The Search For The Biggest Douchebag In Hipster Rap
Thursday May 29th 2008,
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Who’s to blame for this unfortunate development? NERD made looking gay and yelling “ironic” lyrics hot for a minute, while Missy Elliott made shitty rapping over 808’s all the rage, before Kanye ‘Liberache’ West made fruity sunglasses blow-up…combine them together and you’ve got “Party Rocking”. Let’s take A-Trak‘s description of The Cool Kids when I interviewed him last year:

“Their music sounds like the first Beastie Boys album or old Ice-T from the era of ‘6 N The Morning’, or old NWA. The dudes are, image-wise, all the way street-wear’d out, like on some Hypebeast shit. It’s the bridge between those scenes, but it all sounds effortless.”

Sounds bad, right? But it doesn’t stop there. Lil Mama, MIA, Kid Sister are but three of this new wave of “ironic” rappers who seem hell-bent on achieving new levels of sucking at rapping. Lupe Fiasco and Kidz In The Hall might not get around in Day-Glo smedium tee’s but they still have a gimmicky, calculated vibe to everything they do.

Whether it’s wearing 80’s gear and garish print hoodies, rapping about skateboards and BMX bikes or making songs about nail polish/lip gloss, these wacky young ‘uns are poised to take ‘tarded rap to the next level. Love that robotic repeating chorus trick that everyone does too. Don’t even get me started on all the shitty white rappers from NY that traded in their army pants for tight jeans…

Videos and voting after the jump….

Lil Mama ‘Lip Gloss’:

Kid Sister ‘Pro Nails’:

M.I.A. ‘Paper Planes’:

The Cool Kids ‘Black Mags’:

Kidz In The Hall – ‘Driving Down The Block’:

Lupe Fiasco ‘I Gotcha’:

Who Is The Biggest Hipster Rap Douchbag

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Even though I got a thing for MIA, it’s hard to disagree with you, Robbie. We’re seeing a real nasty gentrification in Hip-Hop and I believe this is just the beginning. It’s gonna get a whole lot worse from here on.

Comment by John Boy 05.29.08 @

Robbie, please add a “all of the above” option

Comment by RenSki 05.29.08 @

^ Good call.

Comment by Robbie 05.29.08 @

Middle class $$$ here we come

(Vote MIA btw)

Comment by Liam 05.29.08 @

Even though I switched up my my own style from Carhaart & Karl Kani to hipster several years ago, I still bang Mobb, Papoose & Ghost, and wouldn’t fuck with any of this shit if my life depended on it.

Comment by End Level Boss 05.29.08 @

dude had the tightest pants in that commercial

Comment by richdirection 05.29.08 @

lil mama is a talented mc,
thank god for being able to listen to groups like cool kids but not giving a fuck about their hipsterism

Comment by cv 05.29.08 @

I’m glad I’m not alone when it comes to shaking my head in disgust after watching these poppy folk trying to take this shit to the next level when in reality they do not have anything to offer but headaches!!!

Comment by beatjunkie299 05.29.08 @

Hmm, I kind of like that Black Mags track. Reminds me of some Native Tounges or maybe LONS Sob Story. The rest of the stuff….blech.

Comment by Finally 05.29.08 @

bad man nuh dress like gal…

Comment by swordfish 05.29.08 @

fuck all that shit… Corny is still corny… Day-Glo was always corny, I lived thru the first round of it I should know, nobody who was hoodied (and I mean Champion not Bape) and Timmed up ever respected those squares (still don’t), in my experience those losers actually listened to D.A.R.E. just-say-no speeches, went to class and went bowling on the weekends- shit I avoided for vandalism, record shopping, gettin loaded, makin mix tapes, etc… Big Elton John sunglasses, I respect Moe Dee and Terminator X but they always got cracked on for the stupid shades, and I never liked Elton John… The Paper Planes beat is kinda the knock, but I got no time for a guy that would actually become Kanye’s DJ, and having to put on stunner shades to do it, trying to tell me what the new take on my high school jams are (that P.W. Herman’s too young to have even lived thru the crack era that all these people think was so fashionable), that shit sounds nothin like the late eighties it sounds like exploitation, and Like I said before it’s fucking corny! Miami Vice was a cool show to burn indo too, but anybody caught dead dressing like that was always made fun of, ridiculed, and beatdown straight up. Seriously, big up Robbie, boooo these corns! 6n’ the morning was grimey (“Beat the bitch down in the godammn street” I believed that, and seen it, A-Trak have you? and why does bragging about witnessing misogyny worry you, ya baby?), This new/old shit is so suburban-late-to-the-game, faggotly ironic, and self-conciouslly retro it’s embarrassing. Hey all you push-the-button-and-blindly-receive-any-old-corny-bullshit-they-serve-up-’cause-they-think-it’s-ironic-kidz: If you want to listen to that style, do your homework and listen to the originals, it’s way more satisfying, trust me: if you like the idea of your lily white college honey trying to shake her ass like Naomi (porn star not Campbell dick) to booty “read Miami in my book” bass (that the prep school kids so affectionately call simply “ghetto” now), play her some Gucci Crew, Gigilo Tony, Clay D, Magic Mike, etc. that shit’s been around for decades and it’s still the best source, not-knowin-motherfuckers, damn I’m actually sweating as I type this, sorry I’m old… stop guessing at what b-boys (read hiphoppers) were like and start doing the work and research it takes to become and be respected as one! What happened to that shit??? Columbine ruined the bully legacy, no one gets made fun of and beat up anymore by the seniors; the unschooled sophmores have taken over the quad and it sucks. Bring back makin em run the Apache line!

Comment by Dankweed 05.29.08 @

smedium!!!! ha ha…all the lo headz know whass up

Comment by mercilesz 05.29.08 @

Give the homophobic shit a rest, dude. Really, one has to wonder about you.

Comment by Marc Oz 05.29.08 @

I’m surprised Santogold isn’t on this list.

Comment by Keith Hawk 05.29.08 @

You seen that “Homies Over Hoes” episode of Boondocks?
I can’t see how Lil Mama fits in this crowd at all tbh.

It’s not like this is my shit at all, it’s not, I don’t listen to any of these dudes but, you know, who cares? They aren’t killing Hiphop, they aren’t killing Indie. They’re just selling some rap to people who find Kool G Rap a little scary. Thats fine. If Kool G Rap wasn’t a little scary you wouldn’t like him at all. Which way round is more small minded?

Comment by bse 05.29.08 @

“Columbine ruined the bully legacy, no one gets made fun of and beat up anymore by the seniors”


Comment by A to the L 05.29.08 @

I had to vote Lupe. He’s gotten away with shit it’s a shame. He’s a biter, his whole image is a fraud, and he’s plastered everywhere like we’re supposed to like him. Back in the day, there would’ve been 6-7 diss records about him and he would’ve gotten his ass beat on stage.

Comment by Phil Watts, Jr. 05.29.08 @

all of the above. shits wack.

Comment by gx 05.29.08 @

Lil mama is so bad. she should not even be on a list of whack rappers.

Comment by TheReez 05.29.08 @

one more MIA vote, i don’t know how anyone can pretend that shit is fresh. yeah, she’s cute, have y’all not seen south asian women before?

you have to believe that all this has a very limited shelf-life, though…if people were into it beyond the novelty, they’d already be knee-deep in southern hip-hop. i get the accessible/ironic angle/appeal, but if it stays around too long it will no longer be ironic..well, in that way at least

Comment by djespionage 05.29.08 @

was A Trak serious with that description…?!@??!

