Kool Moe Dee vs. LL Cool J

Rounding of the look at songs going at Kool Moe Dee is impossible without the contributions of LL Cool J. For anyone not familiar with this epic war of words, Moe took shots at LL for what he saw as biting his style. Not only did he attack LL verbally, but his album cover spelled it out for everyone who crammed to understand. The result was some of the finest dis records ever made. Although the put-downs were not confined to just the songs that follow, these are the main tracks in the conflict.

Kool Moe Dee – “How Ya Like Me Now”

LL Cool J – “Jack The Ripper”

Kool Moe Dee – “Let’s Go”

LL Cool J – “To Da Break of Dawn”

Kool Moe Dee – “Death Blow”

Who won?

  • LL Cool J (58%, 89 Votes)
  • Kool Moe Dee (29%, 45 Votes)
  • A dead heat (13%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 154

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murdergram is probably my favorite even though it doesn’t go super directly on Moe Dee but it’s obvious still who hes aiming at, mostly my favorite because the beat marley laced is so venomous

Comment by flow 03.03.08 @

LL still has a career and released a few decent tracks even in to the mid 90s.

Kool Moe Dee had nothing after Funkee Funkee Wisdom.

And years later, which LP has the most songs in my iTunes library? Mama Said Knock You Out at 2, Funkee Funkee Wisdom at 0. LL made the entire Radio LP, Jinglin’ Baby, Boomin’ System, Bigger and Deffer. Man, those were LPs and singles I played to death as a kid.

Kool Moe Dee? I liked Go See the Doctor, Wild Wild West, and I Go to Work. None of his LPs got regular rotation though. LL’s first four got heavy rotation by me though.

Comment by haroon 03.03.08 @

Yeah, I have to begrudgingly say that Cool J won that war of words. Moe Dee was getting at him, but I think when ‘Jack the Ripper’ dropped, J’s verses coupled with that beat was just too much for the old(er) guard to bear. It might even have been better for Moe if he JUST HAD SOME HOTTER BEATS!!! ‘Let’s Go’ just sonically sounds corny. Holla.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 03.03.08 @

Unfortunately I have to admit that LL is the winner. However Kool Moe Dee was a superior rapper, but he came at LL too late.

Comment by antipop 03.03.08 @

Don’t forget the actual song momma said knock you out.. that ended it totally for Moe and launched LL back to being one of the top rappers.

Comment by bbatson 03.03.08 @

To The Break of Dawn is such a dope track; LL took out Moe, Hammer and Ice T with one song.

Comment by End Level Boss 03.03.08 @

I really enjoyed Moe Dee’s “Let’s Go” where he used a ton of LL meanings, but without a shadow of a doubt, LL was the victor in the war of words.

I wonder what Kool Moe Dee does these days, he did have his time.

Comment by Jaz 03.03.08 @

L won because of the beats, lyrically he did’nt do anything but rhyme on beat. Moe Dee’s beats, delivery and style were dated(even back then). L’s budget and taste in beats won this one. he needs to hang it up like moe, tho.

Comment by finah111 03.03.08 @

LL had superior productions,hands down.But lyrically it was Moe dee’s battle,LL had Shan to thank for his”re-birth”,it was(Shan)falling out with Marley Marl,that resulted in LL inheriting all those tracks for”Mama said..,but,”To the break of dawn,was clever,or as clever as Moe spitting all those L’s on”Let’s go”.

Comment by Roger Jones 03.03.08 @

Till the break a dawn deaded everything……..That diss on Ice-T is straight heat too ” You little Hip Hop racoon ‘…….hahah.. L.L. took Moe Dee out the game in my opinion, and he never fully recovered…………But nuff respect to Kool Moe Dee, for his contributions, he definelty put it down in his era………………..These days Kool Moe is writting books……check out his latest “God On the Mic “……..

Comment by shamz 03.04.08 @

LL won that battle, if you ask me. He’s so gay these days, but LL in the 80s and early 90s was a monster when he wanted to be.

Comment by Mike G 03.05.08 @

Moe Dee destroyed LL on Death Blow. LL has(d) skills, unquestionable, but Moe Dee was undeniably more direct in callin’ LL out. LL’s dis tracks were aimed at Moe Dee, but to the average listener, those tracks can be taken as very general, and not unlike any other “braggadocio” rap song. When you hear “Let’s Go”, or, “Death Blow”, you KNOW that LL Cool J is being ripped to shreds. LL didn’t attack directly. The same can be said with the brief Canibus/Wycleff/LL debacle.

Great string of posts, though. Really. Is LL next?

