Everybody Hates Moe (Dee) Pt. 4
Friday February 29th 2008,
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I forgot how good this song is until Marc Davis reminded me on the last post. Keith goes beyond mere taunts and shits on Moe Dee’s entire legacy on this one, while using a Kool Moe vocal sample on the hook! Now that’s classic Ultra.

Ultramagnetc MC’s – “Bust The Facts”

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Man, I haven’t heard this since the early 90s when Melle Mel (not of Furious Five fame) used to play this on WAMO during his Saturday night mix show. Great forgotten track.

Comment by haroon 02.29.08 @

Love this track!!!!
Kool Moe videos all had some wack dance moves in, remember how ya like me know or wild west.

Comment by farns 02.29.08 @

…and do you remember Moe Dee’s retort to Keith?

“ho ho ho, open up yo doh, it’s santa claus and guess what y’all? i got sumthin to show”…

Comment by sooch 02.29.08 @

damn i cant believe yall shittin on moe dee with some beat street shit from 84….nobody was even out in 84…..especially not keith…moe dee was already a legend….

Comment by mercilesz 02.29.08 @

name post-treach3 moe dee jams that you seriously believed rocked as hard as other shit that was out at the time…
and music aside:

budweiser hat > Yoko Ono shades anyday

So Hot It Hurts

Comment by Murgatroid 02.29.08 @

Turn it Up? UFO? I’ll give you 1991’s Rise’n’ Shine only because it sounds exactly like 7A3’s “Coolin’ in Cali” which came out 3 years earlier. Can you say innovating to the point of playing catch up…

Comment by Murgatroid 02.29.08 @

“Turn It Up” was classic. I’ll posting stuff like that after the next (and final) post on the topic.

Comment by Robbie 02.29.08 @

why the picture of Coldcrush? Did I miss the wit? Whilst your riding Kool Keith’s wave of shitting on homepiss are you gonna post the Busy Bee Starski battle for a little clarity?
That wild west sh*t was horrible but what’s moe dee got to prove? He paid his dues long before worldwide heads got easy props on blogspots.

Comment by AO 02.29.08 @

^ I’m not calling it either way – I’m a Moe Dee fan too. The Crush pic is because they get name-checked in the song.

Comment by Robbie 02.29.08 @

word em up. I was just being a miserable shite. ‘N I haven’t heard ‘bust the facts’ in years so nice one for putting it on. DJ Rockin Rob is still nice on the wheels. peace

Comment by AO 02.29.08 @

I always liked Kool Moe Dee. I don’t think he ever put out a classic lp and his beat selection was not up to par with his peers in the late 80s. Not to mention, my favorite Moe Dee song was the LL dis, Let’s Go. I remember the radio playing the shit outta that song in the summer of 88. I don’t remember hearing Jack the Ripper on the radio.

Comment by turtle 02.29.08 @

jack the ripper was huge on hip hop radio in ny…it was the only song they did play off that debacle walking with a panther.

Comment by mercilesz 03.01.08 @

Merc, I grew up in Indiana and our hip hop radio was below average at best. From 85 to 88, I bought music based on album covers, music mags, and word of mouth. I am not even sure why I bought How Ya Like Me Now

Comment by turtle 03.01.08 @

i love that song…if u have it on vinyl i could always use another copy

Comment by mercilesz 03.01.08 @

murg…post treach3 jams that rocked….”do u know what time it is?” and “go see the doctor” both rocked really hard…..

Comment by mercilesz 03.01.08 @

OK, I really don’t care what peoples opinions are about other people are because “opinions” are like “ass holes” everyone has one. But what pisses me off is when people use my “work” my “photos” to express their opinions! So with that said , please don’t use my photos. Moe happens to be a personal friend on mine.



The Man Who Took Hip-Hop’s Baby Pictures – New York Times
Born in the Bronx-TheBreaks

Comment by joe conzo 03.01.08 @

damn, busted!

Comment by Eons 03.03.08 @


Great stuff in there. I love it and ’nuff respect for what you’ve done. But aren’t you kind of happy that ’cause of Robbie using your pic I ended up spending time checking out your entire portfolio, when I otherwise would have never seen it or known about it?

Comment by haroon 03.04.08 @

mercilesz, look at the wikipedia for ultramagnetic mc’s. kool keith _was_ out in 84. peace

Comment by jnk 03.15.08 @

kool keith the greatest that neva was wow thats y he is mostly known for being in a group and not a solo artist i cant remember anything as a solo artist that sold more than double wood maybe at sixty he will luck out

Comment by tony tone 01.16.11 @

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