Blogs Are For Homos

I mentioned this earlier, but after hearing the new LL Cool J mixtape I got to thinking that there seems to be a lot of ill will towards blogs by certain artists. Not sure if it’s gossip blogs, bootlegging blogs or just shit-talking blogs that have these dudes pissed, but I’ve interviewed both of ’em and they never said anything about it, so I can’t help but wonder which spots are to blame. It’s kinda tough to fault J-Love‘s reasoning on this one though – a lot of rap blogs are gay as fuck.

J-Love – ‘Blogs R 4 Homos’ (cut ‘n paste highlights from his new CD)

LL Cool J – ‘You Don’t Want It With The G.O.A.T.’

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lol @ J-Love. Looks like someone’s words got up under his skin. “Your mothers a filthy whore for bearing your birth.”

Really though…the best rebuttals they have are momma jokes?


*goes back to typing on a blog*

Comment by John Gotty™ 07.01.08 @

Ah, J-Love, did someone hurt your ickle feelings? I prefer a gay blog to him talking all over a mediocre mixtape again.

*also goes back to typing on a blog*

Comment by Drew Huge 07.01.08 @

And no, I don’t want it with a goat. What am I, a pervert?

Comment by Drew Huge 07.01.08 @

I’m guessing some blog asked the question why a pasty overweight ginger whiteman like J. Love is always saying N*GGA all over his tapes or something?

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 07.01.08 @

that beat at the end of j loves rant is fire.

Comment by bbatson 07.01.08 @

Care to elaborate on WHO you’re talking about ????

Comment by LowKey 07.01.08 @

After listening to LL’s track,and recently listening to “design of a decade”mix cd by Cannon and Skillz,you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know who “Ghostwrote” this joint.

Comment by Roger Jones 07.01.08 @

“that beat at the end of j loves rant is fire”
^ That’s the new Puba shit.

“Care to elaborate on WHO you’re talking about ????”
^ Me or J-Love?

Comment by Robbie 07.02.08 @

Who blogs about J-Love? I mean like ever.

Personally, I’m more pissed that he believes he can use the N-word because he knows Ghostface. We already have one white mixtape DJ awkwardly screaming the N-word on his shitty mixtapes, J-Love, and his name is DJ Drama.

Comment by DocZeus 07.03.08 @

j-love sounds like he’s feelings got hurt, but he’s nice man i cant hate. he puts a lotta ill shit on his mixtapes

Comment by eightyfive 07.06.08 @

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