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  1. New Roc Marc??

    I love this dude! (no homo)

    Robbie, is this off a mixtape, or the new album?


  2. Props on those tracks plus that video- UN album was classic

    Anyone know when the mixtape or an album drops?

  3. There’s a Roc Marciano track (I think it’s call The MC) that Just Blaze mentioned and put up streaming audio of on his (no defunct??) blog a while back.

    Where can I get that? I tried to google it and couldn’t find much info on it. That track is ridiculously good…I mean “Long Time Coming” good.

  4. Another strange request, but I am trying to cop “Strength and Honor,” and can’t seem to find it anywhere on the web. Any tips would be much, much appreciated!

  5. every roc marciano post, i always comment on how roc is dope but his man Trife from li was one of the best mcs ive ever heard….

    thugs prayer is great

  6. I’ve been looking for Strength & Honor too.

    Thanks for this post, I missed it.

    Personally, the UN tracks with Pete Rock are my fave tracks post 2000.

    I’ll take anything by them by any producer since their rhymes are thorough but an album full of Pete’s Treats would suit these guys down to the ground.

  7. how can i get an interview? any body want industry throwaway tracks for ya mixtapes holla..


    Keep up the good work on your website. ALL HIP-HOP heads should start comming here and showing ya’ll love. UNKUT keepin Hip-Hop RAW and UNCUT !!!!! -peace HD

  8. What’s Good UNKUT!!!!! still following YOUR movement. Love the work UNKUT puts in.
    check out some of these new tracks i posted off of up-coming projects @: http://www.myspace.com/musicbyhd …enjoy. – peace HD
    p.s. still waiting on my interview.