The Other ‘Scenario’ Demo Surfaces

This is pretty epic…first of all Bol passed on this link to the audio of Q-Tip on Juan Epstein, which features Tip discussing the two demo versions and doing a hilarious impersonation of Busta:

Q-Tip: “It was just too many people. I called niggas back, told niggas to come back the next day. Nobody came back. The only people that came back was Leaders, so then when they came back we just finished it.”

They also mention that one version “recently leaked on-line”. Gee, I wonder where that came from? Anyway, the thing is, just as Tip was describing the version that Jarobi and Chris Lighty rapped on, lanksta dropped a comment on my original post with a link to this post at a spot called THIMK, which features a tape rip of that exact version! It cuts off at the end, so I guess this isn’t the take that Johnny Juice was at the studio for since Pos ain’t on it. Nevertheless, another piece of the puzzle falls into place…

A Tribe Called Quest feat. L.O.N.S. & Chris Lighty‘Scenario’ (Unreleased Demo Version #2)

Here’s the other version.

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Yes, Yes, Ya’ll.

Vincent does his thing over at THIMK…if you don’t know, now…

Does all of “this” (the backstory and multiple versions) move Scenario up the top 10 list of posse cuts?

Comment by jowhite 08.26.08 @

So there’s at least 4 Scenario versions? Crazy. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before it leaks

Comment by Liam 08.26.08 @

‘Scenario’ was already Top 5 status, right after ‘Live At The BBQ’ and ‘The Symphony’.

Comment by Robbie 08.26.08 @

i know this might sound crazy but isnt that diamond d….”mystic”? any answers 4 me people?

Comment by mercilesz 08.26.08 @

but he says jarobi… confused

Comment by mercilesz 08.26.08 @

Pos is never done wanderin round the West End of London, bothering young white girls…

Maybe i’ll dress up as a ‘snow-bunny’ and catch the truth about that elusive drum draped verse !

Thanks again for another killer post

Comment by hotasballs 08.26.08 @

naa its jarobi…just got a confirmation on that. peace

Comment by mercilesz 08.26.08 @

its amazing how much he sounds like diamond….even though i new his title was mystic man i was like damn….

Comment by mercilesz 08.26.08 @

I’m sitting with some friends having a discussion about a track we heard in aprox 1996 – I thought if there was one place I could get som info, it would be here. The rapper is maybe called A-track (or something to that effect) – The song is called “Money I Got” – we remember some of the lyrics:
I got money, money I got,
it’s kinda ill what they do in the NYC, with checks and the funds and the cash money.

That’s all we remembe, hope somebody can help.


Comment by tba 08.27.08 @


anybody know where this is from and who the singer is??

besides this

Comment by lanksta 08.27.08 @

Yo, I swear this is the best Hip-Hop website on Earth.

Comment by Dallas Penn 08.28.08 @

TBA the artist is EI8TRAK he is signed to my label Venom Records

you can hit EI8TRAK up on myspace im sure heel be happy to hook you up with the track

Comment by DJ MIKE NICE 08.31.08 @

here you go EI8TRAK FT HI TECH

Comment by DJ MIKE NICE 09.01.08 @

I’m late to the party on these Scenario demos, and now the links are down. Can someone please repost or email!!??


Comment by andy 06.08.09 @

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