Ten Reasons Why H.N.I.C 2 Might Be The Album of The Year

No doubt you’ve been following Prodigy ‘s antics in recent times. In between his usual antics, “Field Marshal P” has gone and followed-up the surprisingly enjoyable Return Of The Mac with H.N.I.C. 2, which I assumed was gonna be a pile of steaming horse shit. Turns out it’s one of the most entertaining records I’ve heard in a long time. Let me break it down:

1. The Cover – Not only do we get a bunch of Streetwear P‘s posing in various garish outfits, but he’s added little hand-drawn syringes, pills, bottles of booze and even dice!

2. The Booklet – Lyric Book P kindly included his complete lyrics for your reading pleasure: “Yo P I can rhyme/ 50 Cent did it, I can do this shit too/ But you not 50, he a individual”. Say word.

3. He calls himself “a handsome shooter” and describes himself as “the skateboarder, surfboarded, snowboarder”. Surfboard P is gnarly, broseph!

4. Claims that he was in the car when his pops robbed a jewelery store when he was eight years old. It’s unclear whether or not he was driving the getaway car himself.

5. Includes a bonus “Spanish” version of “A.B.C.” which is just certain lines translated and spoken by some robot voice.

6. The Beats – Alchemist and Sid Roames deliver some seriously dope music, which reminds me of a 70’s horror flick (in a good way).

7. Responds to lyrical shots from Nas and Jay with: “You thought something sweet? Believe Jay if you want/Ga head beleive Nas or whoever you choose/You come on over here and you gonna see the truth”. That’ll learn ’em, right?

8. Halfway through “Young Veterans” it sounds like he’s rapping underwater. That’d be another first for this trailblazer.

9. Includes a prison yard photo of his pops, which is so ignorant that it it wins.

10. Despite the fact that Illuminati P can barely string two words together and hardly even bothers to actually rhyme during many verses, this shit is nuttier than anything Ol’ Dirty ever did. Straightjacket P for the win!

Prodigy – “Young Veterans”

“Dirty New Yorker” video:

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yo yo, shit is mad real right now thdun

Comment by idris intifada 06.19.08 @

Halfway through “Young Veterans” it sounds like he’s rapping underwater. That’d be another first for this trailblazer.

^ ^ ^^
it doesnt sound anything like what T-Pain does, now does it?

Comment by steffafi 06.19.08 @

They lit the pentagon on fireee
That’s lightin a pentagram on fireee

Comment by CS 06.19.08 @

The production on this is on some serious Italian horror movie type shit (Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, etc). Al and Sid musta been watching a lot of Fulci shit.

Comment by Eons 06.19.08 @

Funny stuff, but na on the real; “Return of The Mac” was my fave record of last year. Shit was fire. And Alchemist killed every beat on there. HNIC2 is pretty good, but it aint that great. If P didn’t have to rush it (because of the bid) HNIC2 just might have been a classic. The dark, lethargic production only supplements where P is coming from. And he gets away with off-beat flow and occasional non-rhyming because his delivery is so great. Even the demon voices on tracks like “Real Power Is People” is more enjoyable than I ever would have guessed.

Comment by Incilin 06.19.08 @

Mad and good at the same time.

Comment by End Level Boss 06.19.08 @

Yo, I thro’ a T.V. at you crazy! P must have a whole lotta’ fun makin’ his rekids.

Comment by Len Dunn 06.19.08 @

how? B.A.N. this album is ok but prod is losing a step I hope he come out the pin and spit some of that old infamous fire.

Comment by Avenger XL 06.19.08 @

More gullyness from the man who rapped “It be a manslaughter, right in front of the kids – a little blood get on my daughter, it’s nothin’, she’ll live (Wipe that off)”

P for President.

Comment by Keyboard K 06.20.08 @

funny how niggas spit what they don’t live. Nigga in his 30’s? grow up spit something productive for the youth. Wanksta

Comment by GSNT 12.13.08 @

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