Diamond D – Don’t Beg

Diamond D – ‘Don’t Beg’

Taken for The Huge Hefner Chronicles. As the name suggests, he talks about broads a lot on the album.

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A LOT of the beats I love, were produced by Diamond D…

For the past few years tho…he has been below average…or super horrible…

I was listening to the Bumpy Knuckles LP the other night on the way to the gym…and the beat Diamond D cooked up was soooooo dope.


Comment by AFFECKSSS 10.09.08 @

This track ain’t bad,…but I have to agree with AFFECKSSS,”gone are the days of”Stunts,Blunts,and HipHop”or even his superior production of Fat Joes debut album,or illegals-Crumbsnatchas,..I’ll just have to be content with those.

Comment by Roger Jones 10.09.08 @

yup… diamond’s shine is no more–more mediocrity

Comment by er4se 10.09.08 @

what’s the low down on the LP then…?

Comment by the average man 10.09.08 @

damn so this album is just a bunch of songs for hos?

Comment by eightyfive 10.09.08 @

Diamond is classic. Just like Large Professor I got time for anything he releases. The Grown Man Talk stuff grew and grew on me. Does anyone know what sampler he uses now-days? Sounds like an ASR or something.

Comment by Sandro 10.09.08 @

D can still make an ill beat, but this sucks.

Comment by End Level Boss 10.10.08 @

Yeah, Diamond D lost it as far as beats, the guy is not just there anymore. Only the crew of yes men around tell him the opposite. His beats are below average, he needs to retire.

Comment by rhazes 10.10.08 @

Should be called Don’t bother.

Comment by beatlover 10.10.08 @

Does anyone know what sampler he uses now-days? Sounds like an ASR or something.

There’s an MPC 2500 on the album cover, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he uses one.

Comment by Lotuz 10.10.08 @

I don’t think this is so bad. Obviously nowhere near his classic material. The real old school B boys owe it to him to listen to everything that he brings out and give it a chance but if it’s not good it’s not good.

Comment by Shirow 10.11.08 @

album is aight. last mixtape was
way worse.still like his sw…eh style.

Comment by swordfish 10.11.08 @

Big up Diamond D everytime! The wordplay on this one is excellent. “You come inside the party holdin’ your nut/and I ain’t even crack it yet you holdin’ your cup” hahahaha that’s some funny shit. I know a lot of y’all boys short circuit when it comes to those slow funky tempos but this is right. No slam dancing and mosh pitting to this one, just post up and get ya nod on.

Comment by DAMN 10.15.08 @

peace to real hip hop legit 1993 hiphop college tour diamond dee

Comment by legit da writer 05.31.11 @

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