C.R.A.C. (Blu and Ta’Raach) – ‘Respect’
Friday February 29th 2008,
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Blu is pretty decent for a non-New Yawker, and the songs he did with Exile like “So Amazing” worked. Here’s the best (actually, maybe the only good) track from his new album with Ta’Raach (whoever that is). The rest of it is a way to “progressive” for my liking.

C.R.A.C. – “Respect”

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“new album with Ta’Raach (whoever that is)”

man, his 2 albums elovee and the fevers are dope… i hope you’re wrong about that being the only good song.

Comment by constrobuz 02.29.08 @

Get to learning Robbie


Comment by Jaz 02.29.08 @

lol, you sound old Robbie

Comment by Liam 02.29.08 @

also, thanks for this and the UM MCs stuff

Comment by Liam 02.29.08 @

“you sound old Robbie”

I’m over 21 if you’re concerned with under-age drinking.

Comment by Robbie 02.29.08 @

Coincidence…I just hunted down Blu’s track “ItsYaBoyby09”. Never heard of him before today, but liking this dude

Comment by keatso 02.29.08 @

Probably not the best on the The Piece Talks (I don’t even think its good). But yea, Blu is gonna regret this album. I say drop as a mixtape and hope peeps forget about fast and concentrate on his solo shit.

Comment by CL 03.01.08 @

underage drinking is killing our youth, along with rap music and video games.

Comment by Liam 03.01.08 @

Imagine if someone makes a video game about underage drinking that’s set to a soundtrack of anti-social rap music. All life on this planet would cease.

Comment by Robbie 03.01.08 @

except for conservative shock jock radio hosts, they could survive on this for years

Comment by Liam 03.01.08 @

Ta’Raach is a beast (you never heard of Lacks?) all you need to do is rock “The Fevers” once. I’ve heard 5 joints off the album so far and they’re ALL dope (even “Buy Me Lunch”)


Comment by Dart_Adams 03.01.08 @

Oh, and this tracks full name is called “Collect Respect Anna Check” (C.R.A.C).


Comment by Dart_Adams 03.01.08 @

Blu > every rapper that’s supposedly bringing NY back

Comment by Da Troof 03.02.08 @

Ta’Raach is Lacks from the Dilla/Slum Collective’ Check Ya Sef’ The Boy is NICE AS HELL

Comment by Truth 03.22.08 @

On top of that, I’ve been privately saying it, the past 4 years, I’ll say it out Loud.

DETROIT been the new QB – Grimey Gutter Sophisiticated Bougeouis MC’s w/ Bad Habits…

Check Guilty Simpson, Elzhi, Fuzz, TaRaach (Lacks), Black Milk, Fat Ray, Loe Louis, OneManARmy, Lodge Boy Woe, The List is endless….

Comment by Truth 03.22.08 @

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