America – Stop Rapping!
Tuesday November 25th 2008,
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It’s not so much that everyone outside of New York can’t rap, but they just seem to lack that certain spark that residents of Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn seem to bring to the table (don’t sleep on Long Island either). Fuck it, throw Philly and Boston in there as well. Sure, you can argue that Little Brother or Blu or whoever is nice, and I’m not saying they don’t do their thing, but it’s very rare that anyone outside of the Rotten Apple gets the hair on the back of my neck standing up or inspires me to break a car window at random. Only a very select few outside of the Triborough have ever reached that point of supremacy – Scarface, Ice Cube and Schoolly D spring to mind.

Not to say that Detroit and LA aren’t making some good shit – particularly in terms of beats – but no one from there has or ever will put it down like Tragedy, Kool G Rap or LL Cool J in their prime. A perfect example of this problem can be found on the first Lootpack album. Madlib unleashed some incredible, left-field music on Soundpieces: Da Antidote, only to ruin it with some patchy rapping from himself and the horrible contributions of lead vocalist Wildchild.

Why does the rest of the U.S.A. fail to bring it like New Yorkers when they hit the booth? It’s tough to say. Maybe it’s the fact that the rich history of great lyricists and the overwhelming competition force each generation to dig deeper and bring something extra to the table in terms of raw technique and discipline, while the rest of the country seems content to rely on ‘character rapping’ – focusing their energies on projecting their personality and lifestyle, or adapting choppy flows in an attempt to make their local scene stand-out. I like always liked Too $hort, since he knew his limitations and never tried to be something he wasn’t. Now we’ve got a guy who used to be in Slum Village (another example of great beats almost ruined by the underwhelming rapping) trying to claim that he’s Top 5 status. If you’re not from New York and want to be a real MC, I suggest moving there – Guru and Termanology did it, and they’ve done OK. All your homespun mid-Western wisdom will only get you so far in my book if you don’t sound like you could cut it at The Castle in 1987.

‘But New York is over!’ Really? Let’s compare, in classic interwebs equation style:

Money Boss > The Clipse
Blaq Poet > Bun B
Q-Tip > Kanye West
Roc Marciano > Lil’ Wayne
Sadat X > Ice Cube
Joell Ortiz > Elzhi
Sean Price > Guilty Simpson
Minnesota > Black Milk
Doo Wop > DJ Drama
Milano > Phonte
Pharoah Monch > Common
Jadakiss > T.I.
Killa Sha > Andre 3000

Do All Non-NY Rappers Lose?

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Strawberry ice cream is the only good flavour of ice cream. It is great, I eat it all the time. All other flavours of ice cream are shit. I hate them. I never eat them. Except raspberry which tastes a bit like strawberry, even though it’s from a different kind of berry.

Comment by bse 11.25.08 @

You think Milano is better than Phonte? Are you kidding me? I mean, he’s okay and all, but really, he’s nothing special. Phonte puts it down, and puts it down with consistency.

And Killa Sha better than 3000? Not for a moment. Killa Sha is, at best, typical. He’s not even a stand-out. 3000 has dropped so many classic tracks it’s ridiculous. If you really think that’s Killa Sha is better than Andre 3000, then you should probably stop writing about what quality hip hop is.

Also, if you’ve listened to Slum Village = Slum Village and still think that Joell Ortiz (who is only okay) is better than Elzhi, then your ears are broken. If Elzhi’s verse on 1,2 doesn’t impress you, then you need to seek a refund from you audiologist.

Also, I’ll grant that Pharoahe Monch is better than Common, but only because Pharoahe Monch is better than anyone right now. Common is better than most of the people on the left side of your comparisons.

Beyond that, you haven’t listed most of my favorite non-New York MCs in your comparison. There’s no Aceyalone on your list. Who’s better than Acey?

You don’t list Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Murs, Brother Ali, Blueprint, Pugz Atoms, Mac Lethal, or anyone else who hasn’t sold hundreds of thousands of records. The fact of the matter is that you’re comparing NY underground artists to only non-NY artists who have broken mainstream. It’s clear that you don’t listen to the non-NY underground. That’s not a fair comparison because right now, across the country, underground is killing mainstream. It’s a lot easier right now to drop a terrific rhyme than it is to drop a terrific rhyme and sell a million copies of it.

You’re also biased towards things which get you amped up. There’s more to quality hip hop than making you want to break windows, and if you can’t see that then you’re gonna miss out on a whole lot of really terrific hip hop. Of course, it sounds like that’s what you’re already doing.

NY has produced a lot of good MCs and still produces a good number. But many of the new cats you’re citing are trite. They rap about how great they are and how they are hood and sell drugs and carry guns. That’s played at this point. Kool G. Rap did that 20 years ago. By this point, it’s been done to death. I need to hear something new, and that means listening to innovative MCs wherever they’re from.

