‘Scenario’ (Unreleased Version)

As he promised in the comments of the last post, Peter Divito from 2020Proof has come through in the clutch and laced me with one of the original takes of ‘Scenario’ featuring the whole Native Tongues crew.

* Since Divshare keeps failing, here’s a few other ways to check this track:

A Tribe Called Quest feat. De La Soul, Black Sheep & L.O.N.S. – ‘Scenario’ (Unreleased Version)

Turns out there’s another version according to DJ Johnny Juice:

“This is NOT the version I had. Pos’ verse was waaaay better. Brown’s verse was different too. Mase was on it as well as Baby Chris Lighty. And no one did “What’s the Scenario” for a hook. This version must have been done after I bounced.”

Here’s Juice’s back-story about the very first take if you missed it previously:

A Tribe Called Quest was doing ‘Scenario’. It was me, Dinco, Busta, Jarobi was there – everybody was in that motherfucker – Dres from Black Sheep was there, both of ’em, Chris Lighty, Mase and Pos from De La, all them motherfuckers rhymed on ‘Scenario’. Everybody rhymed on it but Q-Tip, and the best motherfucker on that shit was Posdnuos. He fuckin’ destroyed it, and he ain’t even like the beat! And after he finished rhyming, everybody went back and rewrote their rhymes!

We was at Unique Studio, that motherfucker finished rhyming, he came out and goes, ‘That shit was wack.’ That’s what Pos said. In the middle of his shit, everybody was like, ‘Damn, yo!’ That’s how nice that shit was. He made ’em turn off all the samples, ‘cos they had like 15 samples in there. They had an ‘Engine Number 9’ sample, that shit by Wilson Pickett, they had four or five samples on there that came on for different people, and Pos didn’t like none of ’em so he just rhymed to the drums, and that motherfucker destroyed it. That shit wasn’t even close.

I guess the search continues…..

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Kid Hood & L.O.N.S – ‘Scenario’ (Remix)

A Tribe Called Quest feat. L.O.N.S – ‘Scenario’ (Young Nation Remix)

‘Scenario’ (LP Version) video:

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dope…glad they re-did it tho

Comment by mercilesz 07.29.08 @

I’m glad those vibes weren’t in the final version; they’re sort of distracting I can see why they scrapped this though.

Comment by haroon 07.29.08 @

Wow. Great to listten too..but, I glad they redid it. Sounds unfocused, but it was a demo so, I not going to sweat the issues. But, Glad I got to listem to the demo.

Comment by John Q 07.29.08 @

fuck yeah man…

Comment by max_bills 07.29.08 @


Comment by JC 07.29.08 @

!!!!! I’m speechless

Comment by quan 07.29.08 @

dope! thanks peter + robbie

Comment by KQ 07.29.08 @

Phife’s verse on this was better than the official version, though his verse on the remix is the illest.

Comment by Black Stabbath 07.29.08 @

Did you even hear the Kid Hood version?

Comment by Tillz 07.29.08 @


Comment by swordfish 07.29.08 @

Made my day. Thanks a mill. BTW, any Tonguesters should consider joining the Native Tongues Group on Last.FM

Comment by acidjazzy 07.29.08 @


Comment by J Pro 07.30.08 @

daaaamn, robbie(& peter). thanks immensely, as always..

Comment by brewster jennings 07.30.08 @

This is a crazy chunk of Hip-Hop history right here. Thanks


Comment by Delgodo 07.30.08 @

That ain’t Dres, that’s Mr. Lawnge from Black Sheep, who really shouldn’t be allowed near the mic.

Comment by clarkent 07.30.08 @

epic piece of history!

Comment by snowdonkey 07.30.08 @

Anyone else having problems listening to any of these. None of em work, except the video. Thanks

Comment by marhood 07.30.08 @

song won’t play, nor does it download


Comment by Poochnuts 07.30.08 @

please, please , please re up!the world (if not the world at least me )need to listen to this!

Comment by mp 07.30.08 @

please god I’ve got to hear this song and it will not play, please answer my pleas

Comment by d. b. cooper 07.30.08 @

Yeah, pretty weird about the track not playing, not working for me either. Must not be compatible with flash 9. I thought something was buggy with my connection, glad to hear that other folks are having trouble :-/

works in firefox for some strange reasion, just not IE7

Comment by selecta 07.30.08 @


Comment by Robbie 07.31.08 @


Comment by mp 07.31.08 @

ho-ly shit




Comment by d. b. cooper 08.01.08 @

P L E A S E repost… on SendSpace.com for all to d/l.


Comment by cb 08.01.08 @


Comment by Robbie 08.01.08 @

daaam I heard rumors of this shit but I blanked it out of my mind after looking for too long..what a fucking suprise!!!! YEAH@!

…and if this “edited” demo is out here the real deal must not be far behind!!!!!!

Comment by Jonny 08.07.08 @

I wan’t to hear that scenario with De La and Big L and Tribe and Big Pun and Charley Brown and Dinco and Notorious battling MC Hood with Tupac on the autotune hook.

Comment by Dallas Penn 08.09.08 @

Yes that was Mr. Lawng but on the version I have (but can’t find on cassette somewhere) Dres does rhyme. Lawngs verse is the same, and that other dude is Baby Chris Lighty. Mase also kicked a verse on my version…


I got gift of gab and gift of hustle,
yeah I’m fat but I still got muscle.
Other MC’s still wanna tussle,
I spank that ass without no trouble…
(I can’t remember the rest…)

P.S. Those flicks at the top of the page are from the first session.

I got more, I’ll see if I can dig them up and scan them.

I just came back from the Gulf (just prior to the ground war – The FIRST one) and I lost alot of weight out there.

Comment by Johnny Juice 08.19.08 @

would love to her pos’ verse from that first session…and welcome back johnny!

Comment by shazam_bangles 08.21.08 @

Nice! and the remake is a straight classic! Yeah, all them samples were too much. But as always, I think Busta ripped it!

Comment by solrac2002 08.22.08 @

different scenario and rare tribe & brand nubian…


Comment by lanksta 08.25.08 @



Comment by lanksta 08.25.08 @

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