Slang Burial
Friday September 26th 2008,
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Based on highly-scientific research, our team of slang editorialists was able to compile the four most unpopular terms that have been nominated for dismissal. Now we face the difficult part – determining which ones to dead…and enforcing it!

Hall of Fame:





Which Slang Term Should Be Removed From This Corner of The Internets?

  • Swagger (33%, 492 Votes)
  • Hardbody (22%, 326 Votes)
  • Hater (20%, 299 Votes)
  • Real Talk (18%, 266 Votes)
  • Hype (8%, 114 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,497

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22 Comments so far
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Swagger?! GTFOH!
Hater would be my second choice b/c its overused. But if you think haters dont exist, you might be one!

Comment by chronwell 09.26.08 @

Real Talk’s gotta go. I don’t think Swagger has even hit it’s full potential yet!

Comment by farhaad 09.26.08 @

I hate swagger on the real……overused to the fullest and just like chronwell, hater gets the next in line……all these terms should be buried though

Comment by WillieBlak 09.26.08 @

If you have haters you are a hater.

Comment by G Off 09.26.08 @

Hardbody is way gay.

Comment by dronkmunk 09.26.08 @

“Real Talk’s gotta go. I don’t think Swagger has even hit it’s full potential yet”

That’z the point…kill it now

Comment by FuckSwag 09.26.08 @

Wack is truly a hall of famer and it will never die. Real Talk though we gotta kill real talk, that term is wack.

Comment by TwoTone 09.26.08 @

“Real Talk.” I mean, you say real as opposed to what? The fake talk you usually speak?

Comment by haroon 09.26.08 @

hardbody is dope as fuck, the rest are wack, but hardbody is ill son… Its the freshest slang on the list by far

so don’t believe the hype, don’t be a hater, just cause you ain’t got that swagger like us…

real talk

Comment by tobasko 09.26.08 @

Hardbody is classic.

Comment by daruffian 09.26.08 @

hype is ok….very old school…very brooklynish

Comment by mercilesz 09.26.08 @

Real Talk I hate it

Comment by Jaz 09.26.08 @

hardbody sounds super-homo

Comment by step one 09.27.08 @

I think that “dead” is dead.

Comment by THE UNDERWRITER 09.27.08 @

“Hater” is waaay past its use-by date

Comment by Liam 09.29.08 @

Swagger!!! But, hardbody is also pretty gay!!! Actually calling something gay is pretty gay, as well. I guess I’d better say some corny ass shit like “No Homo” just to cover my ass!!!

Comment by brock 09.29.08 @

I’d murk all of the above, and only really miss hype, I still describe energetic records as such (old and new), but I’d never say it again if it meant we could lose all that other crap.

Notice the common thread in the HOF words? They either describe good or bad. Pointblank (Ill of course can be defined as both and that’s why it’s the best). On the lamer side of things, the Burial words are all about drama, all caught up in their emotions like some bitches.
Haters- Jealousy and Envy
Real Talk- Lying
Maybe this is a metaphor-style warning to Hip Hoppers: Concentrate solely on whether something sounds good or bad to YOU personally rather than on who else loves/hates it, the way it’s presented, or the bullshit it’s trying to pass off and you’ll never sound dated nor get coerced into bumping some low grade shit

Comment by DANKWEED 09.29.08 @

U chiefin the good, mane!!

Comment by chronwell 09.30.08 @

P.G. County / Maryland got the best slang tho

Comment by Jay Midnyte 09.30.08 @

I made a mistake: Ill can’t be described as both. Meaning I’ve never really used Ill to describe something that was actually wack. Ill could be the equivalent of Fresh, but Ill can also be like the darker side of fresh (like an Ill beat has a darker insinuation than a Fresh beat)… as in something that’s good but grimey and not polished, but demented and possibly even lo-fi, maybe even scary… that good janky shit… ya know what word I always liked in conjunction with hip-hop and punk and any other kind of subversive music? HARDCORE, what happened to that shit? I don’t know why I’m explaining this, y’all prob already knew what I meant… thanks for allowing me to waste time. one., P.S. Illin’ is also synonymous with buggin’ … do we get to keep buggin’? I’m only…

Comment by DANKWEED 10.01.08 @

SWAGGER is still in,not made at it.
Wack is a classic,it’s not goping no where.
Hater is on its way to becoming a classic.
HardBody! where do they get gay from? What about GYM!
DOPE! FIRE! FLAMES! paper! Stacks! HIP HOP!!!! we created a whole new language.

Comment by gem 10.02.08 @

did i really see a Swagger Deodorant??? GTFOH

Comment by ayYo 10.03.08 @

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