Hipster Rap Fans Catch Feelings
Thursday June 05th 2008,
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Looks like there are some hurt feelings out there. Some humorless prick over at The Chicago Reader attempted to lick some proverbial shots back at ya boy after I shat on his hometown heroes.

“Don’t Hate Them Because They’re Hip”

The hack that put this piece together makes several incorrect assumptions – primarily that I give a shit. He also seems to have issues with who I did/didn’t include, but since I didn’t spend a great deal of time researching the post I guess it’s my bad that I don’t know who Spank Rock is. There’s also some mention of “homosexual panic”, which sounds like something that you might experience during your first night in the bing. The funniest part of the whole thing is the idea that Unkut Dot Com is a “high-minded blog” that criticizes “mainstream rappers”. Elsewhere, there’s a blog post by some kid called Corey listing six reasons why my article was pure evil. Good times all round, really.

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Oh fuck them. I don’t disagree with you one bit about “hipster rap”.

People are so damn sensitive these days. How dare you have an opinion!

Whats even funnier is the number of people who voted for the biggest douchebags in hipster rap.

Props to you Robbie for tellin shit like it is.

It’s a damn joke.

Comment by JMack 06.05.08 @

Funny that he called your site a old school site..Last time I checked your sight you had more recent material on div share…..The article dissin you was trash, with no valid points…….Listen people, trendy Hip Hop is just that, a trend…..A gimmick is a gimmick, and it’s not hard to tell that this bullshit is already on it’s way out…..Fools.

Comment by shamz 06.05.08 @

cold fuck ’em

Comment by Dankweed 06.05.08 @

toys man…these dudes are prob under 20

Comment by max_bills 06.05.08 @

“If you pants are so tight that you can see the change in your pockets you need to take that money to the shop and buy some new ones”

Let the good times roll.

Comment by ED209˚ 06.05.08 @

Here’s a fun game – hope on over to CoreyBean’s waste-of-pixels and try and find a ‘comment’ made on one of his blogs…EVER.

Must be nice to have got some feedback on a blog for once … oh … maybe not.

Comment by ED209˚ 06.05.08 @

kinda funny.they diss u 4 bein into 80’s and 90’s but thats what they wanna emulate.

Comment by mercilesz 06.05.08 @

We got your back Rob!

Comment by End Level Boss 06.05.08 @

When I was a seventh grader in ’88, I wished they sold fake gold cables like Kane’s at the mall. These kids dont know how godd they got it!!Love It!

Comment by chronwell 06.05.08 @

“a sonic explorer like Kanye”
lol, who writes that?

Comment by Liam 06.05.08 @

You know I planned not to contribute to this particuliar post,not because I don’t agree with it’s brillance,but because it helps a complictaed situation become more complicated,.O.C.once said that,”he remembers when emcees would at least put a”little”knowledge”on their albums,and that statement was made in ’96.
Today,HipHop is fine,and”rap-music”has been remade into”pop”,the”powers that be”are grooming these young artist to do pop music,but dressed and expressing themselves like ’80’s artist.Hoping in doing so,that it will be nearly impossible to trace back HipHop & Rap music’s original roots.The sad thing is many ’80’s HipHop greats and ’90’s artist are A&Ring these new cats,and helping the process with”bullshit”like the”white rapper show”,that was developed to push white rap and HipHop fans away from the culture and genre by”parodying them”.
I can’t call that”Hipster”crap HipHop or rap,it’s the shit Hammer was doing,and the HipHop community declared War on his ass.The Hipster cats are”entertainers,throwing on gold chains,and using slang and break-beats,is about as HipHop as Alicia Keyes and R.Kelly.

Comment by Roger Jones 06.05.08 @

The truth hurts sir. Should I inject some sort of sarcasm about how I’m surprised that these hipster-hop fans were able to have there “feelings” hurt? Naw? I wouldn’t want them to take off there Member’s Only jacket and ask me to step outside.

