Effed-Up Movie Night – Fantastic Planet
Saturday January 19th 2008,
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It’s tough to pin down why this movie freaked me out when I was kid, but with it’s combination of bizarre sci-fi plot, creepy animation and acid-drenched soundtrack, Fantastic Planet is not a flick you forget in a hurry. A French animated film from 1973 (La Plan├Ęte sauvage), it’s been very influential both in terms of it’s somewhat Dali-esque visual style and dope soundtrack. Most recently, Madlib incorporated elements of it into the first Quasimoto project, flipping the theme for “Come On Feet” and the artwork for the “Basic Instinct” single.

Let the madness begin…..

Fantastic Planet in 8 parts:

Quasimoto “Come On Feet” video:

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you going all Post-Modern/Tate Gallery/High brow on us Rob?? :)

I’m sure after watching it I’ll understand the relevence…

Comment by the average man 01.19.08 @

Rene Laloux is the GOD of French animation. This is a great movie. I wonder if they’ll make a high def version of it–my 10 year old DVD is looking a little crusty.

He did this other flick “THE TIME MASTERS” that’s super hard to find. I want to see that.

Comment by Finally 01.19.08 @

“you going all Post-Modern/Tate Gallery/High brow on us Rob?”

^ I’ve decided to turn this site into an Art House film theory study and Nintendo Wii news blog in a desperate attempt to attract corporate sponsors. Up next: “Which Zelda game pwns?”

Finally: This was re-released on DVD last year. Isn’t “Time Masters” the joint that Moebius worked on instead of “Bladerunner”? Suffice to say, he later regretted the decision.

Comment by Robbie 01.19.08 @

Well, soundtrack samples can be checked elsewhere!!!
Big Pun has boomeranged this shit in’98 (minute 6 in the first you tube segment).
The movie is, hmmm, fantastic, and when Big Pun has rapped gangsta tales over its music, it becomes even more surreal. Much props for the diversity in my favorite site. keep it unkut

Comment by antipop 01.21.08 @

i’m a big fan of this movie…

if you have a region-free dvd player amazon.co.uk has remastered versions of rene laloux’s movies on dvd.

Comment by siderealist 01.23.08 @

I actually got a bit bored of the film halfway through, and skipped to the last part, dope soundtrack. Madlib is so good.

Comment by End Level Boss 01.25.08 @

For added effect check out some other psychedelic 70’s gems: ‘El Topo’ and ‘The Holy Mountain’ by Alexandro Jodorowsky! (trippy)

Comment by Haze3 01.28.08 @

je besoin de ageant donne moi la

Comment by mukanya christian 02.12.08 @

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