Great Moments In Rap Pt. 2 – Kane and G Rap Head To Head

Another snippet from the Dr. Butcher sessions, detailing what could be argued is the greatest “unofficial” rap song ever recorded.

Robbie: It seems like even G Rap and Kane had a friendly rivalry.

Dr. Butcher: Absolutely! I’m sure you’ve heard the version of ‘Raw’ with G Rap and Kane freestylin’ on it. The story behind that record is – G Rap, right after he did the record he came and got me and said ‘Yo Drew, listen to the this’. What it was is that Kane had a girl in the studio, and G was like ‘Yo, I think Kane was tryin’ to impress the girl. He was workin’ on ‘Raw’ and G was just hangin’ out in the studio, and he was like ‘Yo, you wanna do something real quick?’ and G was like ‘Sure’. I think Kane had just wrote his verse, so he had a fresh, hot little verse that he wanted to spit – I think to impress the girl that was in the studio – so he did his verse, and he didn’t know that G had this monsterous verse sittin’ there waitin’ for him! [laughs] So he finished his verse, then G walked in the booth and did his verse and Kane just sat there like…he just couldn’t believe what G had just did. I know Marley was happy, ‘cos right after it hit the radio waves! [laughs] He wants the new hotness! It was funny, G was just like ‘Yo, I just had to show him. He thought he was gonna catch me off guard, but I was ready for him. I had a crazy, crazy verse in the stash.’ Like you said, it was a friendly rivalry. Kane’s a really, really good dude. They always got along. G never had a bad word to say about Kane. It’s no different than Jay-Z‘s and Biggie Smalls‘ rivalry. People think them two dudes was just the best of friends, but traveling with Jay I’ve heard many conversations of like when they were doing the ‘Brooklyn’ song, how they was like ‘Yo Jay, you better tear Biggie up!’ It was a serious rivalry! It wasn’t all about ‘Yo, that’s me dude’ – them dudes were goin’ at each other! But it was in a friendly way. God rest Biggie and all, but when he was gone, Jay just went and took that spot. They was waitin’ for the spot.

Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap – “Raw (original demo version)”

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dope story

Comment by mercilesz 03.19.08 @

He says, “in the studio.” But I always envisioned that taking place in Marley’s crib in Queens on a quarter-inch reel-to-reel sixteen track set up in the kitchen or something… does anybody know the exact location of that recording? If it was an actual studio, what was the name of it? Just curious yo??? excalibur moment of two greats..

Comment by Connie Clendenin 03.19.08 @

Legendary joint by two of the best that ever did it. Imagine if Rakim was hanging out with Kane and G Rap that day… Marley would have had a heart attack!!

Comment by bronxbred 03.19.08 @

Kool G Rap kills it.

Comment by End Level Boss 03.20.08 @

I Love this website. Kane straight up bit Kool G’S style.

Comment by C Style 03.20.08 @

yeah imagine….ha ha…Rakim could never get with either of these guys and never had a battle so u know…..imagine like the beatles

Comment by mercilesz 03.20.08 @

it was at Marley’s house, but where in Marley’s house?

Comment by Jeff my name is jeff 03.20.08 @

dont start them too guys up niggas because they’re both bad with a mic

Comment by kenneth 04.03.08 @

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