The Eric B. Mystery Deepens
Wednesday August 20th 2008,
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Recently I highlighted a clearly embellished Wikipedia entry about Eric B. The thing is, I was pretty sure that at least some of it was based on reality (‘vehicular menagerie’ excepted). Part of that stemmed from Dr. Butcher‘s comments:

Is Eric still involved in music?

Eric is always involved with something! [chuckles] Eric is a dude that finds a way to get money somehow, man. I mean when people thought he wasn’t involved, he was livin’ in penthouses in Manhattan, right on Broadway. Quietly, behind the scenes on an executive level at record companies and stuff. After their stint in the game, I guess he just decided to take a back seat as far as not wanting to be in the public eye. He’s not somebody who wants to have his face out there, run around, braggin’, ‘Oh, I’m Eric B!’ He’s like a quiet type of guy. That’s why we don’t see him or hear from him. He’s still doin’ his thing though.

Clearly this required further investigation, however there was nothing to be found on his MTV Cribs appearance or his business ventures online. When I interviewed Freddie Foxxx last week, however, I made sure to ask him about Eric, and he confirmed that he does actually own a large chain of restaurants! Now all I have to do is prove his meeting with George Dubya and the ‘staff of 14 grounds keepers, chefs, maids, and security’ and we can wrap this up.

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The question remains, which restaurant?

Comment by haroon 08.20.08 @


Comment by AFFEX 08.20.08 @

Quite clearly you are going to have to get an interview with Eric B, and let him tell his story. Its important for Hip Hop to know whats going on with him and his chain of restaurants. Thr question is: Can you make it happen?

But that is so ill that Fredie Foxxx confirmed it. Thats crazy!

Comment by Kai 08.20.08 @

can’t wait for that F-O-X-X-X interview, I hope its real in depth

Comment by P 08.20.08 @

My cousin used to run with Bill Blass (RIP) and he used to always say Blass said Eric was caked up on the low, said Eric was more financially stable than Rakim. I don’t know, I’m sure Robbie will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Comment by bronxbred 08.20.08 @

do those braids constitute mullet at that point in their career? and by their I mean the braids not eric b. and rakim’s. yo I believe every word of that wiki shit, why doubt the president? their gold on the first album had paint pen accents… feel me?… you bought your ticket, you knew what you were getting into, I say let ’em crash!

Comment by Luke Sick 08.21.08 @

I thought it was widely known that Eric B owned various restaurants and property around the tri-state area like it was widely known that Eric B was paid before rap and stays paid?

Here’s a recent piece about him donating his time to helping NJ kids learn how to make music in the studio and learn about the record biz :

Presumably, he’s going to show them how to cruise around dripping with gold in a Rolls Royce while studio stooges like Marley Marl and Large Professor to do all the boring work like making music and then get jerked out of money and production credits

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 08.21.08 @

Rakim told Brian Coleman(author of:Rakim told me)in that same book,that”he”(not Eric)did the majority of the production on their debut”Paid in Full”.He said while Marley mixed a lot of stuff down,Those”beats”& scratches we hear on that album was in fact(Rakim)not Eric B.,Ra was honest enough to also point out that Eric took advantage of his lack of Business savy,and stole a lot of producer credits and publishing from him as well.That ain’t hard to believe considering he(Eric B.) did that to Large Professor,with Ra’s 3rd album and Kool G.’s second opus.So it shouldn’t be a mystery how(or if)Eric has these”restaurants.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.22.08 @

…maybe he can also teach the kids how to ‘produce’ a vacant stare on every LP cover.

Comment by beatlover 08.24.08 @

What is with this article I read 3-4 years ago in the Source or XXL Mag. It was about a crew of producers who ones where the ghostproducers for Dr.Dre. But than they where pissed off of Dre and moved away, into the arms of Eric B who wanted to start with them a new label and new production company ?? Anyone read that articel too ??

And for the article about Eric working in those community studios. Come on, someone who is sucessfull and got a chain of restaurants and makes big money is not doing the job of a scoial worker fulltime. No fucking way. And calling the studios after another person and not after himself, come on, think about it, this is Eric B, there are so many people telling storys of him cheating on them, this dude had a big big ego back than, you think he is now a new born christian ?

If he had the chance to call this the Eric B Studio programm he would have done it, if he had money and power, he would have called it after himself.

So this brings me to the conclusion that he is not the owner of a restaurant chain, he is not making big money, he is not as powerfull as it seems.

He is making the job of a social worker, which in no way is bad thing. But he is not a millionair.

I think he is glad that he earns money without doing illegal stuff, and another thing which makes him glad is that the parents of his kids are recognizing him. If not he wouldnt have mentioned it to the reporter.


Comment by Hawkeye 08.30.08 @

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