Everybody Hates Moe (Dee) Pt. 1
Thursday February 07th 2008,
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What exactly was it about “How Ya Like Me Now” that inspired so many diss and answer records aimed at Kool Moe Dee? Was it his squeeky clean New Jack swing beats, his trademark shades or just his super-arrogant attitude (even for ’87)? Unkut Dot Com will be taking a look at some of the numerous anti-Moe Dee songs that emerged in it’s wake.

Awesome Dre was a Detroit hardrock who wasn’t feeling what “Kool Moe She” had to offer, insisting that he “take off the glasses, the sun is not glaring/You look like a welder – nah, Darth Vader!”

Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee – “I Don’t Like You (Kool Moe She)”

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Never knew about this record. Was this a single from the album or just an album cut?

Comment by bedouin 02.07.08 @

It was an LP cut. The whole LP is worth a cop anyway.

Comment by Robbie 02.07.08 @

I haven’t seen that album mentioned in a long time, I am sure I have the cassette (wait a minute did he just say cassette?…errrahhhhhh) somewhere, that album was dope.

Comment by Jaz 02.07.08 @

Not to mention the tape and CD had two extra songs which I didn’t hear until years after the album first came out.

Comment by Robbie 02.07.08 @

good topic…i never knew of any answer records to this other than “Jack the Ripper”. I’m looking forwrd to the rest…

Comment by BeatRabbi 02.07.08 @

I was just talking about awesome dre yesterday. I always liked this record.I figure all the Kool Moe Dee dissing is standard hip hop practive, “attack the guy on top”. I’m not mad at that, I love the competition side of it. Plus if you are going to be on records talking about being the best and about battles people are bound to come at you. Kool Moe Dee is the man though. i’m still hoping to get my hands on the acpella verions of all his solo albums, there could be some “fixing’ in order

Comment by kevin beacham 02.07.08 @

Your killing em with this one…..Have you heard his “Frankly Speaking” rmx Robbie…….That joint still sizzles today…..Kool Moe Dee was cool until he started fuckin with Teddy Riley……Those beats were on some ole silly shit for that time……But I do give him props for coming with that ill vocab…….It’s seems as if he was apart of the vocab movement along with { T.La Rock, L.L, Crown Rulers, etc}

Comment by shamz 02.07.08 @

Kool Moe Dee was corny in his heyday, you’ve got to admit. Dancin’ around in tight leather pants with those grandma-ma glasses and whatnot…

The only thing he ever did that anyone liked is getting smashed by Lickin’Lips Cool J and the Christmas Rap on Beat Street.

Comment by sooch 02.07.08 @

ay sooch:
Moe Dee corny in his heyday?!! GTFOH! lol
Guess you never heard of the Treacherous Three or the infamous Harlem World battles…SMH

Comment by danny dann 02.07.08 @

This was the Shit.. Det 4 Life. Nah really, this the first A.W.O.L & Khaos & Maestro were all reppin’ the Dee back then.

Comment by Truth 02.08.08 @

don’t clown yourself, sooch! For the records, KMD did the smashing on LL Cool J, as far as lyrics go.

Yeah, his production (’87-’92) was booty, due to Teddy Riley, and his style (clothes) was old school, but he was killing it on the lyrics.

Comment by BeatRabbi 02.08.08 @

And BeatRabbi, he was killing live shows & tours too

Comment by Kevin 02.08.08 @

You can’t deny how dope Moe Dee was in his prime, regardless of his later work. I’ll be posting some of his classics soon.

Comment by Robbie 02.08.08 @

classic material…. thanks for the post!

Comment by RIZZ 02.08.08 @

I can’t believe Detroit rappers don’t rep this dude more as a pioneer… I think he was the first rapper out of the D to have a video on Yo and Rap CIty…I remember that shit he was ridin around in a limo burying emcees Awesome Dre yeh… somebody needs to come up on THAT video…

Comment by Jus Stupid 02.08.08 @

Executioner Style? You Can’t Hold Me Back?

Comment by Jus Stupid 02.08.08 @

Moe Dee seems to split the opionions of hip hop fans….

Comment by the average man 02.09.08 @

for the record, it’s KMD who “clowned himself” late in his career.

and I’m not the biggest LL fan, but he did crush Moe Dee, Hammer and Ice-T’s girl…

…and I have heard of the Treacherous Three (see “Christmas Rap on Beat Street). The Harlem World Battles? Not so much, I’m not from Harlem.

I’m simply saying that he completely played himself going the “new jack”, “wild wild west” route. I mean, that period was obviously not while he was in his prime but it was the period when he had mainstream mass appeal so to speak. with his rigid, fish outta water dance routines…makes one want to forget he even had a career.

Comment by sooch 02.11.08 @

Yeah, I’m not from Harlem, either, but I know about some Harlem World battles. (???) And, there was much more to The Treacherous Three than the Beat Street appearance. (???)

Comment by Fosterakahunter 02.14.08 @


Comment by MERCILESZ 02.14.08 @


Comment by MERCILESZ 02.14.08 @

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