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Tuesday January 15th 2008,
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More interviews on the way, but here are a few more vinyl rips to chew on in the meantime.

The Diaz Brothers (Tony Touch & Doo-Wop) – “G’z Up”

Once again a couple of DJ’s manage to burn a lot of full time rappers over this percussion-heavy track. Which reminds me, Wop has a joint on the new Pete Rock. Chea!

Unique – “Axe Maniac”

A lost classic or a poor-man’s “Butchers Shop”? You decide.

Run-DMC – “Darryl & Joe (Krush-Groove 3)”

Sure, I kinda shitted on rap’s greatest duo a while back, but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to their shit!

Beatnuts – “Do You Believe” [Vinyl Reanimators Remix]

DJ Shame and ’em dropped some quality white labels remixes around ’96, but their take on the ‘Nuts was always the standout to me, as it gives the songs a whole new feel and actually improves it.

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd – “Super Casanova” [Dope Instrumental]

No disrespect to SLC, but it’s all about the beat on this one as Paul C. showcased his formidable programming skills and ear for bugged-out sounds.1

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  1. 1.”Did he just say bugged?!” (c) De La Soul Is Dead[back]

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eeeeeeerrrrrrahhhhhhh, nice work Robbie

Comment by Jaz 01.15.08 @

nice drop, but you buggin on that beatnuts being better than the original.
that tony toca doo wop track got me wondering whatever happened to frankie cutlass?

Comment by spotrusherz 01.15.08 @

Got ya on the G Rap influence on Unique. “Pure Dynamite” was Unique’s better track, IMO, of course. That’s my request, right there.

Speaking on Kool G Rap, does anybody (including Stretch Armstrong, on whose show I heard this eons ago)have his track–perhaps unreleased– where he says, “So many fellas I rocked, they should call me Rock-a-fella” (or however G Rap wanted the spelling to be)?

Great site and music.

Comment by bitter monk 01.15.08 @


Thanks for that Vinyl Reanimators remix: pure fire.

Take it easy,


Comment by Dan Love 01.16.08 @

Yeah, I had the Vinyl Re version on a 7L mix CD but needed a good MP3 copy of it. Thanks!

Vinyl Re did some fire remixes back in the day.

Comment by Finally 01.16.08 @

I used to get drunk as hell to Darryl and Joe. JMJ scratched that stab so fuckin’ raw made me wanna jump right down into the forty bottle and pull a Farva in Beerfest.

Comment by Murgatroid 01.16.08 @


Comment by MERCILESZ 01.16.08 @

I’m a huge VA fan but Beatnuts remix is NOT better than the OG.

and Super L beat.. is paul c the first guy to make a beat that incorporated breathing????/ where’s the true heads? let me know.

did I say heads????????

Comment by bbatson 01.16.08 @

Not to shit on the original Beatnuts version, but the remake has that extra swing to it that works.

As for Paul C. techniques, I know he was the first producer to sample beatboxed basslines and chop them up (Mikey D’s “I Get Rough”).

Comment by Robbie 01.17.08 @

wait didn’t that Mikey D come out in ’85? Ya know what else came out in ’85? Egypt, Egypt by Egyptian Lover, with more breathin’ than that fat kid in Juice ditchin’ the truant officer, it might come down to which month, and don’t say EL doesn’t count cuz it’s more electro than rap… and sampled breaths or just incorporating breathing in general?

Comment by Murgatroid 01.17.08 @


That should be everything anybody wants to know about Paul C. Incredible story by Tompkins.

Comment by Illgren 01.17.08 @

Really like Vinyl Reanimators production, especially on that ED OG ep ‘Acting’..

Their ‘Fast Life’ remix is great too..

Comment by The Eyechild 01.19.08 @

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