Grand Daddy IU – Comeback of the Year
Wednesday December 05th 2007,
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Smooth Assassin was a great album…Lead Pipe? Not so much. But fact remains that Grand Daddy I.U. (who you would have last heard from on Big L‘s “Da Graveyard”) was an ill motherfucker in his day, and it turns out his new album is easily the strongest “comeback” album I’ve heard in years. Clocking in at nineteen cuts, there are inevitably a handful of songs let-down by weak hooks or music, but the good tracks are well worth the price of admission. You should be familiar with “Da Veteran”, the burner he did for Marco Polo‘s album that was never gonna get cleared (but turned-up on Polo’s mixtape), but there are plenty of other winners here, as I.U. continues to combine his trademark sex raps (the Large Pro contribution “Mack of the Year”) with quality bragging (“Mills Lane Freestyle”) and gun talk. Pudgee even turns up for a guest drop, if anyone cares. Stick To The Script demonstrates that some rap vets can still keep up with the youngsters, and in this case the U outclasses most of the class of ’07 in terms of creating an enjoyable and varied long player. Check dude destroying the break last heard on GFK‘s “Murder Goons” for proof:

Grand Daddy I.U. – “Mills Lane Freestyle”

Granddaddy I.U @ MySpace

Werner interviews I.U. Part 1 and Part 2.

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word IU has always been dope and Represent was a good album, production wise, it just had to much singing and to many hooks.

Thanks for this post Robbie.

Comment by Jaz 12.06.07 @

That Purify “Im your puppet” was one of the first “breaks” I got straight outta ma’s crates…Grand Daddy I.U. reppin Hempstead? NO DOUBT! They had the worst weed on Terrace Ave..

Comment by keatso 12.06.07 @

great drop robbie. IU was dope, never heard ‘lead pipe’…

freestyle sounding nice. will definately check the album.

Comment by KQ 12.06.07 @

Dope freestyle. Really looking forward to the album.

Whenever these comeback releases drop I’m always amped, but so often let down. Given that they’re unlikely to achieve a new audience, I don’t know why the majority don’t just stick to some of that good ol’ nyc rap. Make the bloggers happy anyway…

Comment by Dan Love 12.06.07 @

Peace to Grandaddy IU! I definitley copped “Smooth Assasin” when it dropped. Robbie, you will really mess me up if you do an update on IU’s Cold Chillin’ labelmate The Imperial Diamond Shell!!!

Comment by Bronxbred 12.06.07 @

Damn, Grand Daddy IU is still flowing nicely, who woulda thunk? He ripped that break to shreds. Never he knew he repped Strong Island, either.

Comment by R.H.S. 12.07.07 @

biz produced his first lp . 10 out of 10 .. he decided to produce his own 2nd lp , wack music and guff voice , blah . and now he is back with his 3rd and he decided to shop for some breaks which is what i said even back then , thats all he needed because he can produce . looking forward to his next album . big up to jamieson for puttin it out . i am currently listening to stick to the script right now for the 1st time and liking it ..

Comment by john idem 12.07.07 @

“biz produced his first lp . 10 out of 10 .. he decided to produce his own 2nd lp , wack music”
According to him, Biz only really produced one song on Smooth Assasin, and the rest IU all him and his brother.

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 12.07.07 @

Im feeling this hommie… you just missing my man PE-Double on the track. Thats what the fuck Im talking about push this shit to the limit …. To that nigga KEATSO talking about T.A. need to cut it out… T.A always had the best!!! RECOGNIZE!!!

Comment by JAZZY 12.07.07 @

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