Worst Follow-Up Ever?
Thursday October 23rd 2008,
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The dreaded sophomore jinx? It’s real. As ceedub suggested, who effed-up the worst when they followed up a top notch debut with hot garbage?

Which Second Album Sucked The Most?

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Write-ups after the jump….

Raekwon – Immobilarity

‘Sneakers’ was good at least.

Ras Kass Rasassination

Make. It. Stop.

Ultramagnetic MCs – Funk Your Head Up

‘Poppa Large’ remix saved this from total disgrace.

Lords of the Underground – Keepers of the Funk

These guys were never the greatest rappers, but at least their first one had a few bangers. I can’t name a single track from this.

UMCs – Unleashed

Even Kool Kim admits this wasn’t his finest moment.

Grand Daddy IU – Lead Pipe

The Smooth Assassin goes Shout Rap?

Black Sheep – Non-Fiction

Why DJs shouldn’t rap.

Nas – It Was Written

‘Live Nigga Rap’ gets a pass. The rest? Not so much.

Method Man – Tical 2000

Wack to the Future?

Main Source – Fuck What You Think

I think Mikey D was too good for these bums.

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i go for grand daddy.
for the cover alone.

Comment by swordfish 10.23.08 @

haha yeah i.u.s cover was totally laughable… too hard…

Comment by er4se 10.23.08 @

Ras Kass had “The Interview with the Vampire,” Nas, Rae, Lords, Ultra, and UMCs had few good cuts on these ones; but Main Source and Black Sheep fell off completely.

Comment by Scribe 10.23.08 @

i voted for rae…dude never made a good album again.

Comment by KQ 10.23.08 @

Are you crazy dude? “Funk Your Head Up” is one of my favorite LPs — period. I think it’s better than “Critical Beatdown.”

My vote is for Main Source. Main Source without Extra P is like Funkadelic without George Clinton.

Comment by haroon 10.23.08 @

it was written only is in here due to illmatic before it. live nigga rap, shootouts, suspect nigga (produced by havoc), affirmative action, i gave you power (dj premier)..man come on. raekwon’s joint wins for the biggest wall street collapse ever

Comment by mr.martin 10.23.08 @

voted Rae and felt vindciated when I saw the results so far!
that Ultras LP has ‘2 Brothers With Cheques On it’ and I fucking love that track. Not keen on It Was Written but I dont think its shit. If that was his debut it wouldve been a good effort. Sounds better now than it did when it dropped (Trackmasters sound hard compared to todays auto- tune shit!)

Comment by step one 10.23.08 @

‘Funk Ya Head Up’ was a mess compared to the perfection of ‘Critical Beatdown’ – a perfect example of why ‘Every Record Label Sucks Dick’.

Comment by Robbie 10.23.08 @

Hey Step One, ‘2 Brothers With Cheques’ was on The Four Horsemen LP not Funk Your Head Up.

I think Keith saves Funk Your Head Up with that whole “I got a flyer in my hand Baambaataa and Cold Crush” and “It’s been a while.. since i seen a good street fight” verses

Comment by Sandro 10.23.08 @

Mikey D was easily the weakest part of that fake main source album. All of the beats were on point, while his rhymes were stuck in 1985 levels of simplicity as he attempted to go Onyx with the rasp.

The Black Sheep record in question was mostly misguided, but “Autobiographical,” “Summa Tha Time,” “Me & My brother,” and “We Boys” were great cuts. The 12″s had some ill remixes as well.

I don’t see how Tical2000 was significantly worse thann Tical. Both are 3/5 star albums at best. Same goes for Lords Of The Underground – first album wasn’t that great to begin with, and the second album isn’t enough of a departure to constitute a true fall off.

In my opinion, the biggest fall-off in quality between a debut and sophomore effort, after Raekwon, belongs to J-Live.

Comment by R.H.S. 10.23.08 @

I liked a lot of ‘Non Fiction’ too. Not many share that opinion though. Not sure about J-Live – he pretty much got boring after his third 12″.

Comment by Robbie 10.23.08 @

Non Fiction definitely has more hit than miss.

