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Internet soldiers: Your boy is back. That’s right, it’s YN. Text a friend to text a friend. And thanks to the homie Robbie Ettelson, we got a special thing goin’ on. It’s called Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 1 – aka 16 tracks of feminine fire that my Australian mate and I cooked up through hip-hop anecdote–filled AIM exchanges. That’s right, we picked it and we can back it up later as we explain to you smart dumb cats why all these cuts made the cut. Now, I know the question you inquiring asses are asking yourselves: Why are we blessing you masses with these audio classics? Well as usual YN’s got some shit to hawk. (Aaron Pryor Forever!)

Yup, the former heavyweight champ of hip-hop journalism is back on your idiot box. The ego trip crew who brought you John Brown and Persia are back with ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme. If you haven’t heard by now, it’s an all-female rap reality show that’ll really knock your socks off. Catfights? CK! Lesbo action? CK! Heart, passion, and flashes of true lyrical skills? Triple check.

Now I don’t know what continent you scuff your Timbs on, but it airs on VH1 tonight at 10pm EST (That’s Eastern Standard Time, not the Acknickulous One from the land of the cheese steaks). So in closing, that’s simply what the business is. Listen to some good music this afternoon and watch my show this evening. Shit, it don’t cost you nothing. Nada-nada-nada-not-a-damn-thing. Both things are Free like the big-booty lady who used to be on BET. Who says Monday’s suck?

Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 1

Elliott Wilson – “YN’s Intro”

Robbie: Chea!

Salt-N-Pepa – “My Mic Sounds Nice”

YN: The Queens from Queens are the blueprint, you babble-on bitches.

Robbie: Salt could’ve gotten it, back then and now. Pepa was pretty much the black Xena.

Antoinette – “I Got An Attitude”

YN: You had me at “orally potent, lethal but steady”.

Robbie: Don’t forget that she’s “bodily vivacious and vocally gracious/Antoinette’s put together in all the right places”. Woah.

Sweet Tee – “It’s Like That Y’all”

YN: Makes me wanna 2 step and I can’t dance.

Robbie: Guaranteed to turn any casual social gathering into a world-class shindig.

MC Lyte – “Survival of the Fittest”

YN: Too dope for a rap compilation.

Robbie: It was weird how sometimes she looked messed-up and other times she was kinda hot.

Queen Latifah – “Wrath of My Madness”

YN: I vomited in my mouth when Lil Kim dared to recreate this.

Robbie: Notice we didn’t use the Premier remix? Mark’s original recipe stays winning.

Queen Mother Rage – “Slipping Into Darkness.”

YN: I went from half Black to a 100% by the time the song ended.

Robbie: I transformed from albino to a swarthy olive complexion in just over five minutes.

Hurricane G – “Milky”

YN: Can’t listen to this without your screwface.

Robbie: This broad is so bad she’s almost good. Plus her friend is kinda fresh.

Lil’ Kim – “Big Mama Thang” (Original)

YN: Pac gets poked so does anyone wonder who wrote this one?

Robbie: K.I.M. informs us that her “personal lubrication” skills are unmatched.

Roxanne Shante – “Big Mama” (Large Professor Remix)

YN: Hot, cool and vicious.

Robbie: Shante totally murks every one of those “skeezers”.

Yo-Yo – “You Better Ask Somebody”

YN: Our hostess with the mostess fired back.

Robbie: Yo-Yo lost. But she can get a pass since she’s hosting your joint (pause).

Choice – “Payback”

YN: This Southern belle ain’t havin’ it.

Robbie: Willie D cements his G.O.A.T. status by penning a diss record that even targets himself for the Burt Reynolds of chick rap.

Finesse & Synquis – “Fatal Beauty”

YN: The soul sisters enter the Ultra chamber.

Robbie: They must’ve double-teamed Ced for some of these beats. He “went in” in all meanings of the term.

Heather B – “I Get Wreck”

YN: Fuck a Real World, this is real spit.

Robbie: After claiming that she “didn’t like the feeling of being high” she went on to record a whole album about smoking blunts. Blame Dre.

E-Vette Money – “E-Vette’s Revenge”

YN: Robbie’s my hero for ripping this one.

Robbie: Forget Moe Dee, Ice-T and Canibus – this is the hardest blow that Todd was ever dealt.

Big Ken – “All About The Pussy”

YN: Best female rap name ever.

Robbie: Lil’ Fame gets in touch with his feminine side for this piece of strange.1

Fugees – “Killing Me Softly” (Original)

YN: Sony devils turned this into a straight Roberta Flack cover.

Robbie: Sorry I didn’t listen to the song since I was hypnotized by L-Boogie‘s glorious baps.

Download the complete Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 1

If you’re looking for YN and miss him so much that you need to stay in touch – get your Stan on and social network with him at the following spots below. As my fellow legendary, now-you-see-him-now-you-don’t cat Cameron Giles would say, “I’ll holla!”

YN @ Facebook

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Check back for Volume 2 next Monday….

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  1. 1. Deadwood fans know what I mean.[back]

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no bahamadia ???!?!?!?! dope list but where she at ??

Comment by dolo 04.14.08 @

Yeah, what he said. Plus, why would you even mention Big Ken and not Leshaun OR Champ MC?

Comment by P-Matik 04.14.08 @

That shit was hard body! Lil’ Kim was that bitch.