Comment by Jo-DBL 06.05.08 @

At the risk of outing myself in my town, (not that I really give a sh@t, either) I have met this fellow, Mr. Raymer. And his present girlfriend. Let’s just say that where fellow Chicagoan R. Kelly f@#ked up was by videotaping himself in the act. I’ll read the article before I comment further.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 06.05.08 @

bunch of gaylords. get to the back

Comment by ao 06.06.08 @

to hell with all that hipster shit that is taking over

Comment by P 06.06.08 @

I quite like annoyinh hipster hoppers (there I’ve given them a new buzz word), by saying I don’t like hiphop, but I love rap music! That really gets them going. Slag off some young pup breaking (but forgetting the dancing bit), and they turn blue in the face,which helps them match their raf simmons ltd edition colourway dunks.

It seems no matter what scene you dig on, you have to like everything and are not allowed to hate on anything anymore. Fuck that!

Comment by farns 06.06.08 @

wtf? this dude think everything that has to do with rap, has gotta turn into game vs 50?

Comment by brian 06.06.08 @

Hey, I’m from chicago and I couldn’t agree with you more. Fuck the cool kids, fuck these hip hopster motherfuckers. Damn… misrepresentin chicago, making everyone believe chicago is some land of pussy ass hip hop.

Comment by IronLung 06.06.08 @

I’m from Chicago too and I’m down with IronLung. I’d love to tie all these damn fools in a sack and dump them in the river. THANK YOU for speaking the truth!!!

Comment by Emlee 06.06.08 @

forget these clown ass bloggers, they don’t have a pinch of knowledge compared to Robbie, to put it simply its like Whoo Kid said on Agallah’s F.A.M.E. album, these gimmick ass hip hop acts are like mc hammer, a fucking gimmick, and when they have been through the meatgrinder no one wants to hear that shit anymore, they want the next gimmick, its all a fucking marketing scheme, don’t get me completely wrong though, some of it here and there is like whoa thats new and fresh, but then you realize its just been done 20 years ago, they are just biting, you think, oh wait, thats why i recognize that, its run dmc, its 2 live crew (spank rock), its 8ball and MJG, etc, etc, etc. everybody has got their own opinion, i just think some of them should keep that shit to themselves, bunch of fucking metrosexual hip hop heads

Comment by gstatty 06.07.08 @

Corey had good points about your hipster rap post. He didn’t argue that your post was “pure evil” he just laid out why it failed. I can respect that you don’t like “hipster rap” but the arguments you presented didn’t fly–especially all the homophobic crap.

Comment by Reckless 06.07.08 @

Exactly- Reckless gets where I was coming from. Robbie, You are entitled to your opinions about what you do & don’t like. Doesn’t make you evil (or wrong, even), but you could have come at the topic with a bit more sophistication. It’s not about being high-minded, it just makes it easier to understand your point. As I stated over at my my own blog, I enjoy most of what I read here. It’s miles ahead of most hip hop blogs. As far as all the homo talk, I saw that mostly in the comments. And it is silly, sorry. I visit quite a few spots around the internet in my quest for music, & most hip hop blogs are less fun to read due to all that homophobic ignorance.

I read the comments here & on my blog (You guys really do care! Sniff!) My blog is mainly read by a few of my friends who actually give two shits about my opinions. I find it’s an easier way to share what I love with them as opposed to sending around e-mails & myspace messages. I find it funny that there’s so much venom from those of you who posted comments. You seem to have taken things more personally than Robbie, who actual wrote the post! Guys, it’s okay if people disagree with you; it isn’t some slight against you as a person. Also, reread what you guys posted here & at my blog & ask yourselves do differing opinions on music really warrant that level of bile? Really? Some of you took time out of your day just to say some dumb hateful stuff to some guy you disagreed with you in the comments of a music blog… If we were all in the same room having this whole debate, I bet we’d probably crack a few jokes & leave it at that. I’m not sure what else you guys read or who you talk to, but the way you guys express yourselves is less than becoming & makes it easier to tune out your opinions, even if some of you have good & valid points.

As for me being “some kid”, I’m 27 years old. If that is cause for some of you to look down your noses at me, I invite you once again to reread what you posted here & there, versus how I’ve conducted myself in all of this.

