Worst Follow-Up Ever – Round 2
Wednesday October 29th 2008,
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There was no way to possibly cover all the shitty albums that have followed-up after classic or near-classic debut’s. Here we go again….

Round 2: Which Second Album Sucked The Most?

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Snoop Dogg – The Doggfather

DJ Pooh was great with King Tee. Here? Less so.

Das-EFX – Straight Up Sewaside

Sure, Biggie loved this tape, but he also thought Junior MAFIA had talent.

Cypress Hill – Black Sunday

When white is right?

Souls of Mischief – No Mans Land

The sound of thousands of backpack rap fans hearts breaking.

Capone-N-Noreaga – The Reunion

Without Tragedy you couldn’t sell it.

Camp-Lo – Lets Do It Again

No thanks.

Gravediggaz – The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel

Never heard but I’ll take your word for it.

Big Pun – Yeeeah Baby

^ Ditto.

Mic Geronimo – Vendetta

How to fail at selling out.

Jay-Z – In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

Unlike Nas, Jay’s cross-over ambitions actually came true.

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I was one of the few who thought Snoop’s first album was wack so I had no expectation for the sophmore joint. But Big Pun’s 1st album was amazing – and that Yeah Baby shit was f’n terrible.

What happened to falling off on your 4th album anyway? (Big Daddy Kane, BDP, Public Enemy….)

Comment by Frost Gamble 10.29.08 @

where are the boot camp sophs?? (rude awakening, magnum force etc etc)

Comment by dolo 10.29.08 @

fuck… i dug black sunday

Comment by er4se 10.29.08 @

i knew the doggfather would win this by a landslide.
i never heard anyone hating on black sunday though?!

Comment by spotrusherz 10.29.08 @

“where are the boot camp sophs?? ”

That’s for Round 3.

Comment by Robbie 10.29.08 @

What about N**ga Please by ODB, T.O.S. by G-Unit and View from Masada by Killah Priest?

Comment by Antonio 10.29.08 @

It’s crazy,but I never even bothered to listen to most of the stuff listed above with the exception of”Straight up sewaside”I thought-“Freakit”was nice.But those other joints,I guess I relied on pure”HipHop instinct”I knew those were trash.

Comment by Roger Jones 10.29.08 @

I voted for that Mic Geronimo joint.

“How to fail at selling out.”

Comment by openhead 10.29.08 @

View from Masada?! Yes..should replace Black Sunday.
I picked Doggfather..awful. He ALMOST killed Death Row and it took him to go to No Limit to finally be reborn.
I still bump No Mans Land and Lets DO it Again though. Lowa and Souls can do no wrong!

Comment by chronwell 10.29.08 @

edutainment was dope!!!!! what? jus ask Ja rule

Comment by mercilesz 10.29.08 @

snoop, jay, and pun were absolute garbage. i never liked souls, so i never even checked the sophmore

lol i liked the gravediggaz, das, cypress,and cnn(there are some joints on it). the cnn really is like completely different without tragedy, obviously “war report” shits on it, but “the reunion” is decent. “bang bang” is a fuckin banger.

Comment by eightyfive 10.29.08 @

so all of these had “classic or near-classic” debuts? seriously?? c’mon

Comment by zk 10.29.08 @

voted Snoop – I loved The Chronic & Doggystyle.
the Das & Jay albums had a couple of good tracks on each one (and they resulted in the Primo rmxs of Kaught In Da Ak and A Million ?s which both fucking bang hard). Black Sunday is solid enough. Not a drastic departure from the debut but gets hated on cos it crossed over and sold shitloads.

Comment by step one 10.29.08 @

Black Sheep’s first album was incredible and their 2nd album was so bad they never came out again. I’d say that tops everything listed here. I remember waiting and waiting for that 2nd Black Sheep to drop and when it did my friend and I went to the Wiz the first day and I spent $16 and then we listened to it and he laughed in my face real hard because it was so awful and I was real sad.

Comment by crusher 10.29.08 @

Mic Geronimo-Vendetta and Camp Lo
I never understood why artist say things such as “we are trying different sounds” meaning going commercial. Those two joints were terrible. BTW I never knew souls of mischief had a second album.

Comment by rhazes 10.29.08 @

“so all of these had ‘classic or near-classic’ debuts? ”

^ Popular opinion says so. A couple of them are in my book.

Comment by Robbie 10.30.08 @

Rhazes, Souls Of Mischief have 4 albums, plus some unlistenable solo joints too.

I vote for Big Pun – terrible! At least Mic Geronimo had two good tracks, “For the Family” was dope…

How about Biggie and Akinyele’s second albums for round three?

Comment by Debonair 10.30.08 @

i quite liked black sunday even though it just sounded like left overs from the first joint

Comment by mikki dee 10.30.08 @

“edutainment was dope!!!!! what? jus ask Ja rule”

True. But Ghetto Music: The Blueprint was not.

