Everybody Loves Moe (Dee)

Photo courtesy of Joe Conzo.

All this talk of records about Moe Dee would not be complete without a look at some of his finest recorded moments. His influence on the science of rap can’t be done justice in a short post, but suffice to say that Kool Moe Dee, LA Sunshine and Special K laid the groundwork for guys like Kool Keith, Ras Kass, Organized Konfusion etc. in terms of their unorthodox timing, superior vocabulary and advanced concepts and themes that no one was touching on during their era. Check out Special K’s verse on “Gotta Rock” for proof, or Moe Dee’s declaration in the same track that he uses “a lotta cliches”.

“Turn It Up” is a slice of raw minimalism which is also the first and only track from the ’80s to include the word “adroit”, while the T3 debut from back when Spoonie Gee was still down remains as a supreme demonstration off rapid-fire delivery. If that doesn’t move you, a quick listen to Moe Dee obliterating Busy Bee live on stage should erase any reservations as to his legendary status, as this recording of one of hip-hop’s greatest ethering’s is only highlighted by Starski’s pleas for him to “Shut up!”.

Kool Moe Dee – “Busy Bee Diss” [Live, 1981]

Kool Moe Dee – “Turn It Up”

Treacherous Three – “Gotta Rock”

Spoonie Gee, LA Sunshine & Kool Moe Dee – “Live at P.A.L., 1981”

Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous Three – “The New Rap Language”

Treacherous Three – “Live at Hempstead, L.I.”

Looking back at the Kool Moe Dee Vs. Busy Bee Battle:

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That Busy Bee obliteration is Zues with the death-bolt! The best part of Special K being on Moe Dee’s dick was the apparent influence it had on his brother. And T La Rock’s influence on both LL and Kool Keith is unquestionable. At what exact point did Moe Dee go from the Yoda example to be emulated in the dreams of all emcees to the Sith Lord who must be destroyed at all costs to save the universe? Sorry for the Stars Wars ref. I know it’s mad corncheese but it seems to apply…

Comment by Murgatroid 03.04.08 @

I saw Treacherous Three two summers ago @ an out door Festival in Chicago and they ripped it!! They all had good breath control and got the crowd hyped!! Kool Moe was even inviting groupies back stage!! It was pretty Ill!!

Comment by Marc Davis 03.04.08 @

busy bee sed…oh shit!!!!!then he sed thats why im on his dick….ay yo..

Comment by mercilesz 03.04.08 @

damn busy bee back in ’em days coulda pass for mos def!!!

Comment by dj blendz 03.05.08 @

that’s more like it…this shows why moe dee was waaay more than beat street and wild wild west!
Great post!

Comment by danny dann 03.05.08 @

this is why the internet was created.

Comment by 456 03.06.08 @

LL destroying Moe Dee was the revenge of the Busy Bee rapper. The party rapper rose again, stronger, angrier after its obliteration. In LL, it evolved and took on traits from the Master of Ceremony/Moe Dee prototype but still maintains its primary values: money, hoes, clothes.

Comment by 456 03.06.08 @

ll was 3 years too late….marley saved his career…juice crew used to have their way with ll……how many years was moe dee in the game in 1990?…..i cant stand when people diss the originators of this shit.

Comment by mercilesz 03.06.08 @

that video was fresh…hadn’t seen that one…that battle is one of the best moments in hip hop—period

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 03.15.08 @

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