I mean, really, none of these dudes will EVER make anything close to an early Ice T record, let alone, Beasties first record…I mean really…

Comment by that dude 05.29.08 @

Man, you seem to have struck a cord with the readers, Robbie, if the responses are an indication. OK, me being a Chicago native I personally know at least a couple of the acts on this list, and know people that know the one (Kanye) that I don’t. I think that, true, Kanye does have the most inflated ego, which isn’t quite commiserate with his skills. (Check Pete Rock) Kid Sister came a loooong way from where she started not long ago. She may not be your thing, but then she’s not trying to say that she’s hardcore dope emcee numero uno. Kidz In The Hall? I still can’t find anyone in this city that actually knows them as being FROM Chicago, and they’re biters to boot. Listen to their latest LP and see how many rappers they attempt to channel while searching for their own identity. They’re on Duck Down, by the way. And, why did they name themselves after a Canadian comedy troup, some of whom happened to be gay??? Go figure. The Cool Kids, I f#cks with. Their clothing notwithstanding, these boys can rhyme. And, I don’t hate their sorta throwback production. By the by, I was reading an article where some “streetwear” (I’m starting to hate that term) mag conducted an interview with Dante ‘The Scrub’ Ross, of De La Soul, SD50s fame. He put the whole thing with the clothing on blast by stating what many people in their 30s already know: That NOBODY in the 80s dressed the way these cats are dressing these days, and acting as if it’s an homage to the 80s. That’s just nonsense. Maybe pants weren’t worn as loose as now, but we were not sticking fingers down our throats and purging to fit into them skinny pants. It’s just NOT a manly look. Holla.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 05.29.08 @

And one more thing; how you gonna wear tight jeans and still try to sag ’em? What’s up with that?

Comment by Fosterakahunter 05.29.08 @

Let’s think about this for a minute. Most of what we experience as hip-hop–i.e., popular hip-hop– is built on phony imagery and a shredded value system. It can still be entertaining and valuable as commentary, but it is what it is. This is almost comical to read people getting up in arms an experimentation with the genre that is routinely ridiculed for being lost.

A handful of artists start making music that basically flips the hardcore imagery on its head, and instead of laughing at it or enjoying it, we’re dissing it? Are we really taking ourselves and the the music that seriously?

John Boy writes, “… We’re seeing a real nasty gentrification in Hip-Hop and I believe this is just the beginning. It’s gonna get a whole lot worse from here on.”

A better term might be “retrofication”. I find it hard to use the word “gentrify” in a genre that relies on cash and jewelry to sell the image in every other video.

Overall, this post could instead just say “I hate tight jeans and anything related to the 80s fashion trend that has taken over parts of Brooklyn and corners of the entertainment industry.”

Comment by Robbie M. 05.29.08 @

I don’t like any of the mentioned acts for entirely different reasons but, seriously, this post reads like an over-the-top parody of cranky old guy hip hop bitterness. I’m with BSE. like, who cares? massive respect due to Robbie for all the work he does but hip hop is too large & diverse for you or anyone else to be the gatekeeper who decides what is/isn’t acceptable. again I don’t like most of this stuff myself but’s it not hard to see why it’s popular – it’s about fun & there’s no holier than thou nonsense. also, somewhat ironically given the “fruity” charges being levelled there are far more girls than you’d find at a g rap show b/c it’s not absurdly hostile to them (a la “homies over hoes” homo thug absurdity) so they can actually participate. shit, dudes should be happy about this – it gives them another thing to grumble about while they complain that everything’s sucked since 88/92/94/97.

Comment by padraig 05.30.08 @

How you going to wear tight pants, and still rack cans? How you going to rock tight pants, and still conceal burnerz?……..Style over substance will never prevail in Hip Hop………..Green Llama is what’s up in the new Chi-Town……..Big up that Uncut Raw album, that’s whats poppin…….Fuck all these white belt, white shades, hipster, bozos……

Comment by shamz 05.30.08 @

Saw it coming with Anticon years ago, White Supremacy movements within Hip-Hop…….Strange……..Sad..

Comment by shamz 05.30.08 @

I’ve never heard Santogold.

As for the comments that these groups should get a pass because they get girls at their shows? Who goes to rap gigs just to pick up broads anyway? By that reasoning everyone should hang out at Justin Timberlake concerts.

Dankweed for the win.

Comment by Robbie 05.30.08 @

I ended up going wth all of the above all though you could rgue that Lupe and M.I.A. are the king and queen d-bags at the hipster prom.

Comment by DP 05.30.08 @

M.I.A. has nothing to do here, she does anything but ironic throwback music and she doesn’t even rap that much…

(santogold makes crap but doesn’t rap at all)

Comment by ANU 05.30.08 @

I would say the Cool Kids, they seem to embrace the whole hipster thing the most. M.I.A is cute but her whole style seems forced. Who the fuck dresses like that?

Comment by Rg_tx 05.30.08 @

I like every on this list except KIDZ in the HALL. I just don’t find them that talented and that shit they did in the “Driving down the block” video where Lighty McDoogle did the “Superman” while the put up “WE’LL DO ANYTHING TO SELL A CAR” burned me up…I felt like they were taking a shot at the South (yes I’m from the South)–but that’s neither here nor there.

Is it cool now to be so anti-EVERYTHING? Damn, let them do their thing. If you attended the GLOW IN THE DARK tour you’d get to see a couple people on this list and maybe that would change your mind…or maybe not. But Kanye KILLED IT! PERIOD!

People act like EVERYTHING that comes out that doesn’t “pay homage” to Big Daddy Kane or BIGGIE is “killing” hip-hop. You know what’s killing hip-hop? Yall hatin’ asses is killing hip-hop. Is there an artist or a style or a movement that you bloggers DO support? Every other day there is some socio-economic-political internet “state of hip-hop” address or post being made by some dude that’s probably not qualified to speak on hip-hops behalf–and most of those post suck anyway.

These people are getting money. They are getting “paid” (some of them anyway–Cool Kids CD sold like 4K units it’s first week or something like that) to do some shit they [hopefully] love. We should be so lucky. They on TV, they travel, they dress fly and hang with a seemingly diverse group of people. How can you hate on that? Yes, sometimes they go too far but it’s entertainment. Take it for what it’s worth. And if you think it’s that wack–then ignore the whole lot of ’em and their kind.

But I do feel yall on the whole “Lupe tries really hard to be nonchalant about being cool” tip. Touche`.

Go hug your Pops or something. Yall some angry people! lol Here’s IRONIC for ya: KIDS in the HALL (the comedy troupe) are performing in Charleston, SC soon and I got tickets…does that make me a douchebag too? haha

Comment by KJtheGreat 05.30.08 @

I’d take hipster rap over drug rap anyday. I bet you kidZ in the hall and the cool kids would destroy rick ross, young jeezy, and the whole USDA crew in a real rhyme battle. you could throw in gucci man and young joc for good measure and they’d still get slayed on the mic!

Comment by J.Pets 05.30.08 @

the point that A-Trak is missing is that NWA, Ice T, and the Beasties, were perceived of as hard (as in core), volatile and dangerous while the shit he promotes is more like the Snuggle fabric softener bear, safe, sane and removed from the harsh landscapes, imaginative force, dissention, and sedition that the original music represented. Shit looks like rap COMMERCIALS from the 80 not the beautiful subversive music I endeared and my parents hated. And that’s what a song is today to these fools: just a fuckin commercial for a doodled on t-shirt. I think Fool’s Gold is all part of the Patriot Act conspiracy to make us all docile and fruity.

Comment by Dankweed 05.30.08 @

HATERS! let the ’90s go! Hip-hop is ever changing, thats what makes it great. Ya’ll sound like the same old dudes we used to make fun of, screaming hip hop ain’t the same. Guess what? it’s not, and it shouldn’t be! IT’S 2008! let the ’80s babies do their thing, let them take it where they want to. Have faith, you raised them on good music!

Comment by renbo slice 05.30.08 @

God forbid a rapper not spit solely about liquor, drugs or fucking.

Let’s not even get into how stupid this idea that one generic niche style is more or less authentic than another. It takes no more time for Kanye to get dressed than it takes T.I.

Comment by Checkit 05.30.08 @

when a generation of artists fail to strike fear in the hearts of the one previous, evolution stagnates and no new art occurs

Comment by Dankweed 05.30.08 @

nothing groundbreaking and inventive anyway

Comment by Dankweed 05.30.08 @

and if yer not gonna strike fear, then at least be familiar with the concept of skills and how it correlates to the amount of respect you receive from people who do

Comment by Dankweed 05.30.08 @

I was almost gonna suggest Common be added to the list but he deserves a stand-alone as the one of the biggest hipster douchbag, psuedo-bohemiam, good rapper turned “‘tarded” rapper (and actor), out right now. I can’t believe he let that “UMC” shit out…

Comment by sooch 05.30.08 @

All of that shit is WACK!!!

