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Friday July 18th 2008,
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Here are a couple of alternative versions of some Lord Finesse productions. The 40 Oz. track is a slight reworking of the beat from Ak Skills “Check The Flava”…or maybe it’s the original song that was scrapped in favor of the Ak version? “Check The Method” was a joint that didn’t make the final cut of the Funkyman’s Awakening EP, although it saw a white label release. This version has some additions to the beat that weren’t on the bootleg version. From the new D.I.T.C. CD Unreleased Production 1994, which is full of vintage beats from Show and the rest of the crew – although you can understand why some of these tracks didn’t get released back then, as some of the rappers weren’t quite ready for prime time. Worth picking up on the strength of the music alone though.

40 Oz. & Ahmed – ‘Just One of Those Days’

Lord Finesse – ‘Check The Method’

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both tracks are the 40oz and ahmed joint…or is it just me?
anyway, great finds. Shame the DITC crew never got the true shine they deserved as a unit…and that Fat joe of all people, is the most successful dude out the crew.

Comment by DOC SAMSON 07.18.08 @

^ Fixed.

Comment by Robbie 07.18.08 @

ha ‘check the method’ contains some of the lords of the underground diss he kicked @ the rocksteady anniversary :

Comment by KQ 07.19.08 @

Does anyone know the name of the album that Finesse was set to release back in 1992-1993 that unfortunately got shelved when he had some issues with Warner Bros? I remember reading an review for the album in Spin magazine & they said it was ridiculous & gave it a 9/10. If I recall correctly Finesse had some trouble with his management & this was also when WB was going through all of that Cop Killer/Juvenile Committe/Paris/Kool G Rap/almighty RSO rap censorship stuff. I remember The Awakening dropping shortly after & being welcomed wiit rather poor reviews-specifically The Source complaining that Finesse was relying on dated & simple punchlines & similes such as “I’m not Burger King but you can have it your way”. If anyone has any info regarding this lost album I would be most grateful for the info. DITC fan since Funky Technician.

Comment by zacreole 07.19.08 @

^ Never heard about that. Finesse’s second album ‘Return of The Funkyman’ came out in ’91. That might be the one you mean. There was meant to be an album after ‘Awakening’ called ‘The Underboss’ that never came out, but that had nothing to do with Warner Bros.

Comment by Robbie 07.19.08 @

Thanks on the getback. Naw-It was supposed to be the third album. Dude, I wore out like 4 copies of Return of The Funkyman. This was the follow up to Return. Like I said, Spin & a few other pubs reviewed it & shortly thereafter it got 4080’d. I know that an album of previously unreleased material came out like last year. I’ve been wondering if it contains any of the the same material as the album I’m referring to.

Comment by zacreole 07.20.08 @

I spoke to finesse recently. The Underboss LP is STILL a work in progress… It’s got to be something like 4 years overdue now surely?

Comment by the average man 07.22.08 @

Yeah Finesse said the Underboss album may still come out and so should the remix album (but didn’t sound that convincing) you can peep my interview with him on my Radio blog here

Comment by Cro 07.29.08 @

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