Anyway, I like unkut & look foward to future interviews & music!

Comment by CoreyBean 06.08.08 @

You are being sssso cruel. just sssssssstop!

Comment by Lupe 06.08.08 @

So called hipsters, regardless of said age, have no understanding of the past that theyre trying to comment on with new music. Most of these fools were listening to radiohead in the 90’s, and now are trying to emulate the culture they missed out on during most’s golden era.

But it’s all a marketing campaign anyways to sell you suckas 150 dollar kicks that aren’t worth their weight in shit.

You may not be a kid, fool, but you are in this hip-hop global village…

Comment by Cab 540 heelflip 06.08.08 @

Not sure if this is relevant, but doesn’t the “hip” part in “hipster” come from the same “hip” as in “hip-hop”?

Comment by djpoom 06.08.08 @

I’m just gonna call a spade a spade- a lot of you guys just seem bitter and old. I’m not saying all these artists that you’ve lumped into the “hipster” group and necessarily good, but the very fact that you would lump Kanye or Lupe in with Lil Mama tells me that you’re clearly judging on aesthetic alone, and not the music itself. And isn’t that what you “purist” types pride yourself on? The fact that you’re alledgedly NOT caught up in image and you’re all about the music? So why does it now become an issue of sunglasses, pants, and shoes, things that are (according to you guys) not supposed to matter when it comes to the music? I don’t agree 100% with the Chicago Reader article, but I think they’ve got it NAILED when they speak on how a lot of “purists” are very over-serious and have almost anal-retentive standards for music, all the while forgetting that some of their favorites knew how to have fun. De La Soul had fun, Quest had fun, Biz had fun… everything wasn’t doom and gloom and “depth” all the time. But now, here comes something else that may not be OF that era, but is somewhat reminiscent of the fact that hip-hop artists can be light-hearted… and the traditionalists all start crying and boo-hooing about how it isn’t “real” or whatever other silly complaints they have. You’ll never catch me bumpin’ Lil Mama or Kid Sister or Spankrock by ANY means, but I suppose it’s not for me, thus I keep it moving- no need to cry about it. Life moves entirely too fast to spend time being mad at something I’m not interested in to begin with.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 06.08.08 @

Robbie Lad.

Never mind the tight jean ponce stuff….where are those Rap-a-lot interviews you promised us???

Comment by DUB SEA 06.08.08 @

^ Check back tomorrow.

Comment by Robbie 06.08.08 @

Ready Red comin’ atchu/ holdin’ my motherfuckin ground like a statue!”

Comment by Bogartineverymuhfuckinthang 06.09.08 @

FUck are you pansies crying about?

The game , and people in general need to harden the fuck up.

Stop crying up your favorite hipster, faggoty artists gettin dissed, and grow some balls.

This whole politically correct shit needs to stop.

Whatever happened to calling it like it is, and calling out the wack rappers? (and bloggers alike)

Grow some balls you sensitive, new age pussies.

Unkut.com vs Teh Internets

Comment by AFFEX 06.09.08 @

the pic on this post is HI-LA-RIOUS..who gives a fuck who wearin tight jeans or whateva,the only question i have is the music good..ya’ lumpin in lupe in wit’ these otha fools(MIA?Kid Sister?) like he wack. i lov this site but sometimes i gotta scratch my head at how some people have become music “snobs”

Comment by dj blendz 06.09.08 @

co-sign danja

Comment by mercilesz 06.09.08 @

danja if you think that Lupe and Kanye are non-dis worthy you have a problem with your hip hop dna… which might’ve been developed cuz you are too young to realize the jedi way or becuz you are just a mark… I dunno which it is, but this shit has nothin to do with age and everything to do with actual fresh which is handed down by those in the know to those that want to be in it and respect what it takes… apparently you are not… Lupe and Kanye are money hungry victims of the capitalistic society that original rap spoke against, regardless of braggadocio… apparently you havn’t been hipped (ha, ha usin that word) which is cool these days cuz you got a bunch of douchebags to cosign for you, but us other true believers who used to keep all you marks in the dark and get fresh at will are still laughing at you toys over and over again, regardless of your so-called douchebag credentials… go read Harlan Ellison “Memos From Purgatory” and chapter 3 of jeff chang’s book whiner… sounds to me like yer the one who’s whining for not being allowed in the gang, rather than us making fun of the ones who don’t have the balls and wherewithal to hunt the records and continue the thing that started it in the first muhfuckin place, why is that so difficult to get? hey dj blendz: Lupe IS wack, duh, Q-Tip middleaged on coke is better than him any day and I ain’t a snob I’m a fuckin b-boy down for his.

