Rap Remakes 3 – Schoolly D
Wednesday April 09th 2008,
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If you’re looking to remake a classic single, you could do a lot worse than Schoolly D‘s “P.S.K.” or “Gucci Time”. It’s fair to say that both songs are the epitome of drum machine rap – loud, abrasive and obnoxious in all the right ways.

Biggie‘s tribute was a welcome moment of grit during his super-slick Life After Death LP, while Prince Paul recruits “Skully B” to kick the ballistics about the joys of earning an honest crust. Danny Diablo, who apparently “has fronted the hardcore bands Crown of Thornz and Skarhead and is known for his heavily tattooed image and his Queens-bred thug lifestyle”, is less successful in recreating the Park Side Killer anthem, despite the assistance of the Lords of Brooklyn. Schoolly also remade his classic for the 1996 Reservoir Dog album, recruiting Chuck D to perform his first verse.

“Gucci Time” was provided with a sequel on the Am I Black Enough For You? album, but despite T L.A.‘s enthusiastic introduction, “Gucci Again” lacks the “speaker smashing” quality of the original. How do you mess up a modern remake of this shit? Get Jim Jones involved! The most offensive part of his version is those retarded keyboards parts over the top of the original beat.

Schoolly D – “P.S.K.”

Prince Paul – “J.O.B.”

Biggie Smalls – “B.I.G. Interlude”

Schoolly D feat. Chuck D – “P.S.K.”

Danny Diablo feat. Lords of Brooklyn – “PSK (Remix)”

Schoolly D – “Gucci Time”

Schoolly D – “Gucci Again”

Jim Jones feat. Stack Bundles – “Lookin’ At The Game”

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Hip Hop producers/mix engineers: there is now a Roland SpaceEcho plug in for ProTools, Live, Logic, etc. so now there is no excuses like, “it’s too hard to find those original continuous analog tape echo machines.” I heartily encourage yall to OVER-USE that shit like EpMD on Strictly. Even though PSK and Gucci were mixed through an orchestral chamber with sheet metal echo plates or some shit. none of those new versions match Master Shake’s orig.

Comment by Dankweed 04.09.08 @

and when the squares tell you all that echo makes your production sound dated say: “P’s for the people who can’t understand!”

Comment by Dankweed 04.09.08 @

^ “…how a lotta echo can improve a jam”.

Comment by Robbie 04.09.08 @

i dont know which is more horrible – the jim jones one or the danny diablo.

nah, actually its jim jones. someone needs to shoot that motherfucker before he rapes any more ears.

Comment by KQ 04.09.08 @

Schoolly knew the time. Classic shit.
I can’t bring myself to listen to Jimmy’s remake but I do enjoy the Biggie & Prince Paul tributes.
J.O.B. is pretty damn funny.

Comment by AaronM 04.09.08 @


Who knew ‘bar’ rhymed with ‘star’ before Jim dropped the crazy abstract skills

voucher … couch(er)..doubt(cher) hahahahaHAHAHA

Comment by ED209˚ 04.09.08 @

jim jones is cool

Comment by mercilesz 04.09.08 @

Schoolly D, one of my all time favorites. What a voice! So many classics. Jim Jones is a joke, who the fuck buys his records?

Comment by End Level Boss 04.09.08 @

Charlie Marotta style!

Comment by Mike Lavonia the storeowner 04.09.08 @

I haven’t heard the D.Diablo track, but Kaves from LOB IS Hip Hop. That dude was paying dues waaaay back. Certified BBoy.

Comment by keatso 04.09.08 @

Schoolly D.Dope. ……Jim Jones.pffffft……..

Comment by CMACKS 04.11.08 @

I heartily encourage yall to OVER-USE that shit like EpMD on Strictly.
‘Don’t worry ’bout a thing, ‘Cause we can do this/(we can do this/we can do this)’. That echo that was so prevalent on those Sleeping Bag Records joints was the SH@T!

Comment by Fosterakahunter 04.12.08 @

yeah echo is dope. i love that shit when Legion was like Awww shit aww shit aww shit

Comment by mercilesz 04.12.08 @

that new Pete Rock/Jim Jones is better than it should be!

that PSK break is a classic though, I heard it was sampled from a Siouxsie & The Banshees tune?

you shoulda posted Masters At Work ‘Justa Lil Dope’ – party break classic!

Comment by step one 04.13.08 @

PSK was pounded out on a drum machine by Schoolly’s fingers as he rapped along and Code cut it up on a third track all recorded at the same time

Comment by Dankweed 04.14.08 @

Yo, I heard Schooly tapped that out and rapped over it in the same take! but I also hear samples in there. The high hats that be hittin’ on the 16th are definitely from Siouxie and the Banshee’s. I didn’t believe it till my man who’s up on ol’ 80’s alternative rock like that played it for me. Simply a genius dig!

Comment by EZ-L 04.18.08 @

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