Return of the Raw Part 1
Wednesday December 26th 2007,
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It’s been an effed-up few weeks here at Unkut Dot Com after a car accident left me with a serious concussion. The only good part getting a chance to go through some of my old records….

The P Brothers feat. Boss Money – “New Religion” (snippet)

The single will hit in Jan, but DJ Eclipse gave us a preview when he guested on Premier‘s Live From HeadQCourterz show. Another top-notch Bronx meets Notts moment.

Public Enemy – “The B-Side Wins Again”

Forget about the inferior remake from Fear of a Black Planet, this is Chuck D at his lo-fi best.

Craig G – “Take The Bait” (12″ version)

Another great song that was slightly changed (for the worse) when it appeared on the LP. Still his finest moment.

Lord Tariq – “Cold World”

Forget that Peter Gunz stuff, Tariq did his thing when he was rolling with Money Boss. Here’s a later solo shot with K-Def on the beat, reminding us that there ain’t no sugar on his mustache during the holiday’s.

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feeling you on that,just came home from rehab myself.

Comment by richdirection 12.26.07 @

this is the best website handsdown as far as hip hop goes! “take the bait” was my joint! i only had a snippet of it on tape.. keep the gems coming! “BRINGING BACK THAT OL’ NEW YORK RAP!”

Comment by edub.jerzee 12.26.07 @

Robbie, are you alright man?, thank god we didn’t lose you, there would have been a massive void in Hip Hop if that happened.

I might be coming over for the Percee P show next month.

Comment by Jaz 12.26.07 @

That Money Boss shit is live as fuck…..Even though Dilla rocked that sample on “Donuts”… doesn’t even matter….Blam,Blam from Nottingham is my shit too…..Money Boss is whats up right now………Is Minnesota still messing with them?

Comment by shamz 12.26.07 @

ooooh that P Brothers shitt always bangs like sasquatch! Thanks for the preview homie!!

Comment by Murgatroid 12.27.07 @

glad you came thru

Comment by B 12.27.07 @

I glad you’re doing better Robbie, you and Unkut are mandatory for us out here! That P Brothers and Boss Money is FIRE as usual, the P Brothers ALWAYS make Boss Money sound crazy. Do they have an album or plans to do an album for 2008 (the P Brothers and Boss Money)?

Comment by Bronxbred 12.27.07 @

glad you are ok(ish) robbie, get well soon dude.

Comment by KQ 12.28.07 @

Minnesota just posted a bunch of new tracks to his myspace page:

Some heaters in there for sure.

Robbie, glad you are doing ok!

Comment by Eons 12.28.07 @


Great P Brothers cut. It’s funny because they really aren’t as widely recognised in the UK as they should be, and yet they’re pretty much the ‘realest’ outfit in the contemporary scene… go figure.

I should blame my own lack of knowledge on the misplaced Rae track in my top ten, but I’m gonna blame your sloppy blogging instead because I’m reasonable like that 😉

Have a good new year man,


Comment by Dan Love 12.28.07 @

get well homie. you are an asset to real music, the people who make it, and those who support it.

Comment by onthaStrenff 12.28.07 @

Hope all is well Robbie, and here’s to a speedy recovery!

Boss Money + P Brothers = non stop bangers

that shit is amazing!

Can’t wait to cop the new single

Comment by AFFECKS 12.29.07 @

Loving that dramatic K-Def production..

Comment by The Eyechild 12.29.07 @

Cannot Effin’ wait been waiting ages for some new material!. P Brothers = Hardcore. BLAM BLAM!!!

Comment by P.M.ES 12.31.07 @

happy new years man!! hope you’re better already!

Comment by BR 01.01.08 @

Hope your making a speedy recovery man. Here’s to a safe, healthy and successful New Year. Thanks for the raw gems, as always.

Comment by Ollie 01.04.08 @

I’m back to normal and can now resume my normal intake of booze.

Comment by Robbie 01.04.08 @

hold ya head fam. sorry to hear about the accident.

Comment by taboo 01.06.08 @

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