Wastelandz Reign Supreme – Royal Flush Part 1
Tuesday December 04th 2007,
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Big Neek‘s been covered, so you know that the next stop on the Flushing excursion had to be a visit with Royal Flush, who is best described as a hustler that can rap his ass off. Following his numerous cameos on Mic Geronimo‘s album, Flush unleashed a strong LP of slick-talk and ill beats. It could be argued that Blunt Records dropped the ball by not putting the supreme “Rotten Apple” on the Ghetto Millionaire album, but RF hasn’t let any set-backs slow his roll, as he’s continued to drop white labels and street CD’s over the years.

While “Movin’ On Ya Weak Production” was a winner, when Flush dropped “Worldwide” over that addictive L.E.S. track I knew he was in to win. Other than being his contribution to the “LA,LA” saga, the song still thumps something terrible. A choice Ez-Elpee‘s beat, a classic Nas hook and a buttery flow combine to produce the timeless “Rotten Apple”, which is a timeless classic of the era despite being marooned in promo-only hell. “What Makes A Killa” and “Best Type of Rapper” present some superior post-2000 Flush, while “Section 8” suffers from shiny music but still comes off on the vocal tip. “Queens 4 Life” is an effective contribution form J-Love‘s album, while “It’s Royal Flush” finds the big fella slaying a Godfather Don track originally designed for Screwball.

Royal Flush – “Worldwide”

Royal Flush – “Rotten Apple”

Royal Flush – “Best Type Of Rapper”

Royal Flush – “What Makes A Killa”

Royal Flush – “Section 8”

Royal Flush – “Queens 4 Life”

Royal Flush – “It’s Royal Flush”

Royal Flush MySpace

Next up” Flush’s guest shots.

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I always thought was a better rapper than many of his Queens homeboys who dropped more full-lenghts than him (i.e. Mic Geronimo, Noreaga). Rotten Apple kicks ass and I still bump “Ghetto Millionaire” to this day.

Comment by ceedub 12.04.07 @

Queens 4 Life off That J-Love – Better Your Life Was One Of The Better Tracks I Have Heard Him Rip In Recent Years.

Comment by Andyman187 12.04.07 @

I cosign the comments of ceedub; Flush definitely reps Queens to the fullest. I had to laugh when Flush was descibed as “a hustler who can rap his ass off”, a very accurate and fitting description of Ramel. Being a New Yorker, I’m aware of his well deserved rep in the five boroughs; enough said. Flush is a worthy of the legacy Queens emcees and DJ’s have forged in Hip Hop history; he does the borough proud. Waiting on the next installment.

Comment by Bronxbred 12.04.07 @

Flush is something serious. He still got that flow….and yeah i cosign ceedub

Comment by MERCILESZ 12.04.07 @

oh yeah i produced “What We do” for him and Blitz…its on his myspace link…..he got a joint on my page 2 as a matter of fact

Comment by MERCILESZ 12.04.07 @

Word Up…Flush was dope, nice work as per usual Robbie.

Did you find that Wastelanz joint please?

Comment by Jaz 12.04.07 @

Family Problems is an ill song too

Comment by Fritz 12.04.07 @

On the forever bitter tip:
I always thought Rotten Apple was a much better song than Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents (both released the same year, both choruses made from Nas Illmatic lyrics)… ahh my bizarro world where Royla Flush is JayZ and Godfather Don is Biggie and Big L is Tupac (as far as mainstream recognition goes)… It coulda gone that way too… it coulda, but it just happened to go the other way instead,

Comment by Murgatroid 12.04.07 @

What is EZ Elpee doing these days and why doesn’t Nas ever use him instead of his Nyquil crew?

Comment by Tray 12.04.07 @

Ghetto millionaire was and is classic material.. He had one joint that I am looking for with a cat named Ricochet, I believe. It had KRS in the chorus..”people died so I could rhyme, think Im gonna grab the mic and waste my nations time, neva on that weak shit!” WORD!

Comment by edub.jerzee 12.04.07 @

I remember buying the Royal Flush album and the Organized ‘Equinox’ album at the same time..out of the two i was surprised that i preferred the Royal Flush.

Comment by P.M.ES 12.05.07 @

Murgatroid….mad props for that analysis.

Comment by illest 12.05.07 @

Ghetto Millionaire is classic.

You know you got to up Fluash’s feature on Lace Da booms ‘Cut That Weak Shit’ though. Prob one of the best mid 90s indie 12s imo

‘Flush’ll back niggas down hold a 4 pounded round, fuck wid outta town all 5 boros hold it down…’

Comment by step one 12.05.07 @

^^^seriously, couldn’t have thought it better myself. bizarro world sounds better than here. also check that Guesswhyld and Tommy Tee material, RF is everywhere you wouldn’t expect him to be!
)Robbie 4 President(

Comment by onthaStrenff 12.05.07 @

Now all we need is that long awaited Wastelanz album and I’m cool. 1

Comment by The Funkologist 12.06.07 @

I’ve wondered where the hell EZ Elpee is many times, Flush would’ve smashed an lp full of his beats.

Flush killed every track Mic G featured him on and every time I put on Worldwide I have to hear it a couple of times at least.

Comment by silent minority 12.15.07 @

maaaan Godfather Don blessed Royal Flush on “Its Royal Flush”, got that banger in the crates…. “Movin’ On Ya Weak Production” is classic, U shoulda posted that Robbie, and Flush was also on another banger backing down “WEAK” fools…“Cut That Weak Shit”…. if u post that just make sure u post the Buckwild Remix…..all the other versions fail in comparison… and Where’s “Shines’ tha bass on that banger is sickening

Comment by Tired-N-Broke 12.18.07 @

hahahaha……… I made this post, not looking at part 2 and u posted the exact track I recommended…. I was a fool to question ya taste, Robbie…

Comment by Tired-N-Broke 12.18.07 @

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