Sunkiss (aka Deshawn) – ‘We Go Back’

Deshawn killed shit on Showbiz & AG‘s “Represent” way back when. Remember this?

“Cuttin bitch-niggaz down with a hundred pound axe, like I was raised by psycho-crazed lumberjacks/
So in a battle I be stabbin, choppin MC’s like trees, piece-by-piece buildin cabins!”

He changed his name to Sunkiss and was rolling with the Terror Squad for a minute, now he’s resurfaced with a new Premier track. T La Rock also used to roll with dude as he revealed when I spoke to him last week:

“He’s another one of those Kool Keith type rappers that has a bunch of different names. He was Sunkist, he was Dehawn E. Thunder, he was Bald-Head Assassin. He was so nice. When I hooked-up with him he was only fifteen years old. He used to go to Harlem and battle Big L and all these rappers like that, and go around the Bronx battling. We went to a club together one time, and me and him battled ten rappers at the same time, and I took a break and he kept goin’! I didn’t have to take a break, I just did because somebody wanted to do an interview or something. I left and came back and he was still battling. He was like, ‘I got this’ and he took out the next three. So all together we took out like thirteen MC’s in one night.”

Sunkiss – “We Go Back”

Spotted at Unofficial DJ Premier Blog

Sunkiss vs. Breeze Evaflowin’, 1999:

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greta music!!2008 is the year of the boom-bap!will this come out on wax?

Comment by mario 03.01.08 @

Toooon..!!Now thats what im talkin’ bout..!!!

Comment by PEACEZ 03.01.08 @

That is a funny ass story.

Comment by turtle 03.01.08 @

don’t sleep on Deshawn and curse old ladies (fuck’em)

Comment by idris intifada 03.01.08 @

Thanks Robbie.

Comment by Jaz 03.01.08 @


Comment by bill 03.04.08 @

Didn’t he also go under the name BigRed also? I remember some track w/ Diamond…
somethin ? “Monster”
On point as usual Rob.

Comment by Len Dunn 03.08.08 @

^ Nah. Big Red was, funnily enough, a big red-headed white kid from Diamond’s neighborhood.

Comment by Robbie 03.08.08 @

Hey, why has nobody commented on this?

He put together a street DVD of rappers battling to beat up the box of some random hoodrats.

Sunkiss is also on Cocaine City Vol. 4 DVD talking about it with a preview.

“If you steal my shit… I will murder you, dog”.

Comment by nemo burbank 03.22.08 @

^ That’s some next level shit right there. I might have to do a new post on it.

Comment by Robbie 03.22.08 @

duke murked Represent and then disappeared, he shoulda dropped more shit or joined D.I.T.C. cause kid was nice.

i remember him knuckling down fat joe years ago after joe buck 50’ed cuban link’s face. dude is not to be fucked with.

Comment by Dred 03.22.08 @

I hope that dude blow.He been rappin with show and ag since suede puma days forreal.CRAZY NICE!

Comment by Dj Spins 05.10.08 @

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