Comment by Big Mes 05.30.08 @

whatch’all so mad at?! it may not be what i choose to listen to, though i did kinda like that Cool Kids track, but at least someone is doing something fun and not so serious.

seriously, some of this reminded me of Native Tongues ish…and hip hop NEEDS some of that right now. didn’t de la and others catch some disses for being hippies (hipsters), soft and weird? but that ish was fly, fun and creative and hip hop’s been needing some balance.

plus, some of y’all talm’bout “white this” and “white that” when the ones i checked above was all black folks. (i didn’t see the kid sister or lil mama).

Comment by BeatRabbi 05.30.08 @

What all these acts have in common is that they have no point of reference. They seem to have an ironic nostalgia for something they didnt experience nor understand (Lupe not knowing ATCQ lyrics)-but seem to incorporate into their image (obviously image over substance).
NERD and Kanye are to blame for alot of this “look”, but I think its also that times have changed my friends. This shit reeks of the myspace generation.
Years ago, you couldnt get up on shit unless you knew what was up; today there is no system of checks and balances for wackness-nor barriers for entry for creating music, “street wear”, or being down.

Comment by keatso 05.30.08 @

You old dudes are SAD! Your problem is you just can’t respect Cats that are younger, Cooler and and RICHER than you. Your just just like the most of the music from your era: Dark, frustrated and Sad(Ahem!…hardcore, lol!) As I scroll down this page, every artist(w/ the exception of the great BDK and KRS) on the left side is either WACK, Irrelevant Never-was-beens or at best, fringe artist with no charisma, who blame “the game” for their failure to take it to the next level. And these are the artist you idolize? NIGGA PLEASE! So stop hatin’, SHUT UP AND LISTEN, because your starting to sound like your parents 15yrs. ago.

Comment by Renbo slice 05.30.08 @

Consider this article co-signed. It could have very easily been scribed with my very own pen. Call it what you will…candy-ass is candy-ass.

Comment by Jo-DBL 05.30.08 @

Lil Mama isn’t hipster rap, MIA makes hipster dance music at its core which incorporates dancehall, world music and rap, and people are obsessing on the perceived “softness” or “whiteness” of rap as if that’s why the quality has suffered and the genre has been decaying.

SMH. Its like blaming Resident Evil when your son goes out and murks his classmates with your own handgun.

Comment by Chris 05.30.08 @

I’m definitely in the middle here. I think we need some Kanye’s and Kidz in the Hall to show us what Hip Hop can be, the new direction it is going. If it scares you, good! Maybe yall are the ones that need to be wearing the tight jeans. Just let them do their thing, and time will prove which of this new generation will prevail and whether we will be calling them the classics in 10 years time. Or like someone said above me, are getting they little shine on throwback, nostalgic websites because they are forgotten now (just playin’ lol).

But yeah on the other hand you know, we need the Rick Ross, Souljah Boy, Hurricane Chris etc. But then what do you think? Would you rather listen to all the mainstream Hip Hop or all this “hipster” Hop?

Comment by Tim 05.30.08 @

Post pics of your Timbs or you’re soft.

Comment by bbatson 05.30.08 @

De La should do a stakes is high about this evolving sub genre.

Out of everyone, I chose Lupe to receive a complementary gasface. And I even skateboard, whudathunkit.

Funny asking Kanye’s dj about hipster rap. Talk about non-impartial sources there….

Comment by Cab 540 heelflip 05.31.08 @

Ain’t got no problem with “Hipster” rap as long as they have skills and beats, compared to some of the southern rappers who cant rap 4 shit the hipsters are aight . Clothes and all that stuff is cool , come on fashion changes , althought some of it looks mad gayish but whatever dont wear it if u don’t like it…And I think it’s good thing when groups like Spankrock paying homage to 2 live crew, Fresh Kid Ice was dope !

Comment by Dolo 05.31.08 @

seriously its a fad .. what are the kool kids going to be called when there in they mid 30’s !!!

lupe – we know quest lyrics and you still dont!!!

lil mama – fad

wouldnt put m.i.a she’s not really hip hop they play that shit in hair salon’s

kidz in the hall – read there interview in hhc (pete rock cover) … me what did that knawledge guy say ??? sumn like ” im the nicest mc in the game” or gayme.. hehe

n.e.r.d – is not rap .. pharell hasnt made a descent beat in like a 100 years

lil mama – read kid sister

kayne – that talib beat was hot but thats it !
(oh no he didnt) – shit even my girl likes kanye
and she doesnt even like rap

this shit will come and go … most of there music is kinda lame im geussing they dont know about break beats but thats just me ..

Comment by sb-uno 05.31.08 @

also i might add – none!!! i repeat none of this will ever be classic’s in hip hop … in ten years time we will not know every word to your album’s.

Comment by sb-uno 05.31.08 @

Since when the fuck has being gay become so “hip hop”?

Skin tight sagging pants, all over print hoodies, shitty gay hats, and “throwback” music…homesexuality at its finest.

Whatever the fuck happened to rockin a champion hoodie, and Timbs?

Smedium mothafuckas takin pullin wool over people’s eyes.

I’ll take a Lo goose and some Timbs over this shit any day, while I drive in a car (not ride a BMX, or a skateboard), and bump Boss Money.

Damn faggoty hipsters

Comment by AFFECKS 05.31.08 @

Good post, but Kanye’s first album was pretty decent, I have no problem with The Cool Kids, and MIA isn’t even a rapper but the Paper Planes remix with Bun B was a great song. Other than that, though, all douches.

Comment by Tray 05.31.08 @

lil mama should be in the lead. wtf, raps about lipgloss?? half as bad if not just as bad as that Google Me rubbish. M.I.A.’s lyrics at least show some form of intellectual ability and relate to things that matter, she puts a spin on anti-terrorist activism

Comment by wordsfailto 05.31.08 @

Ultimately, talent and skill trumps image and visuals to us “angry, bitter, oldheads”. James Brown wore some tight ass pants that were the shit during his era and that perm was a mess, but the Godfather always was innovative and creative with the funk and them guttural sounds. Bambaata used to look like the son of Parliament when he did shows with Soulsonic; no FUCKIN’ BODY IN THE BRONX DRESSED LIKE THAT! But Bam brought the funk. Flash and the Furious looked like rejects of the Rick James school of fashion but they brought the heat. What the aforementioned artists all have in common is innovation and creativity to form new paths in music and culture. Fashion has always and will continue to be a critical element in Hip Hop, because even when he had on that tight leather outfit with studs and high heel boots (peace Scorpio!lol) Melle Mel’s rhyme on the “Message” had substance. Balance that desire to cake up with some creativity and substance. This “angry, bitter old head” is gone.

Comment by bronxbred 05.31.08 @

Co-sign bronxbred.

Comment by Tim 05.31.08 @

this is my favorite artice.

Comment by BLaM 05.31.08 @

And i wish these dang kids would stay off my lawn

Comment by DJ Hyjak 06.01.08 @

Why all the homophobia? You guys sound like a bunch of Christian conservatives. ” Ah hate change! Ah hate different stuff. An’ ah sure as hell hate queers!” Tight pants make you gay? C’mon, guys. I love this site, but you all look bad on this one.

Here’s a novel idea: don’t listen to what you don’t like. Gasp! I know you guys probably ignore rock music, but look at all the phases, fads, & trends it’s gone through over the years. Some stuff works, plenty of it sucks, but a variety ideas keep a genre healthy. There’s room for all types of stuff. Live & let live I say. Aside from MIA few of these groups are even that large (& MIA isn’t that big). They’ll either fade away or keep doing what they do, which will make them “hardcore” to your counterparts in the year 2525.

Comment by CoreyBean 06.01.08 @

And I also have to add that black people are far worse at sterotyping blacks than whites have ever been. It seems like if you aren’t being ignorant & thugged-out & buying all the coporate fashions, you are automatically a “fag” or “acting white” (look at the pictures in this post). Niggers are an embarrassment to themselves. No wonder we can’t get ahead. But we’re “real” though. Pssh…

Comment by CoreyBean 06.01.08 @

i’m not particularly feeling any of the artists here really but still prefer them (except for lupe)over most of the the same old drug/money/murder 2pac wannabees that bore the fuck out of me since the mid 90’s. it’ll never be the same as if you where listening to a dj red alert tape that friends brought back from their trip to ny for the first time or getting your copy of low end theory, it’s over. funk, jazz, blues etc. once had their prime, it’s the same with what we used to call hip hop. i choosed to move on instead of becoming an old, bitter and gumpy man. wearing carhard & timbs an talking that homophobic shit won’t bring the good ol’days back. k.i.m.

