Bol Censored Again
Wednesday April 02nd 2008,
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Miss Info demonstrates journalistic integrity at it’s finest

It’s always interesting how companies like Harris Publications love to be attached to “good” controversy if it helps sell magazines or get site views, but as soon as someone crosses that proverbial line in the sand and makes “upsetting” comments about T.I.’s or Asian radio dames it’s a case of “Post? What post?”. Seems that Byron Crawford‘s expert analysis of the bungled Max B “When Weed Carriers Get Attacked” incident from Friday has gone the way of Father MC‘s career:

Original Post: Yes, I *am* a publicist!

Official XXL “Rumor” Story: Was Max B Shot During An Attempted Robbery?

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I don’t get the point of the caption ? How taking a picture with an artist is hurting her integrity ?

Comment by SLurg 04.02.08 @

There’s “taking a picture with someone” and then there’s “taking a picture all over someone”. She’s sticking to the Dirt Angel like white on rice.

Comment by Robbie 04.02.08 @

Jeeeez, get a grip. The photo looks pretty harmless to me. She’s like a foot and a half shorter than him, so of course they have to get that tight.

Comment by Marc Oz 04.02.08 @

Have to agree with with Marc and SLurg on this one. Picture looks fine to me and she’s a gossip journalist anyway – there’s really not much in the way of integrity as far as that field goes to begin with.

Comment by ian 04.02.08 @

“there’s really not much in the way of integrity as far as that field goes to begin with”

^ That’s what I was getting at. I wasn’t accusing the broad of giving out “happy endings” or anything. That would be wrong…right?

Comment by Robbie 04.02.08 @

Miss Info is a friend of mine so I’m not objective, but I gotta agree you’re really reaching on this one.. that’s the standard picture everyone takes.

I agree it’s weird the post was taken down, though.

Comment by Jay Smooth 04.02.08 @

I can appreciate Lord Byron’s rants sometimes but honestly the dude just sounds like a whiny bitch half the time.

Comment by A 04.02.08 @

You need to get laid, my friend.

Comment by Marc Oz 04.02.08 @

Amazing what a reaction a snarky caption can get you these days, huh?

Yeah, calling Miss Info a “journalist” is a bit of stretch now that I think about it.

Comment by Robbie 04.02.08 @


Comment by Marc Oz 04.02.08 @

The only time I’ve enjoyed Miss Info was when she “watched” 2 girls, 1 cup. That was her one and only journey into real journalism.

Comment by Don D. 04.02.08 @

yum yum yum…miss info. I couldn’t care less about her credibility–she’s a gossip writer. That’s not journalism–and I don’t think she claims otherwise. At least she’s hot! Unlike the alleged publicist from the Bol incident.

Comment by Finally 04.02.08 @

She’s not hot, but let me get this straight… Jim Jones and his weedcarrying hook singer have some pseudo “beef.” JJ’s friend in radio spreads a fake rumor about w.c.’s being shot to discredit wc? Is that what Bol’s saying?

Comment by Tray 04.02.08 @

someone definately needs to censor the heinous insinuations in that caption immediately.

I was just wondering does her little singlet have “screw-me” written on it? Cant… quite… make it out.

Comment by gx 04.02.08 @

From Byron Crawford’s blog re: publicist

“She looks like she might have a little Asian in her, but in a bad way”

that made me laugh :)
( should I say LOL even )

Comment by ED209˚ 04.02.08 @

“Yeah, calling Miss Info a “journalist” is a bit of stretch now that I think about it.”
LOL, harsh but very true

i guess its not really a surprise xxlmag did this, they are run by the TI’s, and they run covers with lil wayne on them. What credibility is there to challenge?

Comment by Liam 04.03.08 @

“XXL called me and wanted to apologize about your post about me. And that is why you can no longer find it on XXL. They pulled it.”

^ A comment this “publicist” left at Bol’s site.

Comment by Robbie 04.03.08 @

Robbie, keep your caption as it is.

Rap music is getting more and more WWF by the day. Fuck these no-name rappers, weed carriers, and gossip radio bitches. Most of the radio idiots are getting their ‘exclusive’ news from bossip, crunktastical, and rhymeswithsnitch anyway.

*goes back to listening to Chronicles Of The Juiceman*

Comment by A to the L 04.03.08 @

She’s true to her name … what’s to debate?

Miss Dapoint & Miss Represent’s blogs are the source though!

Comment by ED209˚ 04.04.08 @

fun fuckin party though… just look at the funk flex branding, look at JJ’s belt, the teal hat, sensory woah, nah fuck it my click doesn’t really get down like….

Comment by Mike Lavonia the storeowner 04.04.08 @

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