Comment by turtle 10.23.08 @

Main source shouldnt count since Extra p wasnt tehre . tical 2000 was solid but too long , and the first single was straight techno. I voted for Rae cuz it was a real disappointment.. nas’ 2nd album should be second place ..Funk your head up wasnt that bad .. Rass always picked wack beats, including his first album ..we should include pun’s 2nd album (sadly) and prolly all the bootcamp second albums lol

Comment by dolo 10.23.08 @

Didn’t Funk Your Head Up have Pluckin Cards on it? I’d have bought it for that alone. Robbie’s right tho not nearly as good as Critical Beatdown. Every other album listed was hot garbage.

Comment by Frost 10.23.08 @

Mic Geronimo – Vendetta

i might need to listen to it again, but I remember picking it up without even listening to it on the strength of how much i loved ‘the natural’. Got it home and hated every track. It’s burried in a crate somewhere. Maybe i should give it a chance, it’s been 11 years – maybe i was being too harsh… or maybe i wont.

Comment by Headlock 10.23.08 @

You’re right. I think the only good track was ‘Unstoppable’ with Pete Rock.

Comment by Robbie 10.23.08 @

I like of It Was Written

Comment by CCS 10.23.08 @


i think it should be between rae, method, and rass all the rest of those are good albums

how can u front on the main source and lords of the underground albums? i love those albums, the black sheep, nas, umcs, and grandaddy i.u. are real good too

i think better choices woulda been mic g (even tho i like his 2nd) big pun, terror squad, jay-z (his 2nd album is 10x worse than it was written) original gunn clappaz, mos def, group home, canibus, lox, etc

Comment by eightyfive 10.23.08 @

^ I forgot about a lot of those. We might need a Round 2.

Comment by Robbie 10.23.08 @

If the second Main Source didn’t carry the Main Source name I think it would get more credit. The bests are tight and Mikey D sounds good for the era, he just can’t stand next to how dope Extra P was on Breaking Atoms.

The rest of those albums can be found collecting dust in dollar bins.

The second Black Sheep album has some awesome joints on it. At the time I wasn’t too keen on it but I think it has aged better than Wolf In Sheeps Clothing, some joints on that make me cringe these days. Although I think Dres is one of the most under rated mc’s of all time, he was dropping styles that dudes weren’t doing for almost another 10 years.

Comment by Kirk the besy mayne 10.24.08 @

‘Funk Your Head Up’ does not deserve to be on this list. I could care less about what I know now about the making of that LP – when I came out the tape never left my red brick of a walkman… MAKE IT HAPPEN BABY….YEAH COME ON!

Comment by ED209˚ 10.24.08 @

Surprised by ‘funk your head up’ – so what if it was all re engineered by some german dudes after ultra submitted it. When none of us new back in the day we didn’t care, and it was amazing. Still miles ahead of what was out at the time. A rap groups rap group, if you will.

As for Tical 2000, I was never that impressed by the first one. I think Black sheep waited too long for a second lp and no one really listened to it. North, South, East, West was a good joint I seem to remember.

Comment by farns 10.24.08 @

Wow, glad this actually made unkut! Rae’s second was trash, I still remember my disappointment when I listened to it for the first time, which somehow was stronger than the one I had with “It Was Written” even though after the first listening I only played “I Gave You Power” and skipped most of the rest. Black Sheep and Ultra were tight albums and I listen to them still today. Some other disappointments not mentioned on the list: Digital Underground, Above The Law, Cypress Hill and MF Doom (pretty much everything he made after Doomsday is boring shit to me).

Comment by ceedub 10.24.08 @

Though UMCs was a huge disappointment with the style change, it was still an ok album. IU and Ultra’s (though more hit and miss) albums were good, too.
The rest, yeah.

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 10.24.08 @

the question is which second album sucked the most, not which album sucked the most in comparision to the first one, right?
it’s crazy how people feel so differently about music. while illmatic is obviously one of the best rap albums ever, these days i’m more liable to throw on it was written. it still sounds really up to date, whereas i have to really be in old school mode to feel like bumping illmatic. btw erick sermon is one of the few cats that made beats pre-early 90s that still sound super fresh.
immobilarity was a solid album, it pales in comparision to cuban linx but that one was a gift from the gods.

3. Casablanca – Raekwon, Woods, C.
4. 100 Rounds – Raekwon, Woods, C
5. Real Life – Raekwon, Woods, C.
9. Jury – Raekwon, Raekwon
12. Live from New York – Raekwon, Woods, C.
15. The Table – Raekwon, Woods, C
16. Sneakers – Raekwon, Woods, C.
19. Heart to Heart
20. Forecast

in my modest opinion, these are all banging beats with one of the best flows on top of it, so why all the hate?
i bet if cuban linx never came out, immobilarity wouldn’t be hated on half as much.
non-fiction was probably my biggest dissapointment, but without a doubt is better than any song on the first joint.
oh yeah, i think the doggfather should’ve been on this list as well. wow was that album wackjuice.

