P Brothers – The Gas Album Review
Friday October 17th 2008,
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You know how there’s always those dream team-ups that never seem to happen? “Imagine if so and so did an whole album with whatshisname!” That’s actually become a reality with the arrival of The Gas. Roc Marciano, Boss Money & Milano killing shit over hard-as-nails P Brothers beats? On paper, you can’t go wrong. After spending a day with this in constant rotation, I’m happy to report that DJ Ivory and Paul S have exceeded every expectation I had for this project. Collecting previously vinyl-only material with all new tracks, P Bros. avoid the usual producer/DJ album mistakes of randomly cramming hundreds of guest rappers on every track and hoping something will stick. Delivering some of the most stripped-back, speaker-smashing production since the glory days of the Rick Rubin/Jazzy Jay sound that made Def Jam what it was, the focus is always on the MC.

When it was first released a couple of years ago, ‘Blam Blam For Nottingham’ was one of the hardest records I’d heard in a long time, and it hasn’t lost any of it’s punch here. The crowning achievement of this album, however, is a track called ‘Caviar’ featuring LI mentalist Roc Marciano. Not only does this manage to match the incredible ‘Game of Death’, but it actually brought back that feeling of hearing ‘Halftime’ for the first time – it’s that good. Elsewhere, Milano is given a variety of different backdrops to flex his Uptown bounce over, while Tray Bag and Eddie Cheeba show the suckers how it’s done in true Pelon fashion. Lesser known but still dope crew Res Connected and soloist $amhil also deliver, making The Gas a rare breed in this day and age – a skip-proof album.

Buy it here or kill yourself.

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first time i heard the p brothers was on a big daddy compilation. anybody know what happened to that magazine?

Comment by ghost 10.17.08 @

big daddy folded (no pun) and then was resurrected as Grand Slam, again folded.

George, the editor of both now runs concourserecords.com

shamefully I haven’t got the P’s album yet…. :(

Comment by the average man 10.17.08 @

Ah… the world goes to sleep… and The Gas LP comes out.

It would be nice to have instrumentals for a few of these album-only tracks… particularly “Don’t Question Me”. $amhil COMPLETELY KILLS IT. It’s not so easy to kill it over a slow beat.

Comment by eric 10.18.08 @


Shit is gutter as fuck.

Hard as nails.



Best shit out in a YEARS!!!

Comment by AFFEX 10.18.08 @

AND they are already working with the follow up LP – all new tracks opus “The Castle”!

Comment by Blanco 10.18.08 @

Ditto Eric’s comments … the $$$am Hill track absolutely kills.

That said, I’ve been waiting for this LP since Bronx in a Box and all of my life … Soulful/relentless/uncompromising/everything we knew it would and more.

15th of the 10th says it all.

Comment by ED209? 10.18.08 @

dope in the purest form.

Comment by swordfish 10.18.08 @

1980’s=”critical beatdown”
1990’s=”runaway slaves”
2000’s=”the gas”

Comment by heavy listening 10.19.08 @

As much as I love “The Gas” – don’t sleep on other UK shit! There are others – go to http://www.suspectpackages.com where you can spend your hard earn money pretty badly…
Check the front page where are new releases, next to The P Brothers there is M9 “144,000” – check the snippets!
Damn, if you liked “The Gas” you will love that one! I can suggest more dope UK ish if anyone is interested – give some feedback if interested in hearing more

Comment by Blanco 10.19.08 @

have the pre-orders begin to ship yet?

Comment by lifers crew 10.19.08 @

props for that blanco, the uk accent doesnt bother me as much when the lyrics are good. the beats are hard as fuck

and p brothers album is probably the best of the year…

Comment by eightyfive 10.19.08 @

Yeah it shipped on the 15th.

Comment by Robbie 10.20.08 @

They also puttin’ out two seperate The Gas EPs on vinyl, but its going to take a while before it gets released. 1

Comment by The Funkologist 10.20.08 @

The tracks with Marciano and Money Boss are fire all the way. Too much Milano though – he’s just above average as an MC and a bit less of him might have upped the hit rate. He’s fine on one or two joints, dull on others. But Marciano slays it. I think ‘heavy listening’ might be getting a little bit carried away, however.

Comment by Drew Huge 10.22.08 @

Out of Control is the one for me but yeah, start to finish the bars been raised again. I you want to check some other UK stuff The Styly Cee and Cappo ep is great and don’t front on Ed209’s EP’s, they get the cosign too

Comment by Cro 10.22.08 @

“Scriptures” ft. Smiley the Ghetto Child is hands down the best track that I’ve heard in the past 5 years..

Shame that they didn’t put it on the album…

Comment by spell it wit a P 11.11.08 @

Scriptures / Got it on me 12″ is a must have if you feel what the Brothers are getting at and still available on the Heavybronx site.

Those that know have that track on the vinyl it richly deserves.

Comment by ED209˚ 11.11.08 @

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