Comment by asiko 06.01.08 @


You have to understand that their whole style is based upon a lifestyle they know nothing about. This has nothing to do with being Old or Young, but everything to do with paying respect. Biting has gone to a whole new level when you begin biting a whole Era of Hip Hop as your normal style. It would be cool if they paid hommage, but they don’t and they front like they lived it. The funny thing is when someone old school talks and lives their Era, you say “that shit is old man, you washed up”. Now that some wet-behind-the-ears kids emulate this and we call them out, now we are the haters. This is retarded on a whole new level.

The point is this: BE YOURSELF. You are not yourself if you bite a whole fucking Era.

Comment by Redstarr 06.01.08 @

The point is that few artists are “themselves”. Entertainment is an act. Even if it’s an extension of one’s own life, it’s crafted for performance. As a consumer it’s important to accept it for what it is.

Redstarr writes, “…It would be cool if they paid hommage, but they don’t and they front like they lived it.”

What does this even mean? How are new artists supposed to pay hommage in their first single? Are they actually fronting like they lived it? I don’t see how you would interpret all of that from these videos. They’re pretty straightforward songs.

In fact, the clear separation of these new pop acts from older hip-hop is better than if they tried to “pay hommage” in the middle of their songs by tossing out names. It would seem forced and even more inappropriate.

I see this as less an extension of hip-hop and more an exercise in genre blending.

Comment by Robbie M. 06.01.08 @

“Paper Planes” is really good, esp. the remix w/ Rich Boy and Bun-B. Lupe Fiasco is full of shit and a fag. Cool Kids and Kidz in the HAll are not that good, also kinda undistingushible, but I really don’t think those people all fit together like, L’l MAma’s pure pop, plus she’s actually an alright rapper, I don’t know why you hat so hard. And what are people SUPPOSED to rap about. What good rappers they are? Does that make them better? Or Guns? Guns are cool right?

Comment by TheSchwarz 06.01.08 @

I’ve read all of the posts, and I believe it’s a good thing to have all of these disparate views on where the music is headed. I can fit somewhere right in the middle of the divide. On a similar note, me and my guys were chillin’ with The Cool Kids the other night and they played some of their new joints for their major label release; straight burners, no BS. I would just say to all the older heads and purists like myself, keep an open mind when something new spawns forth from the lexicon.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 06.01.08 @

Kanye I know of but don’t dig, Lupe I’ve heard and don’t care.. the rest, who the fuck are they and why should old cats even bother?

leave it to the kids, they’re dumb, sure, but they’ll be kicking around for decades after we’re gone.

i voted for all the above and swallowed my bitterness like the spent, beat-down force i represent.

oh, and dressin’ like you take it up the ass ain’t irony, its just the last option for rebellion.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 06.01.08 @

Robbie, my comment was more directed at the cool kids than anyone else.

Comment by Redstarr 06.01.08 @

I’m betting more thugs in baggy jeans & Tims have taken it up the ass than kids in “hipster” get-ups. Think about it…

Comment by CoreyBean 06.01.08 @

Regardless, the worst Kidz in the Hall track is better than anything Tragedy has done since 1996. Who cares what they dress like?

Comment by Drew Huge 06.02.08 @

^ I can think of five post-96 Tragedy songs that are better.

Comment by Robbie 06.02.08 @

Renbo slice Quote: Your problem is you just can’t respect Cats that are younger, Cooler and and RICHER than you.
When I got into this it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do and nobody expected to make any money off it. I was part of a subculture. You kids learned that word yet? If those (money and hipness) are the reasons you get into something you are probably not even really doing it or a part of that subculture, you are just a regular fucking douchebag! Get used to the name, preppie, poser, mark, herb, vic, cuz that’s all you’ll ever be.

Comment by Dankweed 06.02.08 @

the only thing that matters is these kids do make rap.they cant bite sumthing they didnt one in the eighties wore that shit anyway.if u go to brooklyn right now ull see kids with fades flatops chains and starter jackets. to me thats kinda ill because they are trying desperately to bring some sort of hip hop culture back to ny.i already did all that so of course im not gonna start dressin like jus not mad at em either.

Comment by mercilesz 06.02.08 @

Voted Lupe, i bet he like’s unicorns ina di bumba clottttt…

Comment by Slotbeggaz 06.02.08 @

hipster shit is still 1000% better than most of what bangs on the radio now.

Comment by joshchapstick 06.02.08 @

Comment by farns 06.02.08 @

Wven though some of this shit might spark some nostalgia or raise a smile for a hot minute – you wont be rocking it in a years or months or weeks time! So it’s pretty wack. No plastic little? They were described as ‘good gallery raps’. Hipsters yes, but at least they were pretty offensive. I kinda wanted to like Lupe in a similar way to the backpackerness of the bay area scene (stand up Souls if Mischief), but he had his tongue so far up Kanyes arse that it turned me off. I think the main trouble with hipster rap, is that it’s just kinda hard to listen to a 20 somethings shallow views on politics etc, when you hit your 30’s. Where as stories of techs being bust never really age, even though you should know better.

Comment by farns 06.02.08 @

hip hop has had an identity crisis
since its market capitalization passed the
indie threshold.saggy pants, tight pants;
cursy rap, green grass rap; skateboard p, bandana p; hamburger, veggie dog; shit…its all industry. i vote for putting niccas in positions so they don’t have snatch chains for doe.

whole foods rap to bravo rap, its whatever, jus represent the culture.

Comment by ghost 06.02.08 @

Kidz in the Hall suck nuts. I caught a show of theirs last years and they were rocking a backing track for the rapper.

Now I know that a lot of dudes do that but they were running around dancing while the backing track was playing and not even trying to pretend they were rapping. And when they were pretending to rap you couldn’t tell the difference compared to when they were dancing like fools and the backing track was playing.

So essentially they were miming on stage.

Comment by Coxman 06.02.08 @

ha ha ha ha !!!

Comment by fuckhipsters 06.03.08 @

lmao… there’s such a thing as simply disliking something, and then there’s “hating”. And throughout this whole thing, I’ve seen a mixture of both. I’m not a big fan of the clothing of choice with the whole faux-80s thing and whatnot, but some of y’all sound maaaad bitter. Muhfukkas talkin’ about Champion hoodies and shit… hey, just because you haven’t changed your closet in 15 years doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong for wearing what they wanna wear. I’m not crazy about the ‘new look’ myself, but damn if I’m gonna be MAD over the shit just because I don’t dress that way. It’s no more/less a trend than Tims-n-hoodies were for a lot of us in the 90s, or the sweatsuits were for kids in the 80s… sometimes a lot of us “oldheads” tend to pretend that our shit was timeless and no other era before or since was. But let’s be real- we were riding the wave of what was popular just like these kids are. And some of us are still riding it, thinking that we’re being more “authentic” by doing so. Gimme a got-damn break.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 06.03.08 @

It’s not about authenticity maaan. Its about the fact we LOVE this shit and we hate it being diluted.

In any form.

Hip hop is about style … ask Melle Mel. The image and the music are one. If you love the music you feel the style. Even though style evolves and moves on it doesn’t mean you have to. I got off the fashion train some time back now. I’d hate to be looking fashionable now… its a kid thing…which is all good BUT MOST PEOPLE HERE AIN’T KIDS. And that ‘kiiid’ suits the music… which I have no time for either. The styles and the music of a certain time is what we rock.

Every music type has a look associated with it, its just that hip hop moved on and made its sound and look more marketable to kids. Sell Sell Sell.

I can’t relate to anything created by that motivation. Give US a G-D B. willya.

Comment by ED209˚ 06.03.08 @

^^^and that’s fine, if that’s what you wanna do. But it’s not everyone else’s fault that you still wanna live like it’s ’93, with your ’93 clothes and your ’93 music. Is someone who’s 15 now wrong for wearing what they wanna wear because you’re still dressing like you did back when they were waiting to be born? Nah. It just means they’re doing their thing, like you’re doing your thing. I’m 28, and I’m as much of a 90s hip-hop fan as anyone on this site, but that doesn’t mean I look down on or dis someone who doesn’t opt to be stuck in that time frame. That’s their choice to be into what they’re into. You ain’t gonna catch me out there rockin’ that shit they wear, but that’s my own personal choice… it’s not my job to act like I’m somebody’s father, telling them they’re “gay” because they’re rocking some shit I wouldn’t rock. It’d be just as ridiculous as I used to think adults were when I was 14-15, when they would act like all of us were a bunch of hoodlums and criminals because we wore hoodies and boots. Again, there’s ‘disliking’ and then there’s ‘hating’… where do you wish to stand?

