rapped like that in years.

pps.. I loved the ghost when skimming through it, after listening to all of it, not so much. It’s a very very good album.. but i don’t see much replay value. It’s more pretty tony again then supreme..

Comment by bbatson 11.29.07 @

Ghost needs an editor. He’s reaching MF Doom levels of overexposure.

Comment by Marc Oz 11.29.07 @

UK heads may remember those “Good Bad & Ugly” samples flipped far better 15 years ago on a Jungle tune… Shinygunowohooo!

Comment by bse 11.29.07 @

yeah rae was beefin over the feel of the new album, then rza is talking all this ob4cl2 is done shit, i gotta say you hit the nail on the head when you say that ghost’s new album hands down runs circles around 8 diagrams, i thought the free mixtape was better than the actual album, i just reread this post and i almost said the same shit word for word over at grandgood when homie said 8 diagrams was good, but hey maybe i gotta do like rza says and listen to it a couple more times, then again…

Comment by gstatty 11.30.07 @

after listening to both … the gf wins hands down.. but i think rza is trying for a bigger market .. it defeinatly doesnt have the feel as “forever” but it has a few moment and INS’s verse on thug world is incredible…

Comment by sb-uno 11.30.07 @

RZA’s trying too hard these days. He shouldv’e came with “Iron God Chamber” type beats for the wu , not this weak shit.

Rebel INS killed 8 diagrams tho. Easily the best verses / performances on the disc.

Big Doe Rehab > 8 Diagrams

Ghost needs to cut the guest spots on his album. Dude can easily hold it down on his own, no need for the unit on almost every track…

Comment by KQ 11.30.07 @

Other than some songs for Ghost from 2000 – 2004 and a handful of Wu songs RZA has been pretty terrible the past 7 years.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.30.07 @

RZA produces a whole album and you homos are complaining? An mp3 is no way to judge a Wu-tang album, not fair. 8 Diagrams doesn’t have a fair shot til’ its heard on LP or CD quality. Stop fucking up the hype with your cheap criticisms.

Comment by jose g.r. 12.01.07 @

Ghost has been the most consistent of all the Wu on the solo albums followed by Gza and Rae. Rza took 8 Diagrams in the wrong direction in my opinion. I agree he needs to include Mathematics, 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth and other Wu affiliate producers on any possible future Wu albums. It’s a given that the Clan are superior emcees(excluding U-God, right Robbie,ha,ha);weak production can kill an album, as 8 Diagrams is proof of. I’ll always support the Clan, but 8 Diagrams is a letdown.

Comment by Bronxbred 12.01.07 @

“8 Diagrams doesn’t have a fair shot til’ its heard on LP or CD quality.”

Yeah, that’ll make all the difference in the world.

Comment by Robbie 12.01.07 @

“RZA produces a whole album and you homos are complaining?”


Wu Tang Forever was a “Wu Elements” effort, thats why it sounds so good. So yeah..RZA should’ve let some of the “elements” handle some of the production, coz I haven’t been pleasantly suprised with a RZA beat in YEARS.

And someone needs to tell Ghost…quality over quantity..

Comment by AFFECKS 12.02.07 @

The beats on “8 Diagrams” are the most horrible thing I’ve heard in a long time. I hope I won’t ever have to listen to that record again.

“The Big Doe Rehab” is decent though Ghost is really doing too much. He should fall back for a while and then return with a real smash like he did with “Supreme Clientele”.

Comment by chillus3000 12.03.07 @

Ghostface Killah>Hip Hop (Mainstream Hip Hop in 2007)

Comment by DonkeyKongBalls 12.03.07 @

I thought the Ghostface album was better than Fishscale and More Fish easily-

Comment by AJG 12.08.07 @

Cunts whinge too much. 8 Diagrams is sick, yes there is too much singing and Rza appears to have some sort of crack habit, but this is the most solid Wu shit in years.
Also the bloke that said Ghost needs to be told quality over quantity is spot on, this album is not bad, but if the cunt chilled out for a bit he could (from the sound of the better tracks on Fishscale and Big Doe) make another Supreme Clientele.
Is there a release date for CL2 yet? I’m itching for that shit…

Comment by Bergz 12.08.07 @

People are getting too used to manufactured rap.. this review is straight up wackness… 8 diagrams definately takes a lil gettin used to but damn, that’s Wu best work since Forever.. Fuck it, make your own mind and listen to the album more than once

Comment by ElPrimero 12.12.07 @

Forever didnt move me….I’m more of a 36 chambers dude….take it for what it is….btw Wu Tang is Forever

Comment by MERCILESZ 12.12.07 @

I think RZA took a major loss with 8 Diagrams. He turned “Thug World” into an overproduced, annoying shit stew of a track and renamed it “Unpredictable”. I mean, why the fucking ridiculously out of place singing hooks?

I think True Master should’ve produced the whole fuckin’ album. At least he’s got the grimey drums and kicks. This Wu-Tang album is straight retarded man! The George Clinton collabo? WHY?

Comment by sooch 12.20.07 @

Why…did he put U-God on Rec-Room Therapy (which would’ve been my favorite minus him).

What’s funny is that U-God’s verse on “Take It Back” is uncharacteristically tight. Dope even. He should have gotten that same ghostwriter to pen his verse on Rec Room.

Comment by Slugworth 12.22.07 @

Musically, BDR is better than 8D but lyrically ghost hasn’t been the same since his last best album to date, Supreme Clientele.

Comment by Legendary 01.09.08 @

I got in a shouting match with some of my friends at a party when someone put on the new Wu. I was saying it was a disappointment and that the new Ghost was way the fuck better. They thought I was full of shit, like 4 dudes. I went out to my car, grabbed it, came back in, ejected 8 Diagrams and put BDR on. After like 4 songs everyone agreed with me that it is way better.

Comment by Mike G 01.14.08 @

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