400 Strong

So it turns out that this marks the 400th post for Unkut Dot Com, as well as four years deep in this blogging mambajahambo.1 I can’t take all the credit though – I only penned 385 of those shits. Thanks also to Keir, Idris, silent minority, Kool Kim, Pawel and Bill. But back to me…I’ve also contributed important work for pioneering projects such as Ban Kanye From The Grammys (Kanye’s Gayest Quotes and Kanye West Vs. Diamond D), as well as the world renown Salute To Weed Carriers and guest drops over at Oh Word, XXL Mag and Soul Sides.

Although the immediate response that you get from blogging is always good value, as a life-long magazine junkie it was only a matter of time until I dipped my beak in the print game. After Modern Fix gave me a start by publishing my Blaq Poet piece, I’ve gone on to write for a few other mags over the last two years, but it all came full-circle when Hip-Hop Connection – the longest running rap magazine in the world – contacted me to write a feature on Hydra Entertainment, which was also the topic of one of my very first posts. To cut a long story short, I’ve been feverishly putting more stuff together for them over the past few months, and the latest issue inludes my Pete Rock interview as the cover feature, as well as the first part of my conversation with Keith Shocklee (The Bomb Squad) and a no-holds barred session with DJ Johnny Juice and Son of Bazerk.

Preview of HHC221

Anyways, instead of giving you the reader something special for this momentous occasion, it occurred to me that maybe I might spend next weekend getting drunk on someone elses’ dime and enjoying young women paying their way through higher education via the ancient art of removing their garments. So Unkut Dot Com will now be taking contributions to Robbie’s Bender of All Benders Booze and Broads Fund. Feel free to click on the ticket below to be a part of this historic event. Salute!

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crack one son, fuck it crack 400

Comment by Murgatroid 03.11.08 @

Mazel Tov on the 400th thdun!

Comment by idris intifada 03.11.08 @

respectis due.
good things come to those…
i send you some.one.

Comment by swordfish 03.11.08 @

I think it was googling for a HYDRA website when i found this place about 4 years ago.

Comment by brian beck from wisconson 03.11.08 @

Yo I don’t mess with paypal or I’d contribute some funds, thanks for all the rare music you share Robbie, and the best interviews on the web.

Like HHC in the old days used to be. I like a Pete Rock cover but their current issue is some Gangsta Rap special or something.

Comment by silent minority 03.11.08 @

Congratulations on the 400 Robbie, keep up the dope work.

Comment by Jaz 03.11.08 @

i’m not contributing anything unless you promise to post photos of said boozy stripper adventure.

Comment by Headlock 03.11.08 @

Props, this is probably the most consistent hiphop blog, keep it coming! 1

Comment by The Funkologist 03.12.08 @

Congrats, Robbie. This was one of the first blogs I discovered and it remains a favorite – you keep killing it on the interviews. Keep up the great work.

Comment by floodwatch 03.12.08 @

Congrats Robbie: one of the hardest working men in blogland without a doubt!



Comment by Dan Love 03.12.08 @

CONGRATS ROBBIE one of the best if not the best hiphop sites out .. thanks for the interviews of cats we aint hear from in ages and thanks for the audios .. here’s to another 400

p.s. im waitin on dr. butcher and VIC

Comment by dolo 03.12.08 @

congrats, robbie. cosigned on that v.i.c. interview.

Comment by Eons 03.12.08 @

Congrats on 400!!! I’m still waiting on an interview for Markie Fresh {The Mack of Rap} and Lord Digga. One

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 03.12.08 @

^ No Marke Fresh yet, but I’m typing-up the Ron Delite (Priority One) at the moment.

Headlock – I would but they seem to take a dim view to amateur photography at some of those fine establishments.

Comment by Robbie 03.12.08 @


Comment by bbatson 03.12.08 @

Congrats on 400, cant wait to read 400 more

Comment by Vicious Lee DEFIV 03.12.08 @

ayo, nice work Rob, as always, thanks for stayin around, it seems like hip hop blogs are born and die quick deaths these days, but on the real what up with a parappa the rappa interview, and say whatup to elliot spitzer for me at the strip joint

Comment by gstatty 03.12.08 @

“Headlock – I would but they seem to take a dim view to amateur photography at some of those fine establishments.”

The camera’s on mobile phones are getting pretty good these days…… 3.2 megapixels of doll house ass.

just sayin


Comment by Headlock 03.13.08 @

are you gonna post the Keith Shocklee and Son of Bazerk on here too? Man I want those SOB albums that Hank denied soooooo bad.

Comment by Murgatroid 03.13.08 @

Congrats on the milestone. UnKut isn’t one to look back at its own achievements in the game (ha. everything is a game), but there is a reason that I became a blogger. That Hydra article is classic.

Comment by DP 03.17.08 @

I’m taking some credit robbie, I put HHC onto you – glad you’re getting that shine, you’ve earned it.

Comment by Drew Huge 03.18.08 @

congrats fam, keep supplying that raw shit. I peep that old link of the Diamond D vs. Kanye entry, the ignorance and foolishness of those Kanye leg-humpers is despicable. Shit like that make me wanna start punching mutha fuckas dead in their mouth.

Comment by Tired-N-Broke 03.24.08 @

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