Comment by phantomfoetus 03.07.08 @

Those Teddy Riley beats definitley crimped Kool Mo Dee’s style. LL Hands down.

Comment by brock 03.11.08 @

Ra went at it with LL too on No Omega. Infact a post about Ra’s battle on wax catalog would be an interesting topic in itself(the whole James Brown, Ultra, LL, Kane, EPMD, Gangstarr thing)

Comment by brock 03.11.08 @

Kool Moe Dee as many have stated won many battles. But LL through superior production won the war. Moe Dee’s contribution to hip hop however can’t and must not be forgotten…..Rock on Moe Dee

Comment by Blkdog 03.19.08 @

wow….like i sed be4…marleys beats 3 YEARS LATER does not mean ll won anything….how can u compare 1990 to 1987? thats a joke

Comment by mercilesz 03.20.08 @

Moe Dee’s production wasn’t great, but lyrically he buried LL…

Comment by Mike Diack 10.03.09 @

It’s a shame that most of you think LL won because of production, because Moe Dee was serving his ass all over the place. If LL did win, it was because of factors like bigger budgets, momentum, more airplay, rapping for bitches, and dummies who listen to tracks instead of lyrics.

Comment by jizzy 10.14.09 @

LL won. Good battle, but LL is a millionaire and Kool Moe is sweeping up at Wendy’s. That is how you tell who won

Comment by Bob Carson 06.08.10 @

Roger Jones
Mike Diack

The ONLY people here with sense!

I read all your other comments and the reasons you have for saying LL Cool J beat Kool Moe Dee are just downright stupid. You clowns don’t know anything about Rap battles. You probably got MTV or VH1 on right now.

Bob Carson’s dumb ass says because LL is a “millionaire”. Bob, LL did movies, books, TV, albums, and a clothing line. THAT’S why he’s a “millionaire”. If Moe Dee had battled Will Smith, your stupid ass would be saying the same thing, idiot.

Blkdog, Brock, Mike G, finah111, Fosterakahunter,
It’s not a battle of producers and rappers. That’s why it’s called a RAP BATTLE, not a PRODUCER & RAPPER battle. I mean, wouldn’t that mean that Marley & Teddy were also feuding? Huh idiots? RAP = LYRICAL.

Jaz LL “won the war of words”? Words = Lyrics. You obviously know nothing about that.
Moe Dee fired direct shots using LL’s name. LL vaguely talked about Moe Dee. Furthermore, LL didn’t even mention Moe Dee by name.

antipop your just as dumb as Jaz’s gay ass. KMD didn’t “come too late”. M S K Y O was in 1990. F F W was 91, stupid. You must actually be “antirap” because you don’t know jack about it.

bbatson and shamz, disses never killed anyone’s career, it’s Kool Moe Dee not softening himself to appeal to the pop audence like LL Cool J did to keep selling albums.

haroon, LL still has a career because of what i just mentioned. But for your idiotic ass, they were having a “battle of the careers” it was LYRICS.

End Level Boss Took Moe Dee, Ice and Hammer out with one song? You wouldn’t even know who he was talking to if you didn’t know of the situation. Moe Dee killed, Ice T just slapped him. another dumb ass you are.

flow, you don’t know sh*t from shinola either.

Comment by RealHipHopHead 06.23.10 @

I’m not even going to give this arrogant loser the time of day and mention how stupid how he is and how hard of a time he has ACTUALLY reading what people say, if he is a RealHipHopHead then Hip Hop is in trouble, I have a feeling I know who this idiot is.

Comment by Jaz 06.29.10 @

oh and dumbass War of the words is a figure of speech, it was another way of saying they battled through lyrics, are you that stupid?

Comment by Jaz 06.29.10 @

Kool Moe Dee took a couple of L’s when he went up against Cool J … so what! It’s no big deal. Every dog has his day.

Comment by brockdee 07.01.10 @

Kool Moe Dee won the lyrical battle without a doubt. But as far as career LL can’t be touched.

Comment by errndog 06.10.11 @

My opinion LL Cool J won. Most people from the streets of Chicago say LL won. Hardcore hip hop listeners from New York I talked to say LL won. It is what it is, props to Kool Moe Dee for his contributions to hip hop, LL Cool J is undeniably one of if not hip hop’s biggest legends on all levels (lyrically and the beats)..

Comment by Daddymac10 07.22.12 @

Moe Dee definitely won the battle. LL had the better career. LL didn’t win the battle because of his long career. Look what cannibus did to LL

Comment by Double D 07.04.15 @

L lost

Comment by RBi 07.06.15 @

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