Win: No More Music By The Suckers Poster

Unkut Dot Com and Will C are offering a limited edition ‘No More Music By The Suckers’ 18″ x 24″ poster to celebrate the upcoming release of Will C’s compilation of Mr. Magic‘s finest moments called Down The Dial.

“Down The Dial” is sequenced to play like a Rap Attack show on any given night, front to back, with all the spontaneity one would expect to hear if they were transported back to the proper time and place. It is also simultaneously formatted to encompass all phases in the show’s decade long run, from the days of 1:00-4:00 AM on 105.9 WHBI to Saturday nights on 107.5 WBLS 8:00-12:00 PM. The listener essentially becomes Slaughterhouse Five’s Billy Pilgrim in a state of Rap Attack bliss. Complete with appearances from Mr. Magic himself, the Diabolical Biz Markie, and countless others, and with vintage glimpses at how “sister station” competitors were reacting to “The Official Voice of Hip Hop” at the time, “Down the Dial” meticulously pays homage.

We’ve got posters to give away to the first three people to correctly answer the following:

1. What year did the “Rap Attack” end its run on WBLS?

2. Name the two records that comprised the standard opening music for the “Rap Attack” (Artist and Title).

Send your answers here.

If you want one of the Deluxe Packages, consisting of the CD, T-shirt and poster (limited to 100 packs only) Pre-Order Here.

Some close-ups of the tapes after the jump…

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this brings back memories….i used to always tune in to mr. magic and red alert as well back in the day..i would record the shows on tape and i would bring it to school and i would be the king of having the newest and best shit…all those shows were the best,mr magic,marley marl,red alert,chuck chiilout….if it werent for those shows i might not have really gotten into hip hop as much as i did back then…

Comment by T.S. 10.25.08 @

I still have my tapes..Being from Jersey and so close to Philly, I had to use long antennae’s to get BLS and KISS in clear.. I was situated in the perfect spot, best of both worlds.. New York had the dope MC’s and Philly had the best DJ’s.. That’s all I knew and didn’t see hip hop expanding at that time. I had Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Lightnin’ Rich, Cosmic Kev party tapes, as well as gems like Kane & Antionette’s “Raw Attitude” from Marley. He would do joints in the crib and play them on the air. I remember when Magic went off the air, it was a little after Tyson lost to Douglas and I was ready to tape and when it was time, they had some dude called the “Janitor” on air.. I had the same feeling when the Latin Rascals stopped spinnin’ on KISS… Memories…

Comment by edubz 10.25.08 @

“New York had the dope MC’s and Philly had the best DJ’s”

^ Truth. Nothing’s really changed…

Comment by Robbie 10.25.08 @

Ordered mine. Can’t wait for it.

Those who had a chance to grow up on New York radio might not know how lucky they were. In Pittsburgh there was one ‘urban’ station (for a brief period two in the early 90s) and they didn’t give Hip-Hop much respect — nowhere near what NYC had. Our mix shows were a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop with no scratching or much of anything going on.

There was a lot of work we had to do in other cities to connect all the dots and track down real Hip-Hop when in NYC it was handed to you on a platter.

Comment by haroon 10.26.08 @

next we need an interview with P-FINE, who hosted the best underground rap show of the mid 80’s called “RAP THIS”. He needs to be known also, as he was basically what stretch and Bob were to rap in the early 90’s. anybody remember “Rap This”?

Comment by jakob 10.27.08 @

Jakob – I remember “Rap This” on WNYU, Tuesday nights! I still have a some tape from that show.

Comment by Danny 10.28.08 @

I’m pretty sure one of the songs for question number two is “Mister Magic” by Grover Washington Jr.

Comment by haroon 10.29.08 @

is this the same P-FINE who was also a rapper down with TONY-D ???

Comment by T.S. 10.29.08 @

^ B-Fine was down with Tony D…

Comment by edubz 10.29.08 @

I finally got to hear that “no more music by the suckers” clip in its entirety on Will C.’s page. Damnnnn!!! I’m still looking for that world premiere clip on the rap attack where Antoinette’s “I got an attitude” was played and Mr. Magic kept saying “Who’s beat did you steal this time???” (hinting at herby luvbug jacking audio 2’s “top billin” beat pattern and drum sounds)

I also remember marley marl playing “King Kutt” (Word of mouth) and “leader of the pack” (UTFO) back to back while Mr. Magic shouts out DJ Red dirt and Duck Dillout. Magic used to take a lot of shots at people on air. Even have a tape when Marley played P.E.’s “You’re gonna get yours” and he kept cuttin in Shante’s phrase “Gimmie a break” (from Have a nice day 12″)… Magic was such a shit disturber but in retrospect, we need more people like him in hip hop today to call out when something is not up to standard or when someone jacks some shit off someone else and tries to get away with it. Can you imagine if Ditty, Hammer or Kanye was played on Rap attack? Magic would be slappin’ punks left and right with his views. LOL .. for real tho. 1 love.

Comment by Magic fan 11.19.08 @

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