Everybody Hates Moe (Dee) Pt. 3

Kool Keith once described Kool Moe Dee as “the fuckin’ Space Invader of Rap”.

This is one song where it pays to have the lyrics in front of you in order to catch the barrage of disses served up by Rhythm X (courtesy of DJ Flash from OHHLA).

Hey yo stupid, you thought I was over

Living like Oscar, Big Bird and Grover

I’m the X the man the first challenger

I keep rhymes in place like Bob Gallagher

Fittin, and in the chair I’m sittin

Rappers know I’m Kool, rappers know I’m Keith

Like Charlie Brown, good grief

I see rappers I know they turned African

I just pedal my bike, then I laugh again

I pull the girls with thread and one string

They say I’m steppin to them for one thing

But I don’t think so, you think so, really?

Tapes is wack and new MC’s sound silly

I hate to criticize, I have a problem

In this school wack rappers I’ll solve them

They wanna be like Ultra on the jizock

Try to act like they not but on the kizock

Suckin, takin, aw-ll be slurpin

Comical bums your wack jams ain’t workin

You ain’t got the style to rock no man

You get a pound from me, but with no hand

Diss em, I’m not the one Miss Ferguson

Cold stupid as hell like George Jefferson

Yeah, you dummies better be careful

I pick up rappers and throw away a handful

Yes… I’m pluckin everyone’s card

Twinkle twinkle twinkle little star

Behind those glasses I know who you are

You Racer X, here’s rubber speed

You dissin James? He’s chicken feed

He can’t rap or clap or make a feet tap

How bout Monie and Nikki they both bullcrap

I see light in my lamp, but not on the mic

How could I diss myself in front of Dolemite

You wanna preach and teach and be a rebel

Then underline disguise and be the devil

Call yourself God, can you make it rain

Can you tell me how or what I’m thinkin in my brain

I’m not the bighead kid who wanna show off

I just pick up the mic and then I blow off

Dirt, crumbs, any type of feather

You ain’t genuine, toyin real leather

Pleather, coming out in the weather

You rap on R&B tracks and whatever

Hi Uncle Tom, go head entertain

Dance and get sweaty, and let me use my brain

I think twice about the big bow tie

You wearin one? I wanna know why

I see fools all dressed in tuxedos

And at the Grammy’s, a bag of Fritos

Dumb people wonder, dumb people think

Just to be large, do they have to wear a mink

Drive a Cadillac, drive a Benzo

A Rolls Royce with a funky Testarosso

I’d rather stay in New York and not Hollywood

Fool, I’m pluckin everyone’s card

You takin off and you’re gold and for what?

Because you wanna be down and so what?

You buy your African beads from Koreans

Africans, you walkin by human beings

You don’t know, you’re so stupid

Take the books you read you’re still stupid
Learn, see the rappers I burn

You’re coming next, it’s your turn

Let me sprinkle Salt, let me sprinkle Pepa

on doo-doo, and whatever

You wanna speak on the X, then let’s go with this

I know I’m talented, good, and such a pro at this

Trade, skill, future my job

And at lunch I eat a rap shishkabob

You wanna spin with the real and make a big deal

Yes, you’re in the showcase showdown

I hope you’re ready to rock and come blow down

Huff, and puff, like the big bad wolf

I’m not the man concerned with that story

Look out, watch, you’re Three Feet and Sinkin

The Tribe’s are lost and everyone’s breath stinkin

[Ahhh, to the crossroad]

Look at one man carry many loads

I gotta move enlighten a sleepy world

Remember, I’m pluckin everyone’s card

Ultramagnetic MCs – “Pluckin’ Cards”

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Robbie you should have put “Bust the facts” up. He goes at Moe Dee on some real MC shit and crushes him!! Moe Dee never responded even after Keith Told Moe Dee LL was not the one to battle lyricaly and step to some real competition in the source article.