Comment by spotrusherz 10.24.08 @

Black Sheep’s and Main Source’s 2nd albums are both nice – of course I was dissapointed that Large Pro wasn’t involved, but beats are on point and Mikey D too.
Also, I like LOTUG’s 2nd one better than the first.
And J-Live’s 2nd album was dope – his 3rd was horrible…
From this list – Rae definitelly… also IU
Overall, yes I also think OGC and Mic Geronimo are good choices

Comment by Blanco 10.24.08 @

To me, its about who dissapointed the most 2nd time round… and by comparison I.U gets the chocolates.

I never expected Raeks to be dope, Black Sheeps was aiight wit a couple bangers, as was Ultra’s and Nas’s “It was written” tho no comparison to their debut’s when weighed up…
UMC’s was better than their first, tho forced and fake and did anyone really get sold on a main source album widout Extra P?
Oh and LOTUG was always wak… just ask Finesse!

Daddy U let me down…

Comment by T 10.24.08 @

By the way…
Dres’ solo made Black Sheeps sophomore seem classic!
That shit was straight garbage… still pissed i wasted coin on that trash!

Comment by T 10.24.08 @

that Rae album is pure trash. I had a friend borrow and never asked for it back.

Comment by Killer Keith 10.24.08 @

I picked Main SOurce. Ive never heard it though.
Rasassasination(sp), Immobilarity and Non Fiction are all bangers, the good songs outweigh the bad, which there is some.

Comment by chronwell 10.24.08 @

Silly boy, Funk Your Head Up is DOPE! I voted Nas, Illmatic was so good, anything after that wasn’t going to live up to the reputation.

Comment by Fonzworth Bentley 10.24.08 @

yeah spotrusherz you’ve got a mad point, “the doggfather” was REALLY wack, should’ve won this (even though “doggy style” is no “illmatic” in terms of dopeness but I guess it can be considered a classic anyway)

Comment by ceedub 10.24.08 @

I picked Main SOurce. Ive never heard it though.
Rasassasination(sp), Immobilarity and Non Fiction are all bangers, the good songs outweigh the bad, which there is some.
Comment by chronwell 10.24.08 @

why would u pick an album u never heard?

Comment by eightyfive 10.24.08 @

Ha, ‘Doggfather’. Part 2 of this poll is now essential.

Anyone with nominations for the next one let me know.

Comment by Robbie 10.24.08 @

Souls’ “No Man Land,” or whatever the hell that awful album was called.

Comment by Ruestar 10.24.08 @

Emobilarity, all those albums are nice, nothin wrong wit blacksheeps 2nd one

Comment by Suga Bear 10.25.08 @

I voted Rae. I think I was comparing the level of drop off from the first.

i haven’t heard Ultra’s, UMC’s and GD IU’s second joints so they weren’t part of my list.

i’d suggest the fact that most cats here (all?) would have both Rae albums and so are able make a comparison would be skewing the results (obviously, this doesn’t apply to chronwell. dude, WTF?).

my suggestion for your 2nd list of worst sophomore efforts: Pharaohe Monch.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 10.25.08 @

why would u pick an album u never heard?

Because I saw the video for the lead single and remember thinkin This shit is fluke! MaSo with no Extra P is wack. Also I like almost evryone of these albums Robbie think its wack. To me. It was Written is bangin, the Message?! Wack?? Even the lead singles for the Ultra and the UMCs records were dope so MaSo loses because of a wack video I saw in 94!

Comment by chronwell 10.25.08 @

I would add Heltah Skeltah’s “Magnum Force”, Gravediggaz “The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel”, Casual’s “He Think He Hard”, Capone N Noreaga’s “The Reunion”, Mos Def’s “New Danger” and maybe Defari’s “Odds & Evens” to the next poll. I liked most of the records in the original poll!

Comment by Debonair 10.25.08 @

Camp Lo – their 2nd one was the biggest let down

Comment by Blanco 10.26.08 @

true, camp lo’s 2nd album was a real let down. You could also add Saafir’s second album and the already mentioned Mic Geronimo, OGC, Gravediggaz, Mos Def, J-Live and Big Pun albums. More to come…

Comment by boogs 10.26.08 @

“Gravediggaz “The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel”

seconded. There was alright track on it as i remember, still very disappointing considering how much the first one ruled.

