More Nas Inspirations

You didn’t think the NYOIL song is the first time that Nas has taken inspiration from an underground song, did you?

Organized Konfusion – “Stray Bullet”

Nas – “I Gave You Power”

Pharoahe Monch – “When The Gun Draws”

^ This was from last year. A subliminal “eff you” to S. Carter‘s lil’ buddy?

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“stray bullet” has always been a personal favourite of mine – monch’s performance on there is arguably one of the most perfectly executed verses in rap history in my humble opinion – i remember having a debate with a friend at the time nas’s “it was written” dropped about the similarities between “stray bullet” and “I gave you power” – i guess there’s a fine line between being inspired and biting.

Comment by Ryan P 04.23.08 @

nas bit stray bullet. stray bullet came out way earlier and nas and monche hung a round basically the same circle of people at that time so there is no way nas can say he didnt hear organzied 1st.

Comment by mercilesz 04.23.08 @

Seeing as Monch was at Nas’HHID album release party and knows him personally and even has as yet unrelease collabo that was meant to be on Streets Disciple, I dont think he was dissing Nas.

I always figured he was updating stray bullet when he release When the Guns are drawn.

lol@ Robbie’s hate for Nas. Fall back.

Comment by Prophecy_Projectz 04.23.08 @

I personally have always seem Stray Bullet as the inspiration for “I Gave You Power” but Nas’ does things like make the gun manic-depressive and gives the story a dramatic arc that isn’t necessarily present in Monche’s version.

And for the matter, Pac bit “Stray Bullet” too for “Me & My Girlfriend.”

Comment by DocZeus 04.23.08 @

Monch obviously wasn’t going at Nas, but it’s ignoring the fact that “I Gave You Power” was ever made, on some “I can flip the same shit and make it hotter”.

Comment by Robbie 04.23.08 @

Songs with rappers rapping about shooting guns > songs with rappers rapping about being guns.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 04.23.08 @

Hell yeah Nas bit…oopps, I mean was “inspired” by OK’s Stray Bullet. That has always been part of the emcee game, being “inspired” by other great emcees and putting your spin on a given subject. All them joints are official.

Comment by bronxbred 04.23.08 @

photos a pisser

Comment by gx 04.23.08 @

when i interviewed prince po and asked him about the stray bullet/i gave you power deal a few years ago he didn’t seem at all upset about. he said he didn’t expect nas to cite them as an inspiration for the track, but that they knew they did the concept first. seemed like he took it as a form of flattery.

Comment by 20/20Proof 04.23.08 @

“seemed like he took it as a form of flattery.”
interesting, though I guess Nas could of at least put something in the liner notes or mentioned it in an interview, looks a bit weak otherwise

Comment by Liam 04.24.08 @

you could add organized’s “invetro”, too, as it seems to be an inspiration for nas’ “fetus”. at least he’s using the same perspective as monch & po.

Comment by max power 04.24.08 @

yeah max…my man was sayin that…oh and stray bullet was out when illmatic was out.

Comment by mercilesz 04.24.08 @

hidin weed inside they pussy with they minds on the pretty thangs in life, props is a true thug’s wife…

Comment by Dankweed 04.24.08 @


Nas songs are better then any of these dudes anyway, life is inspiring, and theres billions of people in the world so the fact that his concepts are similar dont make him a biter…..they are different and executed better then the original dudes anyway

Nas wrote I Gave You Power when he was 20 years old….so fuck off

and NYOIL cant compete to what Nas did on his track, actually NYOIL bit the concept from South Park so he need to go eat a dick fast

Comment by CHuckD 04.24.08 @

This is why New York hip hop will NEVER EVER be on top again. You niggas hate each other too much. What’s wrong with a person hearing a song and saying, “hey let me flip that in my own way”. That’s pretty much the foundation of hip hop, correct. How many times have we her “Impeach the President” flipped. Y’all talking about this dude like he just bit someone song completely. I always thought biting was a word for word robbery. That ain’t the case here. Why am I even wasting my keystrokes, you niggas will probably discredit this because I misspelled a word or didn’t congegate a verb or some other gay shit. Kill yourself, so everyone else live.

Comment by Malcolm Xavier 04.24.08 @

If you go by this sentiment then damn near every rapper is a biter. i heard stray bullet way before i gave you power came out and you couldn’t think about i gave you power without it. but they all inspire each other. how many people bit “one love?” shit, how many people adjusted their whole style based on illamtic? Did kane bite dougie fresh with ain’t no half steppin? did wu bite juice crew? was ready to die a straight jack of live and let die by kool g rap?(hell yeah for that last one!) the point is, it’s a pool of ideas and everyone is inspired by everyone else. there’s nothing wrong with that.That makes them all better. one last one…did “I know” bite “baltimore love thing?” ok i’m done

Comment by bgman0600 04.25.08 @

we was at the candy factory breakin the locks

Comment by Dankweed 04.25.08 @

Ehhhh… biting, schmiting.

Those were two songs of a similar subject, done from different angles. And yeah, being inspired by something IS entirely different from biting something. If that’s not the case, then I guess everyone in hip-hop have bitten at some point. Hey, let’s all travel way back in the day to the first rapper who ever made a song about how dope he is- that means every rapper that’s ever made a song about how dope they are BIT his shit! Or how bout the first rapper to ever rhyme about money? Or the first to rhyme about a girl? It would be absurd to try and insinuate that every person’s “original” idea is theirs to keep and never to be improved upon or at least done from a different perspective. I’m not even one of Nas’ biggest fans, but this is just hypocrisy- it’s a little less ridiculous than the NYOil comparison, but still ridiculous nonetheless.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 04.25.08 @

No Idea is orginal under the sun.

Comment by Wetaka 04.26.08 @

I think the bottomline here is that when Monch dropped the “Stray Bullet” idea, it was a fresh idea. When Nas dropped “I Gave You Power”, it was no longer a fresh idea since Monch had already rocked the idea first. Same goes with the Invetro-Fetus tracks. I listen to Raekwon’s skit about Biggie and Nas, and laugh at the irony.

Comment by Brock 04.26.08 @

I remember when “Stray Bullet” came out and I remember when “I Gave you Power” came out and I didn’t hear a big uproar of biting all I remember how disappointed people were in IWW and how “I Gave You Power” was one the best songs on the album I didn’t think biting when I heard it probably because I thought “I Gave You Power” was better and Stray Bullet was a dope song and Organized had four or five better songs on that album

Comment by Ron 04.26.08 @

My problem with Organized Konfusion was that while Monch was usually dropping high calibre shit, Prince Poetry always came with some sub-standard verses that always failed to make an impact. Extinction Agenda was an awesome album though just on the strength of those Monch verses alone.

Comment by Brock 04.27.08 @

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