Understanding The Bridge In 08

Sometime back in 2005 I did a write-up on the various remakes of “The Bridge”, not realizing that the saga was far from over. Come to think of it, dudes will be covering Shan‘s anthem for as long as Queensbridge breeds dope rappers (forever). Who better than Sha Lumi to drop the 2008 version, with former Screwball member Hostyle and former Tragedy associate Imam THUG? You want more Screw? Here’s Poet and Lumi over a Thoro Tracks winner. “Blackin Understanding” was originally intended for Killa Sha‘s album, and considering it’s one of his finest solo shots it defies logic as to why it didn’t make the cut. Sha also did a “borough check” cut with Raekwon‘s #1 Fan – Shyheim – a couple of years ago, and to round things out we finish with the a Luminati mixtape freestyle.

Killa Sha feat. Hostyle & Imam THUG – “Bridge 08”

Blaq Poet, Killa Sha, Shabaam Shaadeq & Phantasm – “Grimey Niggaz”

Killa Sha – “Blackin Understanding”

Killa Sha & Shyheim – “Staten Island To Queensbridge”

Killa Sha – “Grimey Way Freestyle”

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“Blackin Understanding” should have been on the album for sure. I’ve had an mp3 of it for a minute, but I can’t remember where I found it. Great track and another dope QB post.

Comment by Eons 03.17.08 @

I always like extra Sha, Poet and IMAN, etc., thanks kiko! stayin’ current with the bridge is a must…

Comment by Murgatroid 03.17.08 @

P.S. It’s IMAM Thug.

Comment by Eons 03.17.08 @

Yep yep, big upz Robbie, you’ve put me onto some more dope Killa Sha material I didn’t know about. That ‘Blackin Understanding’ is ILL! As for ‘Bridge 08’ daaaamnn. Sha’s a demon, fully repping the Bridge with that grimey shit that we all love. 1nce again respek for this R…

1. Disorda.

P.S. Yeah I though it was IMAM too? By the way look out for Leicester, UK producer Ed209, coming with a 12″ feat.IMAM Thug ‘Karma360’… HEAT…

Comment by Disorda 03.18.08 @

Not only is it Imam, but I put the wrong part in caps.

Comment by Robbie 03.18.08 @

That Karma360 joint on Ed’s myspace page is really good. 12″ says it’s limited to 500. Hope manage to get my grimey mits on one.

Comment by Eons 03.18.08 @

I dunno, these rappers and their silly names and spellings!
We’ll be getting stock of the Ed209 joint in stock at http://www.suspect-packages.com for sure… Big tune alert.

Comment by Disorda 03.19.08 @

Shan was right, I “love to hear the story again and again….”

Comment by Connie Clendenin 03.19.08 @

Could you up The Bridge ’94?

Comment by Tray 03.25.08 @

Dope… More Sha!

Comment by siderealist 03.25.08 @

YES my 1st UNKUT comment :)

Truth, Hunger, Understanding and Growth!

Blackin’ is hands down amazing – as it ‘The Captain’ which was on K-Sha’s myspace for a minute – it came out on the Tragedy’s Death of Tragedy CD as ‘Mindstate’ – gotta thank Ivory for pointing me at those joints. Those 2 joints alone made last year.

Fans of Imam need to check the Across the Planet joint he did with the P. Bros … fyre!

Props Dis.
Props Eon.

( my 12 is running on ‘hip hop time’ and will more likely be out in April! )

Comment by ED209˚ 03.26.08 @

daaaaaaaaaaaaamn it, beaten by everyone to mention Ed’s new tune with Imam. Can’t wait for the wax Ed, it’s up on last weeks radio show if anyone wants to check it. Thanks again Robbie for putting up more dopeness

Comment by Cro 03.26.08 @


6 or so years back when my MPC was shiny this Bridge soundclash got spewed. Its recorded too loud, out of time and rough as a rock rasp but to me its ‘never again-ness’ reminds me of the first days of the sheer excitement of ‘making beats’ – a bit like watching ET and getting on a BMX for the first time!

Comment by ED209˚ 03.30.08 @

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