Comment by DANJAMANIA 06.03.08 @

Are The Cool Kids those Keenan & Kel fools? Is this some Nickelodeon shit?

Comment by A.Red One 06.03.08 @

to add to the list, rakim, epmd, wu tang, kool keith, main source, dj kool herc, krs one, 2pac, biggie, big l, big pun, i mean the list goes on and on, nah but really though, most of these groups and solo artists and just trying to edge their way in, in a saturated market, however, wearing tight pants and lipstick does not make the real heads wanna listen to your shit, i got a car and haven’t ridden a skateboard since college, and my bike is a mountain bike, not no little kid bmx, and yes my backpack was fully loaded with that fiyah, but i wasn’t slanging crack, so to glamorize that shit when you are really just some nerdcore hipster is definite half stepping, shit i’d call it quarter-eighth stepping, and i used to hate m.i.a. and found her shit annoying, i only liked paper planes cause of the weed reference, and i hate tight pants, if you wear tight pants, you probably don’t have a dick, on the real, oh yeah co-sign dankweed and sooch, fucking hate common, hey yo robbie do you just hate this 80’s throwback shit when its teenagers that were born in the 90’s? or do you just hate posers and hipsters?

Comment by gstatty 06.04.08 @

I gave Kwame more of a chance than this shit. And I only double checked on Kwame cuz DJ Tat Money was on production and Steady B’s “My Benz” was kinda my joint or was it Lawrence Goodman?!?!? “Rong Hole” and all that! But ya know then like CPO came out with that Ballad of a Menace single… and like from then on no one I knew ever really fucked with Kwame I mean he was on TV but who gives a fuck about that shit, Kool Keith dissed that polka dot shit hard, and of course Critical Beatdown was the bible, and then boom 92 and it’s Funk Your Head Up and I’m pissed about the I Like Your Style joint but MC Champion and Dolly And The Rat Trap are making me see technicolor so Ultra got a pass, but Kwame NEVER DID… and neither does this shit… and did you hear those Raven-Symone tracks Kwame produced? Of course you didn’t, what are you half a snatch? and little do they know, but that’s these dudes fate too… It’s staring them right in the face, it’s already happened before, it’s history repeating…. let’s call it like it is: PERPEPTRATING straight up

Comment by Bogartineverymuhfuckinthang 06.04.08 @

Sorry but I think you may have forgot that this blog is ‘A Tribute To Ignorance’ – theres no point leaving messages on saying ‘meat is bad / veg is good’ – you may have a valid point but them ‘steak’ guys don’t want to hear it.

From what I can see hating change and a love for what is past is mandatory. Thats why I read it everyday and why its so fukkin entertaining.

Comment by ED209˚ 06.04.08 @

kwame was dope….tat money didnt start messin with kwame until he wasnt dope. i can see why u didnt like that second album. no one did. 1st one was hot though.

Comment by mercilesz 06.04.08 @

Thanks for the Inspiration. Ive been saying this shit for the longest.

Comment by Curry Media 06.04.08 @

Keep hating assholes. Keep listening to Lil’ Wayne – AMILIAMILIAMILIAMILIAMILI. WTF when did that become music? The people you disparage have more in common with the real giants of American music than the scumbags who get radio play. And hell yeah I am a college boy. Made it out the grind and doing it large. You people have been selling your records to frat boys for years, you just don’t know it or don’t want to know it. Chi-town stand up!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace in the Middle East Cuzin.

Comment by Marwan 06.05.08 @

^mark ass lame, no one hear listenin to Lil’ Wayne.
What the people we disparage have most in common with is: PERPETRATING A FRAUD… get Freddy Fresh’s book and start learning your records before you fall into the same category. Congrats on “makin’ it out the grind and doing it large,” but as far as this grimey ass forum goes: you just a prospect right now, earn your rockers… P.S. a few of these crumbs are the scumbags getting radio play. Douchebags have always defended the douchey things they do with the disclaimer, “But look at all the money we’re making!” That’s why I always say that if a person is rich it’s safe to assume that they suck.

Comment by Dankweed 06.05.08 @

the other disclaimer I always hear in defense of douche-ness is: “But look at all the girls we are attracting!” That’s why I always say if some dude can’t get pussy without making the kind of music he makes and dressing a certain way, it’s safe to assume that dude’s music sucks and his gear makes him look like a clown. Makes me want to do some middle school in the hall between classes shit and snuff the back of his head when he’s opening his locker, take his cigarettes, Zippo, and all that.

Comment by Dankweed 06.05.08 @

This post is barely a week old and already hitting classic status. Props Robbie!

It’s funny that younger cats will call us things like “old” and “bitter” and stuck in the past when in reality, we just have a deeper knowledge of hip hop than some college freshman Spank Rock fan. We’ve been through the trends (New Jack Swing, etc), learned our history before you could google, battled fools at parties and on walls before message boards, travelled long distances to buy records before ebay, made beats before grooveboxes. You might not like what we have to say, but you have to accept that it’s coming from some true heads who will still be getting goosebumps when we hear the first 4 bars of “Nautilus” start pumping through the speakers 20 years down the line.

“A Tribute To Ignorance” – don’t forget it!

Comment by Eons 06.05.08 @

fuck, I’ve never seen so many posts up in here!

my take on this:

hipster rap is what it is. Party/ fun times, etc, which there hasn’t been enough of in hip-hop for a long time.

However, the media / hipster crowd hails it as some next level shit, which it clearly isn’t

Some of it is clearly calculated, some of it is just fun and dope.

I knew nothing about Kool Kids. Saw them in Melbourne this year. They killed it! One of the best gigs I’ve seen in ages.

Also, Lupe’s first Melbourne show back about 2 years was a fuckin MC’ing lesson! Althought his recent album was complete turd.


Comment by sheriff rosco 06.05.08 @

“It’s not like this is my shit at all, it’s not, I don’t listen to any of these dudes but, you know, who cares? They aren’t killing Hiphop, they aren’t killing Indie. They’re just selling some rap to people who find Kool G Rap a little scary. Thats fine. If Kool G Rap wasn’t a little scary you wouldn’t like him at all. Which way round is more small minded?”


And if you just can’t stop with the gay-bashing, at least be as funny as Bol.

Comment by X-Ran 06.05.08 @

M.I.A. makes Blondie sound like Kane…

27 years down the line and we get M.I.A.??? thats devolution.


Comment by ED209˚ 06.06.08 @

Good post.

Positive to see that this emerging subculture is at least being discussed in terms of its relevance.

I feel you on most points.

Though my main problem is your categorization of hipster rappers. Any artist who dabbles in fashion is a hipster rapper? Any rapper who has a large hipster fan base is now a hipster rapper? You’ve lumped artists like Kanye and Lupe in there cause you don’t feel their music or their fans, and they dabble in fashion, which we know you have a particular distaste for. But be real.

Hipster rap is purely about image and no (meaningful) content (see oh words post). It has no longevity. A fad.

It’s particularly hollow as it relies heavily on fashion; a fashion that was popularised by pioneering hip hop artists (which is probly why you see purists gettin’ heated). Yes it’s ‘fun’, but it’s disposable. Sach (ohword) was right when he said hipster rap is designed for people “wanting to dabble in the excesses of black music….without really investing themselves in the less comfortable aspects of black culture.”

In other words, this sub genre takes hip hop fashion and particular items associated with hip hop (beepers, bikes, cars) and creates this ultra ‘trendy’ end product. See: gimmicky, as you put it… for instance, hipsters fucking love crunk, what’s with that?

Cool kids have a banging track in ’88’, but at the same time i won’t be checking for them, cause hey, what the fuck are they about? Noone will be sayin’ their names in 10 years time. One of the members was born in 88…and you’ve made a song about the year 88??? fuck off, fad leech.

