Pete Rock – NY’s Finest Review
Friday February 15th 2008,
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In some ways, the latest Pete Rock project is more of that same old timeless PR sound, but the thing that sets it apart this time around is the varied line-up of guests on board to lend vocal assists. While both of the Soul Survivor LP’s (and even Petestrumentals to a lesser extent) gave us some of the finest MC’s of the time, on NY’s Finest we find a selection of forgotten and slept-on rappers joining the current favorites and still-active veterans. Pete is also a little more aggressive in the booth, as he addresses the doubters and snakes that have tried to test him in his trademark style that’s occasionally awkward but more hit than miss.

Surprise cameos from dudes like Doo-Wop and Royal Flush are a welcome addition to the obligatory Little Brother and Papoose songs. You’ve already heard the Raekwon and D-Block tracks, and both still bang as hard as they did six months ago, as familiar breaks are skillfully chopped into winning new beats. Even hooplehead Jim Jones and his weed holder Max B are bearable over a Soul Brother track, although there same can’t be said of my least-favorite 90’s milk carton crew – Lords of the Underground. PR even let’s Green Lantern throw him a track for his traditional JB-fueled solo that’s become something of a tradition.

Musically, NY’s Finest is an extension of Pete’s modern sound, focusing more on skillful chops than the multi-layered masterpieces of old. There’s a warmth and a swing to virtually every track that’s tough to pin down and even harder to duplicate – while the last generation of beat makers were able to produce decent imitations of the DJ Premier formula, no one has really been able to nail-down the science of a Pete Rock instrumental, which is often more about “feel” than any particular technique. With the exception of the ill-advised ragga joint (with Chip-Fu from the Fu-Schnickens) and the syrupy Rell-feature, this is a satisfying listen from front to back.

Pete Rock – “We Roll” (Instrumental)

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Cheers’ Robbie! Can’t wait for the new P.R>
One of the very few producers to touch me thru all the emotions over the years. .. . I know that my head may finally able to bounce to a Jim Jones track…. sheer eh!? NY’s finest, I think so!! Dope to see Pete goin’ rounds outside of a major after all this time also . . .good to feel that feel P.R> still drops with classic loops & chops stung outta’ those basement crates. A+ science, no doubt!

Comment by Len Dunn 02.15.08 @

That’s the way rap music should sound!! Funky syrupy soul grooves over hard drum programming!!

Comment by Marc Davis 02.15.08 @

Lord Finesse > LOTU

Comment by eskay 02.15.08 @

I love Pete Rock to death, he’s one of my favorite producers of all time but even Pete can’t make me stomach Jim Jones on the microphone!!! Jim Jones is still trash, even over a Pete Rock track! I will support the album, no doubt.

Comment by Bronxbred 02.15.08 @

Yo PR is Hip Hop! He’s a really good dude, not out for the fast buck. He’s in it for the love of the music and it clearly shows through his great and classic tracks …….

Comment by Vernon Villian 02.15.08 @

PR for President!

Man, I can’t even understand what the fuck JJ and MaxB are saying on “We Roll” except when they say “We Roll”…Straight retarded. I’d rather read a Jim Jones interview.

With that said, thanks for the instrumental.

Comment by sooch 02.15.08 @

“Niggas say they made me? Then make another Pete!”

Cop that, Corey!

Comment by Robbie 02.15.08 @

oh shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiittttttttt!

where the hell did you score this?!

can’t wait!
althought I didn’t feel the 12″ that came out like 18 months ago.

Comment by sheriff rosco 02.15.08 @

Love the Summer Madness chop.

Comment by bedouin 02.16.08 @

lol Poor CL

Is the other version of Petestrumentals (with more vocals) better than the original?

Comment by Liam 02.16.08 @

Can’t wait to hear this.

Been playing the old PR/U.N. tracks daily as of late.

liam-there’s a few versions of Petestrumentals, I don’t even know which version you’re referring to. Makes me feel I’m missing something….

Comment by silent minority 02.16.08 @

The other version of ‘Petestrumentals’ just had a song with Nature, a CL song and a Freddie Foxxx joint. Maybe one less beat too.

Comment by Robbie 02.16.08 @

thats what you call rap music !! hes the best and my favorite producer.

Comment by ben 02.17.08 @

thanks for clearing that up, i was kinda worried i got screwed over with my version, but its all good

Comment by Liam 02.17.08 @

Pete made it possible for me to be able to stomach Jim Jones & Max B on the mic. BTW why is it that Max always sounds like he has a mouth full of food? Anyway, bravo to Pete, I’ve always enjoyed his music.

Comment by hottnikz 02.20.08 @

The Album Leaked A Few Days Ago & I’m Sad To Say I Was Quite Dissapointed. When I Heard 914 I Was Hyped, Fast Forward, All This Wait & 914 Was Still The Standout Track On The Album. I Was Expecting Much Much More…

Comment by Andyman187 02.23.08 @

that chip fu joint is sick

Comment by roger 02.26.08 @


Comment by Doc Singe 03.05.08 @

jim jones and max b. chop shit up on this disc. rest is trash. hang it up old men haha

Comment by Mani Chachinguez 03.06.08 @

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