Comment by Headlock 10.26.08 @

i picked immobilarity because of the sparse musical landscape for his second go round. i pretty much feel like Ghost is the reason the purple tape had the musical taste that it was comprised of. i see it like this, Ghost’s albums have an overall musicality of someone with a taste for choice dense sonics while Rae’s albums are the chemical make-up of mixtape throw away jawns!!! i think ghost chose the beats for purple tape…there i put it out there!! easy folks

Comment by Tabauri 10.27.08 @

You can only include Ras Kass if he’d made a good first album. ‘Won’t catch me runnin’ aside, dude has always been a piece of shit.

Comment by Drew Huge 10.27.08 @

I don’t know what IWW is doing here. I’m not one of the IWW-was-a-classic revisionists, but it is a good album. Immobilarity has to take this, although, you know, it isn’t like Rae himself fell off, it’s just that he went from one of the best sets of beats ever to a really bad production lineup, and there’s no Ghost. What about Slick Rick’s second album? It’s not terrible, but it’s extremely forgettable.

Comment by Tray 10.28.08 @

On a UK Tip the second MC Duke album (Return Of The Dread I) was a piece of shit. I also thought the second Black Moon & Das EFX albums were a massive letdown … completely average when compared to their great debuts.

Comment by Shawster 10.28.08 @

Slick Rick’s second album does have ‘it’s a boy’, ‘Bond’, ‘Mistakes of a woman’, ‘King’ and ‘Runaway’ – bangers all. ‘Behind Bars’, however, is extremely forgettable

Comment by Drew Huge 10.28.08 @

“Funk Your Head Up”, doesn’t belong on this list. The only downfall, is that the “Poppa Large” remixes weren’t on it. I had to vote for Main Source, because if you heard “How My Man Went Down In The Game”, you could see how cold they would have remained if Large Pro didn’t leave.

Comment by Mike B 10.28.08 @

lyrically slick ricks second album surpassed the 1st but most people never really took the time to listen to the words.

Comment by mercilesz 10.28.08 @

Every time I hear or think of the word “Immobilarity”, I think back to the absolute look of horror/shock/disbelief on me and my guys’ faces while listening to it…..it is the biggest tragedy in hip hop history, forget Biggie and Pac….when you got the lush soundscapes of some folk called “Vo & Pop”, you know it’s a problem. Also, it’s been a long 9-10 years, but I’m waiting for folk to come out of their sleep about Method Man’s 2nd album. He’s one of the people, probably Nas too with It Was Written, that need to have the history books re-written on their 2nd album. Folk need to go back and listen to that and see how hard MOST of those songs were….The biggest catastrophe was Tical 0: The Prequel. That’s up there with Immobilarity for one of the worst albums I’ve ever bought/heard. But I would call T2 a great album….not classic….but definitely great.

Comment by Xenophon 10.28.08 @

nas 2nd LP was fine. “The Message” is up there with any of his classics, including NY state of mind. what’s the difference between “juicy” and “if i ruled the world”? Souls second album sucked. How about dudes’s second LP that far surpassed their first (even if the first one was dope) like:

De La
heavy d (lol, but true!)
janet jackson

Comment by tony bandana 10.29.08 @

public enemy 2nd album was doper than 1st.


chubb rock’s 2nd album….


Comment by tony bandana 10.29.08 @

It was Written one was a Gem.

Comment by Ali 10.30.08 @

Worst follow up album for me would have to be “Enigma” from Keith Murray. One of the most disappointing albums of 1996.

Comment by E the Kid 11.01.08 @

^you’ve got to be kidding. thats probably murray’s best album

Comment by eightyfive 11.01.08 @

FUNK YOUR HEAD UP had “Plucking Everyones Cards” on it. That album can never FAIL due to that one cut.

Comment by CONCEIT 11.08.08 @

Sucky follow ups to great albums?
Da Lench Mob “Planet of da apes”
Phoenix Orion “secret wars”
Mood “Live again”
Flobots “survival Story”
Cannibal Ox “Blade of the Ronin”
Paris “Unleashed”
Killah Priest “View from Masada”
Big Pun “Yeeeeeah Baby”
Gza “Beneath the surface”

Comment by Dino 11.14.15 @

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