Comment by t-bone 06.06.08 @

What’s up w/ this “in 10 years, no one will be talking about _______” shit? I mean, in a lot of the cases above it’s absolutely true, but you gotta ask yourselves, how many people has that been said about before? I remember bein a teen in the 90s and seein’ old heads talk about all kinds of shit that supposedly wasn’t gonna last, and here we are 10+ years later still talkin’ about it. I’ve heard niggas say Biggie’s music would be forgotten in 10 years, the Death Row sound would be forgotten in 10 years, even songs like “Shook Ones” wouldn’t be hot in 10 years. And maybe these aren’t the things that the kids are talking about right now, but lots o fhip-hop fans still discuss LOTS of stuff from that era. For Christ’s sake, this site itself has an in-depth interview with fukking Joe Fatal! Joe Fatal, the guy who’s pretty much only known for having the wackest part on “Live At The BBQ”? That being said, I think it’s a bit premature when people CLAIM what will or won’t be remembered in 10 years- that’s a hard thing to call. Just because YOU might not talk about it in 10 years, doesn’t mean it won’t be talked about.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 06.06.08 @

hey danjamania

we never said biggie would be forgotten in 10 years hahahahahahahahahah where did you read that? or where did you hear that ??

shook ones will be hot in 10 years cos its sad to say its one of the only “old school” track hipster kids know about..

even though joy fatal has done a “classic” verse its still better than any cool kid shit ever …
shit even that dude from kidz in the hall who thinks he’s the nicest couldnt write heat like that … and that verse is like 17 years old …

get it…? go listen to your nas albums playa

Comment by sb_uno 06.07.08 @

Hey sb_uno

Reading is fundamental. I didn’t say Y’ALL said those things, I’m talking about things that I heard random oldheads say back in the day when I was younger. Maybe that’s why I’m so against the bitter oldheads who get on their “I Love The 90s” shit and start downtalking people who didn’t grow up in their generation. Because I grew up in that era just like y’all, and I remember hearing the same type shit, and reading the same type shit in the magazines, and thinking to myself “these old niggas are crazy”. And they were. They were dead-ass wrong, because while they were still hanging on to 1984, our favorites were making their own hits and their own records that we would continue to love for years down the line. I don’t even like a lot of new shit myself, but like I said earlier, it’s not my job to sit in the rocking chair and chastise the younger people who do. I’d look just as ridiculous as them old niggas looked to me with their “hip-hop needs to go back to the old days, whatever happened to Kurtis Blow?” shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I really need you to understand that I love the older shit as much as anyone else if not more… but I refuse to become one of them “you kids don’t know anything” type muhfukkas who’ll co-sign ANYTHING from my era and downtalk ANYTHING else. Cause on the real, people like that are the same ones who’ve been hatin’ for like 10 years now, just bitter as all hell that their glory days are done. I think a lot of people my age tend to forget, we caught flack for the shit we liked too. And now we’re here sounding just like our parents did. And when has sounding like your parents EVER been remotely a cool thing to do?

Comment by DANJAMANIA 06.07.08 @

Let me start off by saying it’s a damn shame that anyone is even discussing these ‘tards. Real m.c.’s dumbing down their lyrics for sales and radio play is to blame for this senseless crap that we’re being to subjected to. Skills are no longer a pre-requisite. The “artists” that have deals today aren’t even a shadow of their predecessors. Before this crop of “rappers” even going back as far as Eazy E if you weren’t a real m.c. you at least had to fake it real good. Now they don’t even need to do that. Most of these dudes must be eunuchs or were castrated at birth because, I personally can’t see a reason for wearing tight jeans.
I can’t front and act like I’ve heard enough songs to judge most of these people by, but what little I have heard is enough. THE SHIT SUCKS!!!! Fuck Kanye West, Jay-Z didn’t want nothing to do with him until he sold some records. Fuck a Jay-Z co-sign Lupe Fiasco still hasn’t impressed me. Can’t imagine what Buck and Dru were thinking when they signed Kidz in the Hall. Kid Sister should consider a career in porn. Haven’t heard anything by the Cool Kids or M.I.A; thank GOD for that. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if they all went M.I.A. (missing in action). By the way fuck Jay-Z too; saw dude in XXL last year wearing skinny jeans and timbs. What the fuck!!! Still, everything considered Lupe Fiasco gets my vote for the biggest douche bag (the Tribe Called Quest comment pushed him over the top in my opinion).

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 06.07.08 @

By the way “Can’t Figure It Out” and “The Truest” by Tragedy Khadafi, will probably surpass anything that any of the aforementioned “artists” will ever do. Long live Tragedy Khadafi.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 06.07.08 @

I am sorry, did someone in this post actually compare these douchebags to Native Tonuges/De La??? Are you serious with that shit? These fucking Q-girls are exactly what is wrong with todays post Columbine society. What ever happened to the days where repping some shit like this was cause for someone to smack your ass? I am not promoting violence, I am just saying back when you had to truly believe in some shit to be repping it, or you would be put in your place. “I hate those motherfucking posers…”

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.07.08 @

All these fucking cornballs bringing that “I am so different bullshit.” Please

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.07.08 @

If this was a credible poll Wale would be provided as an option.
He even brags about shrink to fit jeans.

Furthermore, some of the aforementioned douchebag candidates rap better than any “real hip hop” artist out there.

Lupe Fiasco is that dude.

Comment by Paul 06.09.08 @

ha ha corey bean thinks about thugs in baggy jeans and tims taking up the ass… you go boy

Comment by 06.10.08 @

small-mindedness- I mean single-mindedness the real 5th Element of hip-hop fuck an MN store… tribute to ignorance

Comment by 06.10.08 @

i fux with bronxbred on this one…

Comment by Tabauri 06.10.08 @

It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as the music is good.

You’re stating the obvious. They’re mostly cunts. The kids love them as they’re a marketer’s dream, little cunts who can’t make up their own mind. Cheesy fuckers who think they’re cool. I remember seeing MIA years ago and couldn’t believe how shit that bitch was. All these little middle class hipsters jumping about didn’t have a fucking clue, i wanted to slap everyone of the Fake wannabe Bohemian outsiders. It was exactly like ‘The Emperors New Clothes’.

But then I’m a bitter old man….young bastards!

Comment by Tone 06.11.08 @

i say let kids be kids, let cool kids be cool kids, let kid sisters be kid sisters, etc.

but if i see one more person wearing a t-shirt with a boombox on it while listening to an ipod, i might lose it. why are these folks PRETENDING that they listen to tapes??

Comment by raggamuffin airhorn 06.11.08 @

different DOES NOT equal GOOD.

these kids are going down in flames for letting a bunch of old, dusty 35-45 year old, ‘i miss the 80s’ fashion farts design clothes that make you young’uns look like idiots.

you will rue the day when you are 30 that you looked a mess.

just like the old farts did in the 80s punk era.

they are the long lost forgetten fashion disaster generation.

learn from them.

the younger kids (12 and younger) coming up will bring back the intellectualism and good fashion back into art, and LAUGH at you 19 year olds for wearing fushia tees and sunglasses, be it hip hop or rock or whatever it evolves into.

i just want to puke at the trends of 08!!! geez!!!!


different DOES NOT equal good or better, change can definitely turn in the wrong direction, as we have seen here.

you will understand where we are coming from when you are 25-30 in about 6 years.

Comment by jlk 06.14.08 @

Are you serious? Lupe is A lyrical genius. Respect his Skill yo. Who cares what he dresses like.

Comment by spaceusagi 06.15.08 @

Yo Lupe…we know thats you. or your fashion advisor.

Comment by ED209˚ 06.16.08 @

it really sucks that gornw ass men care so much about what another dude is wearin…that to me…is some closet homo shit.

and Kanye, Lupe, and N.E.R.D. (which isnt rap, neither is M.I.A. really), are you serious?…so they wack cause they dress weird and differently?!…


Nahright > Unkut

Comment by Mark Twain Fame 06.19.08 @


Posers and so called real hiphop fans. Hip-hop is a art form and it should have diversity if you don’t like how one group of artists sound do not support them. Fashion plays a big part of hiphop and everyone don’t wanna rock oversized shit or sportswear nor does everyone want to wear ultra tight pants and shirts but motherfuckers should be able to rock what they want. You fucking hip-hop facist who go around defining real hip-hop rather than simply supporting and promoting the shit you love from the culture are just bitches. Half you cat’s need to do history. Rappers have dressed and sound a million different ways over the years see the Grand master Flash and the furious five or Curtis Blow them dudes looked hella thg ghey but that was the cool ish at the time. fast foward and got ice cube rocking jerry curls fools roking fades crazy clothing like cross colors. Dude there is no dress code in hiphop nor is there one style you should follow. Just do you and avoid posing and biting the problem is we have too many posers and not enough artical originals.

