Lil’ Fame Production Special
Monday May 19th 2008,
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Fizzy Womack is better than your favorite producer. Dude found a bag of records on the street in the rain and came up with ‘Cold As Ice’. He also made a beat out of the sound of a clip being reloaded. What more could you want? Here’s some of his best freelance work.

AZ – ‘I Am The Truth’

Big Noyd – ‘Back Up In This Bitch’

Cormega feat. Lil Fame – ‘718’

Rakim feat. Lil Fame – ‘I’m Back’

Styles P feat. Kool G Rap – ‘Come One Come All’

Termanology – ‘The Music Business’

Next Up: Fame’s M.O.P material.

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fame is wicked on da tracks.

Comment by swordfish 05.19.08 @

Sick. Whats the deal with the Rakim joint? That here today gone tommorow beat with the click clack and heart beats a classic for sure if thats the aforementioned clip reloading song. Pity about the beats on ghetto warfare though.

Comment by gx 05.19.08 @

Fizzy Wo has been slept on with the beats . G building was crazy man .. thats good to see him doing this thing since they havent put out an lp in ages

Comment by dolo 05.19.08 @

Nice post Robbie! You left out my fave though: Lil Fame’s Top Billin remake for AZ’s “AZ’s Chillen” that beat is an ill tribute to the original and matches its velocity without sounding biter-ish… Cool shit a Lord Finesse/Fizzy Womack (producers who also rap) collaboration would be way sicker than that JayLib shit… one hunnid

Comment by Dankweed 05.19.08 @

its just foreigner on 45

Comment by mercilesz 05.19.08 @

Original to “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” (the clip reload track) is Aaron Neville’s “Tell It Like It Is.” Happened to stumble upon that one day while listening to the 45.

Comment by haroon 05.19.08 @

“its just foreigner on 45”


Comment by Robbie 05.20.08 @


Comment by richdirection 05.20.08 @


Comment by Mike Lavonia the storeowner 05.20.08 @

my point exactly Robbie

Comment by mercilesz 05.20.08 @


Comment by Dankweed 05.20.08 @

“So what?”
“So what? So let’s dance!”
— Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) in Caddy Shack
or however it goes…

Comment by LUKE SICK 05.20.08 @

Wow…I didn’t know he was getting his beats out like that! Defninitely slept on.

I forgot that he produced Ante Up too. Killing it!

P.S. Check for more of your hip-hop fix.

Comment by Jerry Nice 05.20.08 @

is it just me or does dude look like omar ?

Comment by craletap 05.20.08 @

Where’s the love for Suga Dooga? Even though Cam disgraces it, the beat is truly bananas.

Comment by Nemo Burbank 05.20.08 @

D.R. Period produced “Ante up”, suckazzzzzzz

Comment by shamz 05.21.08 @

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