Comment by Frost Gamble 10.30.08 @

actually I liked Jay-Z’s second album, he did more abominable stuff after but all in all I can get something out from all his albums.
Black Sunday was actually the album that got me into Cypress Hill. I think they went really downhill much later (after that Spanish album).
I voted for Camp Lo because I can’t remember one single joint on there that I liked. CNN’s second album was mostly shit too but kinda foreseeable when you listen to Noreaga’s albums.

Comment by boogs 10.30.08 @

blueprint was the third though…still hot in my book

Comment by mercilesz 10.30.08 @

I still bump “Black Sunday” on a regular basis. That was an album that definitely deserved the 4 mics it got from The Source. The Gravediggaz and Das Efx albums were both decent. There is some insane production on “The Pick, The Sickle, and The Shovel.” I voted for Mic Geronimo because that album was straight jiggy garbage. The Snoop album sucked, but at least “The Vapors” was a decent cover.

Comment by HipHipHistorian 10.30.08 @

the Mic Geronimo album had ‘Usual Suspects’ on it so it gets a pass.
anyone know why the version on the ‘How To Be A Player’ ost has Cormega & Fatal and the album version has Jadakiss and Tragedy instead?

Comment by step one 10.30.08 @

Call me what you will, but I liked that second Camp Lo album (and the Ft. Apache Mixtape).

Comment by openhead 10.30.08 @

Funny thing about Black Sunday listen to it without smoking – applesauce!

Str8 Up Sewaside was doomed by the worst song on the album “Freak It” being the first single. I think lyrically they stepped it up while also dropping their trademark diggity. they should get props for the effort.

And, Crusher, you’re right Black Sheep’s second joint was embarrassing. It made the LEGION seem as good as LONS or something.

Wasn’t Big Pun’s joint post humously slapped together? is that really what he was going to release? I always wondered that.

What about 2nd albums that ended a group’s career? 3rd Bass, NWA, LONS, Black Sheep, others?

Comment by djarm18 10.30.08 @

voted camp lo but

whats wrong with No Mans Land? did anyone actually listen to that shit or did you just compare it to 93 til infinity right off the bat? that shit was better than the first album.

Comment by Milka Magnees 10.31.08 @

“I got the style u use
sittin home
in a jar
on my shelf
sucka boy style
i like to do it every once in a while”


Comment by mercilesz 10.31.08 @

“No Man’s Land” was such a disappointment. You had a classic first LP and then — that? I played it first and thought, “this kind of sucks, but maybe I’m not giving it a chance.” Played it again. Same.

Never touched it afterwards.

Comment by haroon 10.31.08 @

By the way, how come neither of this lists included Biggie’s “Life After Death?” What a disappointment.

Comment by haroon 10.31.08 @

Black Sunday is near-perfect, what the fuck is that record doing on this list? Nothing those dudes ever do will top “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That”. Outstanding joint.

I agree that the Souls joint isn’t as terrible as it’s taken to be (nor is the first one really all that), but I can’t bring myself to hate Let’s Do It Again. Nothing Camp Lo does can be a complete waste of time.

Shouts to the dude who correctly identified that J-Live fell the fuck off. Although, realistically, Mos Def outdoes everybody on either of these lists by quite a leap.

Black Sheep’s second solo may be terrible but DRES is now one of the dopest motherfuckers rapping if only cats would listen. “Whodat” was a classic joint.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.31.08 @

Also– Dead Serious isn’t much better than Straight Up Sewaside, both are done in by bad beats. Hold It Down works tho.

Das EFX now make some of the most hilariously cheesy rap music around. How We Do puts a big smile on my face. What a lousy record.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.31.08 @

Oh, and incidentally–

Front on Let’s Do It Again all you want, but Uptown Saturday Night is a perfect rap album.

It’s the truth.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.31.08 @

Supreme Neck Protector summed this shit up perfectly. Mos Def wins this without comp. Biggest album to album fall off EVER!

Comment by BIG SPICE 11.01.08 @

Gravediggaz 2nd joint was critical, Im surprized niggas put it up here…12 jewelz, dangerous mindz, the night the earth cried, da bomb deadliest biz & snakepit…shiiit, that whole album would be classic if RZA & prince paul did all the production like 6ft deep which was flawless.
Yeeeah baby was horrible because pun was chasing that platinum plaque so I agree. but leatherface & we dont care are stoopid though.
I remember meeting Das EFX at Howard Homecoming in 96 with PMD, them niggas had the audacity to act gassed cause niggas wanted an autograph…I benn like fuck them niggas every since…real hip hop was my shit though…

Comment by QUNYC 11.02.08 @

I disagree on the Jay mention… because whenever someone mentions how “wack” the econd album is, they all name the same two songs: “Sunshine” and “I Know What Girls Like”. And I mean without fail. Now it was really that bad an album, wouldn’t you once in a while see people bring up something other than those same two songs?

Comment by DANJAMANIA 11.06.08 @

Some stupid choices here….

Black Sunday was classic
Yeah Baby is a banger
The Reunion is good
Gravediggaz was ok
In my lifetime vol 1 was MUCH better than Vol 2

Comment by dockevoc 11.07.08 @

Yo, what is Straight up Sewaside even doing on this list, that shit was fire, cmon?

Comment by Reggie 11.11.08 @

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