Craig G with Cormega and Sadat X

From the new Craig G and Marley Marl album Operation: Take Back Hip-Hop.

Craig G feat. Cormega – ‘War Goin’ On’

Craig G feat. Sadat X - ‘Stay In Ya Lane’

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That Stay In Ya Lane chorus sounds like it was recorded on a dictaphone in my bathroom.

Comment by Finally 05.26.08 @

Both songs suck exactly as much as you’d expect from an album called “Operation: Take Back Hip Hop”. Not even an appearance from the Great Dot X can save this turd sandwich.

Comment by Nordy 05.26.08 @

both excellent tunes!!

Comment by mario 05.28.08 @

War goin on is alright. Stay in ya lane is wack.

Comment by gidouble 05.28.08 @

I never liked Craig G.

And Marley’s effort with Kris should’ve been his last time behind the boards.

Dude brought us some super classic shit…just quit it already.

Comment by AFFEX 05.29.08 @

really don’t understand y’all…which 2006/2007/2008 boom-bap hip hop it’s allright???

Comment by mario 05.29.08 @

I sounds okay. I mean just open your ears for a moment a listen and let it grow on you. If it does not…then you can complain.

Comment by RebelM 05.30.08 @

I have stressed my opinion on several sites now about this joint!!! I am displeased more than I am dissapointed!!None of these tracks or the ones on the album move me and I go back I mean way back, and I am all for theold sound and all, but this was straight booty 4 real!! Craig did as well as expected on the lyrical tip however I dig Craig more on the freestyle side of things than his records except the classics Shout , Dropping Science, etc. his two other albums was booty as well but I have heard him get down on the freestyle tip and he got skills!!

I don’t know what Marley was thinking production wise none of the beats moved me not even a nod man!!!I got much love for these cats but I gotta call as i see it and this one should’ve stayed in the basement somewhere with the telling you it was the sh** over a get high!!!Operation take back hip hop I don’t think so!Damn!!!

Comment by olskool4real 06.01.08 @

Its alright, just alright. Not really mind blowing or anything.

Comment by Mike G 06.02.08 @

it ain’t 88 but it’s decent.

Comment by poodle 06.09.08 @

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