Everybody Hates Moe (Dee) Pt. 2

The answer-record craze was still going strong in 1987, as no-name hopefuls jumped on whatever bandwagon them passed by in an attempt to make a little noise in the ever-crowded rap world. The crabs in a barrel, if you will. Kool Moe Dee‘s “How Ya Like Me Now” was a big record, so it’s no surprise that some rocks were thrown soon afterwards.

The motivations varied from blatant jocking of Moe’s rival LL (“Moe Dee Get Mad”), hilarious answer songs (“Fuck Me Now”) to genuine grudges (“Try To Bite Me Now”). Spyder D at least has a case – he released a single called “How Ya Like Me Now” shortly before the shiny Teddy Riley version, and also mentions that Treach 3 used his “Smerphie’s Dance” beat years earlier. Both he and the Incredible Two also seem to have taken offense to the “Rap Report Card” that was on the back of KMD‘s LP, but they’re likely just mad that they weren’t graded). Willie D flips the whole shit in classic H-Town style, turning the song into a classic sex joint which is easily the best of the bunch in my book.

Kool Moe Dee – “How Ya Like Me Now”

Spyder D – “How Ya Like Me Now”

Spyder D – “Try To Bite Me Now”

Incredible Two – “Moe Dee Get Mad”

Willie D – “Fuck Me Now”

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Willie D the 5th Ward King! Much respect for giving him light. You should post “Baldhead Hoes” on GP, Robbie! How about on I Need Pussy, “I’m callin’ up bitches that I don’t even like…” yes…You ever notice how similar the cover of his album “Controversy” was to Chill Rob G’s “Ride the Rhythmn” ??? And the similarities don’t just stop with the covers, peel back that onion…it’ll blow your kangol…

Comment by Murgatroid 02.12.08 @

Comment by Murgatroid 02.12.08 @


^ My original Willie D post.

Comment by Robbie 02.13.08 @

Errrr, the similarities between Willie D’s cover and Chill Rob G’s are less than mindblowing.

Comment by Marc Oz 02.14.08 @


Comment by MERCILESZ 02.14.08 @

i haven’t heard that spyder d record in years! hahaha

Comment by RIZZ 02.14.08 @

That’s a Chi-Ali reference to be exact, peace unto them brothas in the beast… yo did he get out? Juju was honin’ him to run the Beatnuts Apache line yo..’member when Bonz Malone wrote about Mase makin’ a “mad cheese spread” while he was interviewing Dave the Dove? Remember Dave Funkenklien? Remember dude describing EPMD’s third album as hard cookie chunks at the bottom of the chocolate milk?

Comment by murgatroid 02.15.08 @

Funkenklein was a genius. RIP.

Here’s a round up of his Ganster Limpin’ columns for The Bomb magazine:


There was also a nice Tompkin’s piece on him in the last Wax Poetics.

Comment by Eons 02.15.08 @

that record says de la soul on it and if u do buy all the chi ali records u wont find it.but thanks 4 the heds up

Comment by MERCILESZ 02.15.08 @

“Errrr, the similarities between Willie D’s cover and Chill Rob G’s are less than mindblowing.”

Willie D’s a lot more hardcore, no contest.

Comment by Robbie 02.15.08 @

I know it’s a strtch but if you squint your ears just the right way
Bad Dream and Fuck the KKK
could’ve come from the same mind at different times of the day.
but Robbie’s right: Willie D’s Sears-bought overalls, leather African medallion, baby oil, and old school flip off technique is way more hardcore than Chill Rob’s Sonny Crockett style blazer over the teal t-shirt with the wooden beads, and Blu-blockers shades?!?!?! What’s he reaching for? a hoagie for Mark 45?
also, what did Chi mean in that Jeff song when he said, “Respect your parents, they’re pushovers.”???
and someone needs to cut up the acapella drop in that song where he says, “My girl’s too young to have big breasts.” By someone I mean r. kelly

Comment by Murgatroid 02.15.08 @

the Jeff song vs. lejuan Love’s “My hardcore rhymes”
“What made me really mad is when she called my hair nappy…”

Comment by Murgatroid 02.15.08 @

does anyone really think chi ali wrote anything he said on the 3side of me myself and i?….lol…i mean cmon dove wrote roadrunner and there is a version of roadrunner with dove instead of chi saying it line for line….u know paint by numbers?

Comment by MERCILESZ 02.15.08 @

oh yeah my favorite…..and video games….

Comment by MERCILESZ 02.15.08 @

3 side of me, myself? Dontchu mean b-side to Say No Go?

Comment by Murgatroid 02.15.08 @

that mack daddy on the left joint was made off that Village Callers 1968 Live shit song called “Hector” label Rampart anybody got an mp3 of that?

Comment by Jeff my name is jeff 02.15.08 @

no murg thats skip to my loop…but whatever

Comment by MERCILESZ 02.15.08 @

and can anyone get me the original roadrunner with dove showing chi a li how to say all his lines…cuz that wud be great

Comment by MERCILESZ 02.15.08 @

oh yeah it wasnt made off that….ill give u a hint though…aretha franklin is part of it and so is ruby……

Comment by MERCILESZ 02.15.08 @

wrong. I dunno about live anything, but Mack Daddy on the Left is def Hector

Comment by Murgatroid 02.26.08 @

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