Comment by DP 04.14.08 @

slick. will have to burn this one for the summer cookouts, forreal.

Comment by khal 04.14.08 @

PS YN got that intro off. that shit sounds better than 50 talkin his shit. great mix!

Comment by khal 04.14.08 @

Excellent selections. This puts to shame the compilation we posted recently. Although leaving out Shorty No Mass is insanity.

Comment by R.H.S. 04.14.08 @

I never liked Bahamadia, her delivery was always type-corny to me. As for Shorty No Mas, she was nice but I can’t think of any of her solo tracks. She might pop-up in Vol. 2 though.

Comment by Robbie 04.14.08 @

Latifah (Wrath OF My Madness) & Lauren Hill (Everything she’s on basically) HANDS DOWN.

Comment by TonY Bones 04.14.08 @

wow…Bahamadia is the best rapper on ur list in terms of flow and Aaron Pryor is still the goat.I got Cinci runnin through these veins.

Comment by mercilesz 04.14.08 @

Where’s Boss on this list… DEEPER & DEEPER

Comment by ED209˚ 04.14.08 @

dope! but robbie you’re never gonna get into the bitch hater club making stuff like this lol

Comment by bbatson 04.14.08 @

Nah y’all, Bahamadia was the truth! One of the tightest lyricists to grace a primo beat. But you forgot Jean Grae and Lady of Rage.

Comment by DOC SAMSON 04.14.08 @

Yo Robbie years ago I heard that”Large professor”Shante remix of “Big Mama”,I remember playing it over and over again,Hands down Shante(and her ghostwriters)gave us a classic diss,she remains the Queen of female emcees in terms of flow,respect to Antoinette,Rage,Heather,and Bahamadia.

Comment by Roger Jones 04.14.08 @

Honorable mentions:
Lady Of Rage
Jean Grae
Apani B. Fly
Left Eye
Sista Soulja

Good work! Waiting on Vol.2


Comment by Question Marc 04.15.08 @

deadwoods the shit.

Comment by gx 04.15.08 @

rofl. apparently ced gee has produced a hiphop album for bill cosby!

Comment by KQ 04.15.08 @

Is Tarrie B gonna be on volume 2?

Good stuff, although the g.o.a.t hag-rap track Afro Puffs is missing.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 04.15.08 @

Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Paula Perry from the 4 building.

Comment by Dankweed 04.15.08 @

Good One. Did somebody ever realised the unbelievable loud smpte Signal in that Finesse & Synquis Song, that Ced Gee did? The Enginneer must have been deaf, or they had to much Fun with some hard Drugs during that Session 😉 Still like the Song. Rick Ski – LSD “The Dope Beat Edition” out now

Comment by Rick 04.15.08 @

I know its getting off-topic but…

Top 10 Female Friendly MCs of All Time

“Thankfully, there are quite a few MCs who still respect the ladies.”

WHERE’S KANE! WHERE’S BIZ! “let me let me turn you on”

Comment by ED209˚ 04.15.08 @


Comment by PURPLE HULK 04.15.08 @

I think Kim actually did write those verses because she also disses Faith. I don’t think Big would have written that, unless he was a real asshole or something.

Comment by randomkid 04.15.08 @

Rah Digga son…

Comment by DJ SOUL 04.16.08 @

Dankweed, you read my mind. That Paula Perry “Extra, Extra” produced by Premo, was a certified banger. MC Lyte’s “Wonder Years” is my joint too, also produced by Premo, deserves a mention.

Comment by bronxbred 04.16.08 @

Word. DJ SOUL got it. Rah Digga definitely needs to be mentioned. Lin Que from Blackwatch.

Comment by esteeminatti 04.16.08 @

What…..No Wee Papa Girl Rappers???????? Damn, YN!

Comment by silent minority 04.17.08 @

isis…nah LIN QUE!
‘let it fall’ is my tune.
and antoinette is killin it.

Comment by swordfish 04.17.08 @

I think a lot of people leave rah digga out cause she’s considered more of a man.

Comment by bbatson 04.17.08 @

^^LOL..she do gotta man’s voice

Comment by dj blendz 04.18.08 @

Pretty tuff list.

The show fucking sucked though. Lowest common denominator bullshit.

Comment by A to the L 04.19.08 @

@ Random Kid. Very much doubt that Lil Kim wrote that joint dissing Faith and Pac. Here’s a link to Biggie spitting the guideline vocal for Queen Bitch:

Given that he wrote that track, you can be pretty sure that he wrote the rest of the album too.

Speaking of ghost writing. Didn’t G Rap write “I’ll Take Your Man” for Salt N Pepa. Plus, Grand Daddy IU wrote that Big Mama joint for Shante.

Personally, IMO it’s all about Lyte and Rage (who is also mysteriously absent). I liked Necessary Roughness. Very slept on album.

Comment by Brock 04.20.08 @

Yo Robbie,any chance you have the MP3 of-Finesse & synquis:Straight From The soul????I have looked everywhere for it,can you help???

Comment by R.Jones 08.05.09 @

does anyone have a pressing of LeShaun’s unreleased album “Ain’t No Shame In My Game?”

Comment by J.Boriqua 09.20.09 @

Thanks for this! Some real gems in here!!! PEace and GOD BLESS

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 10.13.10 @

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