Forgotten Etherings – Erule Overrules Ja-Rule
Thursday August 07th 2008,
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And you thought KRS vs. Nelly was a one-sided battle? It seems Erule took exception to Jeffrey Atkins nom de’plume and decided to set the record straight. It didn’t exactly set the world alight back in 2001 but dude’s flow is impeccable as always.

Erule – ‘One Rule’

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this flow is high octane. Damn!! Makes me hate this modern day rap even more, and makes me laugh harder at Weezy’s claim to be the greatest rapper alive.

Comment by Kai 08.07.08 @

I’ll never understand why a diss is now called an “ethering”.

Compared to Takeover or Second Round K.O., Ether is a pretty weak song.

Comment by SeventhSun 08.07.08 @

with all due respect,”Takeover”was a hot diss track,but Nas”re-defined”modern diss tracks with “ETHER”.And the fact that he came off a hiatus and”knocked”Jay back to reality while he was”red-hot”with(Blueprint)only made it more lethal.I believe Ether has replaced diss-track because of the’Ali vs.Foreman’type of defeat Nas handed Jay.Just my thoughts.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.07.08 @

It’s more because ‘ethering’ sounds better than ‘take-overed’ or ‘2nd round knock-outted’…

Comment by Robbie 08.08.08 @

or “One-ruled”!

i actually wish we used the term “South Bronx’d” though…
“Dude just got south bronx’d!”

Comment by snowdonkey 08.08.08 @

yeah, I’ll roll with “south bronx’d” great idea! I’m not a fan of “ether”, it’s cool but I think it is over-rated…highly.

As for Erule he still got that flow. I’m eager to hear more of his new and unreleased stuff.

Comment by kevin beacham 08.08.08 @

Please, let’s keep the annoying Nas fanboys like Roger Jones out of the comment section.

Thug Lovin’ by Ja Rule & Bobby Brown > Erule’s career of underwhelmingly average tracks.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 08.09.08 @

All other unkut comments > Sarcastic shit by Brian Beck from wisconsin tryin’ to convince the world that all underground rap sucks and mainstream is better

Comment by ceedub 08.09.08 @

@Brian Beck
the purpose of my comments and basically anyone else on is to share thoughts and info,what I said to Seventh Sun,was said respectively,not as a”diss”,”ethering”,or South Bronx’ed’comment,you taking it way too personal,and the comment wasn’t directed at anything you said.So I’m guessing,either you are a Jay-Z or Seventh Sun “fanboy”.Damn grow up,the shit some people will do to get attention on Unkut is amazing.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.09.08 @

south bronx’ed!

Comment by snowdonkey 08.09.08 @

Other options:
“Jack The Rippered”
“To Da Break Of Dawn’d”
“Fuck Compton’d”
“Travelling At The Speed Of Thought’d”
Actually I’d go with “Bridge Is Over’d” instead of “South Bronx’d”…ahh screw it.

Comment by Robbie 08.09.08 @

Thanks Robbie, I have not heard this in mad years.

Comment by Jaz 08.09.08 @

To keep shit ‘unkut’ my vote is for…
‘Break the wrath in half’d’

Comment by ED209˚ 08.10.08 @

Over’d! Half’d! Rippered! Thought’d!
good shit! lol

Comment by snowdonkey 08.10.08 @

YOu guys dissing ether are missing something. Jay-Z was at the peak of his popularity when he made takeover. Takeover is a dope ass record, the beat is crazy, the hook is crazy, and he gets it in against several artists. While the beat for ether wasn’t crazy, the hook was and the lyrics were simply brutal. It was a funny, well researched, comprehensive destruction of what was at that time the hottest rapper in the game.

“from Sean Carter to Jay-Z damn you on Jaz’ dick/
wanted to be on every last one of my classics/”

Perhaps you guys just missed the historical moment in time when it happened and how significant it was for Nas to come SO hard against what seemed to everyone to be insurmountable odds. Plus ethered sounds way hotter than any of the alternatives.

Comment by Kai 08.10.08 @

What about “no vaseline’d”?

Comment by ceedub 08.10.08 @

stillmatic 12″ was better than ether….fuck nas 12″ was better than all that shit.

Comment by mercilesz 08.10.08 @

BIG MAMA’D! thats the ill shit

Comment by ED209˚ 08.10.08 @

This was kinda corny, to be honest. Not that ERule is wack or anything, but this seemed to me like one of those out-of-nowhere dis records made so that an artist can blow up off of dissing someone who’s popular at the time. If ERule really cared about that name shit, it wouldn’t have taken him until 2001 to dis him about it. Every other year, someone has their peak of popularity, and there’s always some artist who wasn’t paying them any mind prior to that year who comes out of the box with a dis track with some kind of “reasoning” behind it. I didn’t even like Ja Rule during this time, but I knew what this was. It was just like when Jeru had some kind of issue with Ja because their names “sounded mad similar” or some silly shit…

Comment by DANJAMANIA 08.10.08 @

stillmatic 12″ was better than ether….fuck nas 12″ was better than all that shit


Comment by dj blendz 08.10.08 @

why pause on that? Cormegas white label single was better than all that shit

Comment by mercilesz 08.11.08 @

i don’t fux with Jeffrey, but i remember dude from the cash money click days “4 my click”, not really sure who popped off first with this “ruleness”…shit for all the beef, he should take exception to the Powerrule name then…FUCK IT, but Erule is fly with his!! and i’ll just stick with “shitted on” as a good phrase…”kill that noise’d” drivin fresh audis and cougars!!!

Comment by Tabauri 08.11.08 @

i agree wih Danjamania. Waiting years and only making an issue of it when the subject of your dis has blown up is a bit weak. Jeru said something similar on his ‘War’ single about Ja biting his name and that was in 03

Comment by step one 08.13.08 @

I think what’s painfully obvious & sad, is that the majority of the comments posted here have nothing to do with the topic of discussion. Erule is one of the best lyricist of our time, but he has not recieved any well deserved praise, he’s seldomly mentioned. With regard to DANJAMANIA’s comment, I don’t agree that it was an attempt on Erules part to gain notoriety from the diss. He felt the need to bring it to light, as an artist he has full liberty to do so. Had Ja rule dissed him, I’d consider that a bitch move since he’s famous and can broadcast it to a much larger audience. Ja would need to take it to a public arena,a venue..head to head, but he’s not built like that!! Though “One rule” wasnt my favorite track from Cold Currentz,It’s still light years ahead of anything Ja rule writes.. I’ll say it like this: If Lord Finesse decided to diss jay z, he can do that!! It has nothing to do with boosting his fame, he’s a legend already…If your an artist, speak ya peace!!!

Comment by Misseda Flow 12.12.09 @

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