Comment by Bogartineverymuhfuckinthang 06.10.08 @

if you dont think De la, ATCQ, and biz had depth yer a fuckin joke who never listened… those cats were so fuckin hardcore yer stupid, context is everything and in today’s context these douchebags are not even close to breaking the barriers that those artists did, I’m so tired of pointing out he obvious: these kids are not trying to invent, they are copying poorly… and fuckin aye this blog is not about drug dealing and murder it’s about good hip hop music which often comes from those environments where that shit happens you can’t fault that, fawk! if any of the mentioned bullshit artists could come 50% as hard as Oodles of Os and Afro connections at the Hi5 I’d give em a pass… give up man, the argument is one-sided as it should be… have you ever seen Trugoy cheese or pose for the man? I guess you feel ok with hip hop feeling safe for conventional folks, but to me it was always the exact opposite of that.

Comment by Bogartineverymuhfuckinthang 06.10.08 @

oh… and corey bean crumbled like most marks do… in this kingdom there’s many castles, but most fall to rubble at the mention of battle…

Comment by Bogartineverymuhfuckinthang 06.10.08 @

the cool kids are NWA?!?!?!? when are the cool kids gonna be investigated by the fbi and cia or whoever the fuck?!?!? it (this douchebag rap) is just totally different and way more acceptable and okay from a high school guidance counselers point of veiw… it really has nothing to do with Eazy E being able to rap or not, which he fuckin could… seriously blood run the rapalot shit so I can forget these chumps exist

Comment by stemsseedsandresin...so? 06.10.08 @

how is millie pulled a pistol on santa fun?

Comment by stemsseedsandresin...so? 06.10.08 @

If we were all in the same room having this whole debate, I bet we’d probably crack a few jokes & leave it at that.

yeah let me be there, I’ll tell you a fuckin joke

Comment by stemsseedsandresin...so? 06.10.08 @

I ain’t worried about being “less than becoming” neever

Comment by stemsseedsandresin...so? 06.10.08 @

wait till kanye brings out a cologne … now you can smell like him… instead of diddy

Comment by sb_uno 06.10.08 @

any you youngens wanna know what doin this shit is need to go hear what Skeme says in the kitchen wit his moms (it’s called Style Wars, prioritize it on your netflix am I speaking your readymade language yet?)… LEE from wildstyle: “How can you sit in a window and look at trains and call yourself a writer, man? you gotta do the action… you gotta rack up…”

Comment by bboyscoobydoo 06.10.08 @

What the hipster crew and those speaking up for it aren’t really appreciating is the way that they’re being sold shit shined up to be gold, but culturally, it’s really recent regurgitation. The form hasn’t had THAT much of a chance to change and move and develop. Where the freak-folk scene is trading on things that are considerably older, these guys are taking from people still putting out records. It’s not about older heads being precious or up-tight neither. It’s about the fact that anyone with the slightest working knowledge of the landscape knows that it’s some diet off-brand shit. Culture barfing on itself and some young dogs comin to lick it up is all.
An aside: I wouldn’t even begin to include M.I.A in all of this. I think she’s far above it and is considerably more daring than the others mentioned there.

Comment by georgedevogue 06.10.08 @

Fuck this hipster rap fashion bullshit,this is not real Chicago hip hop.

Comment by Shaek45 06.10.08 @

ayo bogartineverymufuckinthang…

The assumptions made in your response were both off-base and also very representative of exactly what I was talking about regarding the super-purists who jump to conclusions before really knowing what they’re talking about.