Do you and continue to pole joke your favorite rappers stanely. but don’t go dissing various ish in the culture just cause it ain’t your thang hip-hop needs all the varity it can get bitches.

Comment by Avenger XL 06.19.08 @

its okay to rap about what you know, and not fucking fake it like half the douches out there.
not everybody is hard as fuck and not everybody likes to pretend they are.

Comment by dicky 06.19.08 @

Im not a fan of anyone on this list really…lupes not bad, but I’d like to see rappers like mf doom get more recognition.

I never liked this fucking 80s shit was always corny, Big shades that take up your whole face and scarves have never been me, hot pink tees not me either.

BUT, I hope this isn’t an attempt to try and label everyone that doesn’t wear BAGGY soulja boy pants into some kind of “Hipster”.

Comment by Jae 06.20.08 @

i like how a bunch of hip-hop fans are trying to make fun of “hipster” hip-hop by blogging about it and leaving comments of approval. probably all in an internet cafe sippin a coffee or some shit. the cool kids are good, fuck most of the artists on that list, but, honestly, what would u rather have: a couple of dudes trying to revive a time when hip-hop might have been a little more simplistic (and in ur opinion “exploiting” it to a certain degree, i guess (which, if u listen to these new cats, they’re actually not bad)) or a bunch of no talent ass clowns jumping around a stage chanting two words like “yah trick” and doing the latest bullshit dance? (btw, these aren’t the only choices we have, but honestly, if i hear soulja boy at one more party…)

Comment by whatevs 06.20.08 @

I just gotta say I didnt vote for anyone,im not to familiar w/ all the artist yet(2 busy listenin 2 bishop lamont confessional)But somthin here seems out of place,maybe …….LIL MAMA,who made this list?Isn’t she like a young teenage kid or somethin,she’s doin it for the kids,thats what it seems like to me(WTF)!On some more positive shit I guess,tha kids don’t all gotta be listenin 2 killin n shootin right?Anyway,Kanye will be Kanye he’s got 3 solid near classic albums,can’t hate on him for that but he is the biggest one out of all of em,real conceted,(kind of an asshole,he’s said that before, so you could say he’s the douchebag,YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!)Im gonna cap this next statement…LUPE FIASCO IS SICK,FUK HATERS,HOW U GONNA SAY THID DUDE IS A DOUCHEBAG?REALLY,THE IS A FUKIN LYRICIST IF U NEED ONE, DEFINETLY WAY ABOVE EVERYONE HERE ON THIS LIST AND OTHER LISTS OF MC’S. HE PUT OUT TWO SOLID NEAR CLASSIC ALBUM’S,PEOPLE AIN’T LISTENIN CLOSE ENOUGH OR SOMETHIN,THA GUY CAN FLOW,AND GOT RHYMES FOR DAYS,AND DOPE CONCEPTS,FUK OUTTA HERE!Man u can’t please everyone these days,never really,I can’t think of any rap artist out that doesnt get hated on,hate is heavy,especially on the internet!Second thought,I just realized I voted for KAnye w/ this statement but only for his attitude now,couldnt give a fuk less about his clothes n shit(I guess the hiphop fashion police are watchin)

Comment by realtalk82 06.20.08 @

you forgot to add Mickey Factz. A good rapper but the king of corny. They are good rappers most of these indy kids. I myself am and indy kid and my taste is diverse. I really canot stand MIA ans Santogold Sometimes the dressing gets to me but really cannot be asked for real.

Comment by Dude 06.20.08 @


First off ill just say im only 14 so everyone is just gonna ignore me anyway, but I wonder why these artists got “Lil” and “Kid” in their names??? cause theyre making music for their generation. They could probably give a fuck about what some old head is saying about their “corny” music. Its just what they relate to and they do their thing about what theyve been through.
Correct me if im wrong but i thought that music was just that. Music, about what you hear. I could easily say that the way Run DMC dressed was wack and get chewed out, but their music is sick.

Anyway Cool Kids are sick, save for a few songs so far.

MIA is just dope, her sound is out there same with Santogold

Cant really comment on Lil Mama or Kid Sister cause ive only checked out their shitty singles.

Kidz in the Hall will probably fall off. Nothing special just average.

And the NERD album is straight fire. Not even hip hop haha

Comment by BAKU 06.20.08 @

o and dont know why you didnt put Ced Hughes on here too hater…

Comment by BAKU 06.20.08 @

Hate kills!!

Comment by Tan 06.20.08 @

Hipster is a mentality. It’s a snobbish and clique-centric mentality that turns up your nose at anybody who is not like you. (way of dressing, taste in music, etc.)

Judging by the collabo lists of all the above mentioned MC’s, they definitely don’t seem to be hipsters one bit. The aforementioned “hipster” acts have worked with people like J. Timberlake, Timbaland, Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park), Lil’ Wayne, Maroon 5, and more “pop sell-out” acts that are shunned by genuine hipsters.

If anything, this website and the poll’s creators seem to be the biggest hipster douchebags of them all by trying to blanketly condemn all these cats who have been responsible for some of the best hip-hop material of the past 5 years.

Comment by H. Bomb 06.20.08 @

I am down with Lupe, and I don’t really care what he dresses like. His music is good. Kanye is an asshole, but who doesn’t know that? Dude’s ego is worse than T.O.’s. But the rest of these people flat out SUCK. The whole dressing issue doesn’t really bother me, unless you have no skills lyrically. Because then it becomes more of a distraction on top of your wack ass rhymes. It makes it seem like you are trying WAY TOO hard, which most of these cats are. The focus then turns to an image thing instead of MC’ing

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.20.08 @

would you rather they be rapping about gats and stuff? get the f*ck outta here. all rappers “have a gimmicky, calculated vibe to everything they do.” Fat Joe doesn’t drink or smoke weed, yet he’s down for spitting about that? It’s surveys like this that limit the imagination of what rap can be.

Comment by MHB 06.22.08 @

wow…kids like hip hop? hip hop is old…why diss what old people like when u copy it. thats like me doin a rock record then dissin chuck berry. thats the problem with black music….no memory. the corporations that own the media stations want it like that. they dont want u to know what came out be4 so they can sell it to u again. its really genious if u think about it.u got white kids at home right now praising their parents music like led zep or rolling stones or doors or whatever but at least when they pick up a guitar they are aware of what made it possible for them to do the kind of music they do. in hip hop our kids dont know about anything so this is why we have all this garbage that u guys complain about and also why our music is out the door. hip hop cant last cuz to the kids history doesnt mean anything.when i was comin up breaks were everything but breaks arent my generation they are my parents generation so i had to dig and do my research. they aint interested in studyin so they are doomed to fail. why are the top acts over 30 yrs old? (busta,jz,eminem,mobb deep, nas,) ask urself that and then u will see what i am saying. no kids outsell these “old” rappers and it might be 4 a reason. think about it. nuff said….my fav sgt rock quote. 1

Comment by mercilesz 06.22.08 @

This post is hilarious but I don’t seriously agree with much of it. I co-sign everything Robbie M. has to say. Hip hop has spread and diversified into so many genres by 2008 that it seems pointless to force circa ’92 definitions about what is acceptable, particularly with image. These styles and subject matter, retro and hipster though they may be, are often more original than the battle punchlines and gun raps that have been run into the ground for the last 10 years. Most of the above acts come off as talented rappers or producers that clearly love classic hip hop . . . I don’t care what they wear or what suburb they’re from.

Comment by Slo Mo 06.22.08 @

straight up, the problem is not hipster rap, its fuckin hipsters. these rich white kids that were indie rock last year now rockin tight blacks with new eras and dookies doin ballbag manhattan jerk dances to 36 and shit. They’re a problem because it is ALL A JOKE TO THEM. shit is racist as a mf and if you ever been to one of those “mash-up” nights you know exactly what i mean. rappers like cool kids etc are taking advantage of a new market, but they are not nearly as questionable as that actual market. ya dig?

