Revenge Of The Rap Videos Volume 3
Friday March 21st 2008,
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“Do my big (door) knockers turn you on, baby?”

silent minority comes through with another ten video downloads for everyone who’s sick of muddy YouTube clips. I’ve taken the liberty to add some snarky commentary in italics.

Further photographic evidence that the sun really does shine out of The Ruler’s ass.

Slick Rick – Hey Young World

I was reading a Cormega interview where he mentioned he has to play this track at least 5 times or
something. Had to laugh, seeing as I’ve literally worn-out tapes through playing this.

Chick: “Yo, is that Nas over there and shit?” Sosa: “Oh word? I mean eff that dude!”

AZ – Problems

Great video, I have a feeling the concept has been done before but not this well, at least not
in hip-hop. Ask yourself, which one are you?

The fellas pile into Dru Ha‘s van for another White Castle run.

Fab 5 – Blah

Got to say, out of all the mid-90’s East Coast resurgence, of the street oriented crews these guys
had a lot of positivity in their music, if you dug deep enough.
Rock and Starang smash this track. Sean Price gets all the shine today but I remember thinking
at that time that nobody would want to mess with Rock, unless they were INSANE.

Would you buy a used ostrich from this man?

Public Enemy – Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

I got a letter from the government, the other day……

Where I live, there’s advertisements popping up saying, ‘Does your neighbour look suspicious? He could be a terrorist, call this
number, we’ll decide for you’.
I remember something like that happened in Austria, or was it Germany? What’s next, Bush Youth and Gordon Brown Youth movements?

“Watch me stick my whole fist into my mouth! It’s an awesome party trick!”

Jungle Brothers ft. De La Soul – How Ya Want It (Remix)

Too bad Q-Tip isn’t in the video version.

Kelis and Nas in ten years?

Grandmaster Melle Mel – White Lines

The coke without the cola, energy and fuel for homo-thugs everywhere.

Uh oh, looks like God’s Son got yapped for his chain again.

Nas feat. R. Kelly – Street Dreams (Remix)

Thinking back, Nas caught a lot of flack for this remix but lyrically, it was deep. Flow was practically flawless.

Back from a shopping spree at Stezo‘s “Just Denim”.

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – T.R.O.Y.

If hip-hop really is dead, let’s reminisce.

I think hip-hop is most probably alive, but that crystal pimping crack ish is on life support. What’s next?
I doubt anyone in power will let another Public Enemy be created, so it’s most likely the Daisy Age again. I can live with that.

More than likely, rap will not be used and it’ll be rock or dance to keep the kids captivated again.
Rap’s been pimped out, but who put the HO in hip-hop?

Some minor “down-blouse” action for all you rain-coaters.

Mary J Blige feat. Nas – Love Is All We Need

Best R&B/Rap track after the Jody Watley/Rakim track, besides the Mary J./Tek N Steele.

Chick: “I can’t believe I agreed to be in this one-hit wonders video and he made me bring my own sweatsuit”.

Ahmad- Back In The Day

Back in the days, I used to wish I was older……..

No homo.

Skee-Lo – I Wish

When every clan and mob were going on champagne, crack-fueled binges, this dude came with some honesty. It’s appreciated.
Hate all you want, this track is dope.

All is forgiven for that Skee-Lo joint.

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh – Live

Another Rick The Ruler presentation.

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Hey Young World is perfect. UTFO should have broke up after this came out, shit maybe they did?. I can’t believe Sublime didn’t and Gwen Stefani or some dancehall bloke hasn’t covered (stolen) it. “And if you smoke crack… your kids’ll smoke crack tomorrow”

Comment by Connie Clendenin 03.21.08 @

hey young world is one of the best songs ever…he soulda did a video for moment i feared(that song is better than childrens story) and if he wasnt in jail he shoulda did a video for runaway on the next lp….just a thought

Comment by mercilesz 03.21.08 @

oh and lost boys alredy stole it

Comment by mercilesz 03.21.08 @

I think I played “Hey Young World” literally a million times since it came out in ’88, even my mom knows the words to the song, one of my favorite of all time…

Comment by MAAD 03.21.08 @

Me too! Hey Young World was always my favorite, and I dig the fact that Slick Rick was on all the vocals, singing and rapping with himself.
Sidebar: …but I wanted a video for “Mona Lisa” so bad.

Comment by DOC SAMSON 03.22.08 @

Wow, I didn’t even know there was a video for Hey Young World!!!!

Anyway–I always found it amusing that Ahmad was rapping about ‘back in the day’ when he was only 18.

Comment by Finally 03.24.08 @

Damn, Robbie you killed it! I would most definitely not buy a used ostrich, perhaps a mint condition 90s pure-bred one……….

God’s step son has had mad shit jacked-just the stories don’t come out.

He likes ‘Robbing foreigners…rip they green cards…’

Peace to Robbie, best HipHop site EVUH, and peace to BBatson-just say the magic word………..

Comment by silent minority 03.28.08 @

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