I’m 28, I’ve been listening to hip-hop since the mid-80s when I was a little kid. Trust me, I know my shit when it comes to the music as well as the culture of hip-hop. If you read my post thoroughly, then you would’ve already seen me say that a lot of that stuff is not necessarily MY thing- I think I’ve conveyed that message CLEARLY in this whole discussion, so it doesn’t really matter to me whether you “purist” folk “accept” them or not.

As far as the “depth” issue- yes, lots of artists had “depth” to their music. Even ATCQ, De La, and Biz. But how many people think of Biz and think “man, he was deep”? THAT was all I’m saying- a lot of people take this shit waaaaay too seriously sometimes, and it makes me question how much they really know about hip-hop and its history, or do they just know what they CHOOSE to know about it? Sometimes I get the feeling that some of these people such as Kanye and Lupe are getting criticism NOW because they’ve managed to crack the mainstream. If they were on some half-dead record label with about 30,000 records sold between the two of them, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I’ve been a hip-hop fan long enough to know that once someone cracks through, the purist opinion is ALWAYS subject to change.

OH… and to the dude asking “how is ‘millie pulled a pistol on santa’ fun?” You know what I meant. They had serious songs as well, but let’s not pretend that was their m.o. at the time. if you just wanna bring up “Millie”, then remember to bring up “Buddy” and “Me Myself & I” and “Saturday” and “Bitties In The BK Lounge” and etc., etc.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 06.10.08 @

^co-sign 100% w/Danja. the worst thing is that most, if not all, of the stuff that gets lumped into “hipster rap” does actually suck and there are plenty of valid criticisms that could be made instead of wasting time with this bullshit. its’ apathy for one; the dude who asked when the cool kids are going to get investigated by the fbi had a point – even though NWA’s view was nihilist, anti-politics at least they were saying something. and they scared the shit out of people. but that’s what happens in pop music. things that are dangerous get snatched up by the industry, watered down and marketed back as safe, manageable rebellion. rap certainly ain’t the first genre to see it happen either. same thing happened when “rock’n’roll” got respectable and turned into “rock”, or when punk became New Wave, funk begat disco. if people want to see who really let the legacy of N.W.A and P.E. down they should look at all the by-the-numbers gangsta rap that kids from the suburbs snapped up in droves in the early-mid 90s. of course, that would require self-examination as most of those artists were “real” enough to pass muster with hip-hop’s cultural gatekeepers, and it’s much easier to blast an easy target like dudes who wear tight pants. anyway, the other thing about pop is that the music & politics, or lack thereof, are only tangentially related, so you can wind up a bunch of dope gangsta, New Wave and disco records (the latter, of course, providing breaks for many great old-school cuts) even if the original element of danger has been toned down for sale to bland, mostly white people. me, I much prefer Rap-A-Lot to any of the so-called “hipster” stuff but I don’t see what the point of wasting energy hating it is either. live and let live – it’s not like Kidz in the Hall are going around telling people to smash their G Rap records for chrissakes. of course, being that Unkut (and all respect due, again, to Robbie here for all the interviews and other great stuff he posts) is like the epitomy of bitter old heads sitting around whinging I doubt this holier-than-thou circle jerk is going to stop anytime soon.

Comment by padraig 06.10.08 @

hey dj blendz: Lupe IS wack, duh, Q-Tip middleaged on coke is better than him any day and I ain’t a snob I’m a fuckin b-boy down for his.
@bogartineverymuhfuckinthang:homey i grew up on Q-tip(and i def. agree with the first part of that statement)but that dont mean i remain a bitter,old fart that dont wanna appreciate the new kids comin up..check ur self b.

Comment by dj blendz 06.13.08 @

UnKut what up?

I am fucking with that Young Veteran’s track on the Incarcerated P drop. How do you compare this album to the ‘Return of the Mac’?

Obviously the artwork is better.

Fuck these faggy-rap fans. These punk ass kids walk around with boom boxes and impunity. They could never get away with that shit 25 years ago.

Comment by DP 06.18.08 @

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