Comment by famous 06.23.08 @



Comment by DARIUS 06.24.08 @

Lupe Fiasco is mediocre at best. NERD and K.I.T.H. aren’t even worth talking about. But there is a whole underground (international) movement out there that’s infinitely more interesting than any purist hip hop that’s out there right now. There are cats out there like Flying Lotus (try getting more hip-hop than being John Coltrane’s nephew) that are straight SCHOOLING the old-timers. On production, innovation, on moving the crowd. All of it. Let’s face it, there are new producers out there right now that make shit-hot beats for the clubs that make Premier or Pete Rock seem like fossils.

Do your homework. Even this UNKUT shit has at best a superficial (surface) understanding of what hip hop and real underground music has become. When 50 or Weezy is the Alternative, can you blame these kids for listening to MIA? Compared to 50 chillin out in the burbs with his hummer collection, homegirl is infintely more “real”.

Yallz some suckers.

Comment by mr monro 06.25.08 @

I ride with Mr. Monro. Take somebody like DJ A-TRAK (who gets hated on for being Kanye’s DJ)…dude has more skills than all you sorry ass “purist” heads combined. Oh, suddenly winning multiple DMC titles isn’t “hip-hop” enough? Sheeeet mang. I just saw brother WRECK a show in Barcelona for about 7,ooo people. You crusties ain’t on that level. Just ain’t. Get a passport dummy. It’s a great big world out there. And hip-hop IS big enough for all of it.

Comment by sorenja 06.25.08 @

Lupe Fiasco is mediocre at best. NERD and K.I.T.H. aren’t even worth talking about. But there is a whole underground (multi-national) movement out there that’s infinitely more interesting than any “purist” hip hop out there right now. There are cats out there like Flying Lotus (try getting more hip-hop than being John Coltrane’s nephew) that are straight SCHOOLING the old-timers. On production, innovation, on moving the crowd. All of it. Let’s face it, there are new producers out there right now that make shit-hot beats for the clubs that make Premier or Pete Rock seem like fossils.

Do your homework. Even this UNKUT shit has (at best) a superficial (surface) understanding of what hip hop and real underground music has become.

When 50 or Weezy is the alternative, can you blame these kids for listening to MIA? Compared to 50, chillin out in the burbs with his hummer collection, homegirl is infintely more “real”. And this aint some old vs young shit either (I’m in my 30s). There’s some next-level shit that gets lumped into this “hipster rap” category, and it makes me want to blast you crusty old heads back your bedrooms in New Jersey. Fuck all these “rap cats”. I want some joints that SLAP, you smell me?

Yall some suckers.

Comment by monro 06.25.08 @

how is being coltranes nephew hip hop? he never made a rap record.

Comment by mercilesz 06.26.08 @

I don’t think dude has to spell out the connection(s), historical or otherwise, between jazz and hip-hop. derkhead.

Comment by whatever 06.27.08 @

ha ha there are none.

Comment by mercilesz 06.28.08 @

if you’re well-versed in quality, classic tunes from the 80s and 90s, then you probably aint listenin’ to this junk. reason being that you know there’s such a vast library of solid work from that period that you could rotate that stuff indefinitely an ita never get tired.. if you AINT thoroughly familiar with all the classics (few heads really are), then you should get ya head right; not skip all that gold in favor of bein’ up on the latest piss record barfed forth from these overly fashion-conscious and underskilled “acts”.

“speak ya peace / then slide like grease”

Comment by StimpsonJCat 06.28.08 @

btw- i aint neva heard of most of these acts until this post (seems i’da been better off, for the most part). BUT, MIA (who i hadn’t heard of at all prior to this post) really aint that bad. i checked her out and she’s a fine-lookin’ woman, and i think she’s kinda original.

Comment by StimpsonJCat 06.28.08 @

i agreee with Kidz In Da Hall, a lot of these groups have “Work To Do”

Comment by richdirection 06.29.08 @

At 26, I fall in with the “oldetimers” here. This trash strikes me as a fundamental redefinition of the genre. Rap’s gotten dumb, but its never been weak. That’s some sh*t you just don’t do. Period.

Luckily, if the trend continues in 60 years I’ll round up a posse at the retirement home, put on some Pac, and go bitchslap a youngblood in front of his girl.

Comment by ridiculousX 07.13.08 @

Look the clothing is ridiculous!! Tight ass jeans ain’t never been cool. And most of the songs suck!!

Comment by DLP 08.17.08 @

What do Lil’ Mama and the Cool Kids have in common? I’m fairly certain that Lil’ Mama is hip-pop created by the RIAA al la Soulja Boi and the Cool Kids are indie hip hoppers. NERD? Any self respecting hipster has to deign them. Seriously, I’m not sure this guy knows what he is talking about. There is a lot of good hip hop floating around, but none of that shit can be found on the radio.

Comment by Jebus 08.28.08 @

take lil mama off the list, she’s not a hipster and the girl is only 17 jeez, if anything it’s kiddie rap.

Any who I pick Lupe just because he’s a Muslim and them niggas aint right.

Comment by Boom 11.04.08 @

Wow Boom

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.04.08 @

You guys are boring. I’ve never seen a group so obsessed with tight jeans. What’s the problem with people making different shit? I can’t understand why people are so threatened by such a non-threatening subculture. Oh and that “columbine ruined bullying” BULLSHIT was the most ridiculous garbage i’ve ever read. go back to your frat bro dude.

Comment by Donny Tilla 11.14.08 @

“Any who I pick Lupe just because he’s a Muslim and them niggas aint right.”

thats some straight up racist, ignorant bullshit. get your info on Muslims from somewhere other than the republican party asshole.

Comment by Donny Tilla 11.14.08 @

I blame the internet, way back when there wasn’t any outlet for people of the previous generation to speak up on how wack certain shit was… people just got shoved into astro vans instead. Nowadays we all cry and bitch and moan on blogs and youtube comments. It makes us all look like old timers. I propose this: instead of writing 90 paragraphs about how the new hip hop sucks compared to the shit that was popping when we were teenagers, let’s just start merking people again.

Comment by drunkendragon 02.24.09 @

Also, you cum puking faggots that always come up with the tired ass “if you aint sellin records you ain’t hot” argument can go play in traffic. “If you go platinum, it’s got nothing to do with luck / it just means that a million people are as stupis as fuck”. Dickheads

Comment by drunkendragon 02.24.09 @

this hipster rap is some real fake shit.

I stay away from hipsters. Their really fake people who think they’re genuine and original.

Comment by dave 05.12.09 @

I am 32 years old and all these cats are all wack in a sense.I don’t hate on The Cool Kids becuz they got some dope beats and their image is right in your face throwback style paying homage to the 80’s. They are the only ones doing it right if your gonna have that be your steez.The Kidz in The Hall are straight fags,the black dude raps like ass and always shouting out throwback kicks and other 80’s and 90’s bullshit in his lyrics, and they make wannabee bullshit music.That “I Got It Made” track is a completely horrible and wack ass homage to a track that can’t be touched. Kanye still has lyrics but does so much gay ass diva shit that just makes him look like a clown.The Neptunes ahve made some crazy beats through the years so I can’t diss them.Lupe has some dope tracks but his skater poser image is corny.Someone please shoot Lil’ mama and tell her she sucks,plus M.I.A. is fuckin’ garbage.

Comment by BeanTown Breezy 07.28.09 @

If I saw most of these cats I’d spit at them or treat em like the bitches they are.

Comment by BeanTown Breezy 07.28.09 @

Well HipSter Rap has it’s good and bad just like Gangster Rap e.g M.I.A wack Lupe good Jah Rule wack The DOC awesome

As this is an aesthetic for the new generation the 80’s babies but their Ipods still pack N.W.A, Rakim, KRS,Run DMC and classics by the pounds. NO DOUBT about it.

I am Beyond demographics .You motherfuckers are worse than Jim Crow you want to tell me how to dress,talk,dance and associate. I Do What I Like. know THAT.

Comment by TwoSiX 07.06.10 @

BeanTown Breezy youre a bitch and you wouldnt do a goddamn thing if you saw any of those acts cuz youre a nobody from nowhere and want to be just like them and you would suck their dicks if they unzipped their pants without even looking at you and thats the motherfucking truth.

Comment by IMAREALLYCOOLGUYHAHA 08.02.10 @

Big big rapstar Kanye West

Comment by the22s 10.24.10 @

This a good read exposing faggot shit..

Comment by TheIII 04.24.12 @

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