Comment by Marc Davis 02.28.08 @

yea…..he didnt have to…neither one of those dudes would of had a career if it wasnt for moe dee….oh well…. i love how the sons try to disrespect the father……it’s cute

Comment by mercilesz 02.28.08 @

“Look out, watch, you’re Three Feet and Sinkin”

makes you kinda trip off Dove’s first verse on Ego Trippin’ (pt.2) that came out a year later. Part 1 was obviously Ultra’s clowning on the big names in ’88

and now I gotta go listen to their “traveling at the speed of thought” singalong on Judgment Night soundtrack for clues if they ever hit back. HA, HA

all these tracks served to pop shots at chart toppers of their time
advanced with elevation, astonishing with rhythm
’cause we’re…

Comment by Murgatroid 02.28.08 @

When Moe Dee was with Treacherous he was all that and a bag of chips and was a big influence along with T-La Rock for the UltraMags. Just like when Jordan was reigning on the court and Allen Iverson stepped into the league he gave Jordan the business with the cross over. Keith just handed Moe Dee a lyrical crossover. I guess his old rhymes were “rust very dirty and dusty and under his arms he was kickin power and musty”

Comment by Marc Davis 02.28.08 @

I can’t front, I laughed out loud at “I think twice about the big bow tie”… it reminded me of Moe Dee’s ‘I Go To Work’ video.

And yeah, there’s quite a number of disses in there to numerous folk. Some subtle, some not-so-much.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 02.28.08 @

These lines from Funky II (off of the critical Beatdwon album were about Moe Dee’s Charts from the How Ya Like me No album too. If anyone has a picof the charts I’d really like to see it again since I never bought the Moe Dee album. Anyway, the lyrics are below…

“I’m not that average rapper, nobody’s equal
And for the biter, his beat will
grow and grow and grow, til he finds out
He’s not a pro-fessionally,
up to par, with myself
No comp’, I like to battle myself
by myself, compete again myself
Score myself, on these weak ass charts
How can a fool say he’s on the top?
Eight million rappers, my rhymes stop
with lyric bombs, the wack ones drop
like snowflakes, they turn to cornflakes
My voice shakes, causin earthquakes in Michigan
parts of New York”

Comment by brock 02.28.08 @

Awesome lyrics.

Comment by End Level Boss 02.29.08 @

haha i love that song, he does pluck everyones card!

i’m sure the “call yourself god, can you make it rain/ can you tell me now what i’m thinking in my brain” line was aimed at rakim.

the lines “i’m on a mission/i see your balls of clay with x-vision/i’m a scientist, your satellites are weak/ they get dimmer every time I speak” rhyme on ‘aint it good to you’ were clearly a diss to rakim too.

Comment by KQ 02.29.08 @

a satelite gets dimmer? what does even mean? i love kool keith fans……..

Comment by mercilesz 02.29.08 @

“I see light in my lamp, but not on the mic
How could I diss myself in front of Dolemite”

This line clearly directed at Kane for that skit on his 3rd record where he was trading jabs with Rudy Ray.

Comment by Marc Oz 03.03.08 @

Bust the Facts and Pluckin Cards are 2 of Keith’s best songs! Yo, mercilez, that satellite line was a diss to rakim, a take off from ra’s lines in Follow the Leader:
“What could ya say as the Earth gets further and further away
Planets are small as balls of clay
Astray into the Milky Way – world’s outasight
Far as the eye can see – not even a satellite ”
Now peep Keith’s lines:
“i’m on a mission/i see your balls of clay with x-vision/i’m a scientist, your satellites are weak/ they get dimmer every time I speak”
Keith has said in interviews that he and the other top MCs of the Golden Age used to trade barbs all the time, but it was battling more to see who could get iller. It wasn’t on some beef shit.

Comment by Mike G 03.05.08 @

Yo, and speaking of Keith dissing people, he’s dissed the shit out of Marc Davis! He had a song dissing him on myspace for awhile and he took him to task in this interview from http://www.koolkeith.co.uk

“Marc Davis has nothing to do with me. I don’t know why he is even calling people around the business and putting my name in his mouth. He doesn’t have shit to do with me. I have nothing to do with Marc Davis. I haven’t seen him in about 15 years now. People just want to come out the graveyard and start doing shit. I don’t fuck with Marc Davis.”

Comment by Mike G 03.05.08 @

Let me sprinkle salt. Let me sprinkle pepper.

On doo doo.

And whatever.

One of Kool Keith’s finest lines.

Comment by Finally 03.06.08 @

Yo Mike G or whoever your fake bitch ass is!! I got keith record deals on more then one occasion!! He is like a big kid, he hates you one day then your his best friend the next. Your talking about Kool Keith the same guy who tried to air out Ced-Gee out then recorded an album with him. He is the same guy who said he would never do another Octagon Record. I like the fact that he mentions my name, let’s me know I’m all on his mind!! Oh and for the record I spoke to Keith yesterday. Get your weight up next time you try and pull it Beyotch!!

Comment by Marc Davis 03.06.08 @

stop talking about keith……

Comment by mercilesz 03.06.08 @

marc who ?

Comment by i the t 03.07.08 @

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