Comment by Keith Irwin 11.25.08 @

“Sure, you can argue that Little Brother or Blu or whoever is nice, and I’m not saying they don’t do their thing, but it’s very rare that anyone outside of the Rotten Apple gets the hair on the back of my neck standing up or inspires me to break a car window at random.”

Maybe you live in New York, or have some sort of emotional tie to the city. An Aragonese rap fan might say that Kase-O is more inspiring than Rakim, and he’d be arguing on the same grounds as you. But it sounds ridiculous to say that no one outside of Zaragoza can rap. Same reason you got a billion frat boys on the internet saying Z-Ro murks all. They’re right, by the way.

Comment by barns 11.25.08 @

Dotty X’s my man but come on!!

Comment by chronwell 11.25.08 @

outkast, goodie and dungeon fam was some shit i could get down to…

Comment by er4se 11.25.08 @

Are you trying to win a Darwin award or something?

Comment by Jordan 11.25.08 @

you’re wilding as far as the clipse and bun b are concerned, and probably 3 stacks too even though i’m not a big fan. but the rest of your >’s i’ll go co-sign all day.
ps: what’s the official name of the >-symbol?

Comment by spotrusherz 11.25.08 @

I’m from Boston and I don’t agree with this shit at all. As far as you’re list, it SHOULD go:

Money Boss < The Clipse (not even when MBP had 5 members were they nicer than Terrar/Pusha and Malice!)
Blaq Poet Kanye West (ever since 1990)
Roc Marciano > Lil’ Wayne (ever since 1993)
Sadat X > Ice Cube (ever since 1993)
Joell Ortiz Guilty Simpson (but they’re in Random Axe together!)
Minnesota= Black Milk (but BM is the man right now!)
Doo Wop > DJ Drama + DJ Khaled
Milano T.I.
Killa Sha < Andre 3000

This post is bait like an old Ultra 12″.


Comment by Dart_Adams 11.25.08 @

You have a 12″ of Bait? Better get that shit insured.

Comment by bse 11.25.08 @

Come on Robbie, you don’t even believe this post! Joell Ortiz better than Elzhi??? Man! Joell is dope but better than Elzhi man?? Elzhi is one of the best dudes out right now. He would easy be top 10 of current dudes.

Comment by P-Matik 11.25.08 @

Nah duke, you are kinda buggin with this post……I know exactly where your coming from, the overwhelming majority of fresh Hip Hop came from N.Y. {Mecca} no doubt…..But what about Ras Kass, early Del, M.C. Ren, E Rule, Saafir, Jihad, {3rd Sight}, early Common, Selfish, Decay, Ice- T { yeah he from Jerz, but he learned a few things out west}, I could go on 4 days…..

Comment by shamz 11.25.08 @

sure you right.
but antidote was dope.

Comment by swordfish 11.25.08 @

southern rappers are terrible. if we can stop them we can get this shit back.

Comment by real talk 11.25.08 @

Robbie is playing devils advocate….i love to see people hyped up on hip hop. RIP BREED

Comment by mercilesz 11.25.08 @

Robbie, I applaud your knack for stirring up shit. Keep it up.

Comment by Eons 11.25.08 @

No disrespect to Boston, but The Bean gets acknowledged & you fail to give Jersey its due?
Poor Righteous Teachers > Ed OG
Lauryn Hill > Benzino
Redman > Guru (Yea, I said it!)

Comment by openhead 11.25.08 @

redman over guru? listen to step in the arena or daily operation again…

Comment by er4se 11.25.08 @

^^^ Gangstarr was 80% premo, 20% Guru.

Comment by openhead 11.25.08 @

redman better than guru? LOL…. I love Step in the arena but cmon now….. R u fukking kidding me?

Comment by mercilesz 11.25.08 @

whoah i mean guru better than redman? damn I was just so taken aback by that comment my grammar went out the window. SOUTH ORANGE AVE ALL DAY….oh and my godmothers from Roxbury so this aint even no Local tribalism

Comment by mercilesz 11.25.08 @

“^^^ Gangstarr was 80% premo, 20% Guru.”

By my internet calculations, that means Gangstarr was 60% Houston and therefore 100% uninspiring rap music.

Comment by barns 11.25.08 @

Blaq Poet > Andre 3000

Are you serious? Kill yourself, seriously.

Comment by PURPLE HULK 11.25.08 @

lol Robbie. Is it the anniversary of that post you made about illmatic or something? I just know there has to be an alterior motive for stirring everyone up like this!

Comment by Headlock 11.26.08 @

Hilarious post. Reading the comments is even more hilarious. You forgot Kwame > Rakim.

Comment by redstarr 11.26.08 @

right…i mean Kwame > Scarface.

Comment by redstarr 11.26.08 @

What about Ras Kass, Crooked I, RBX, Ludacris, Twista, Royce … there’s a lot of talent from all over the States!!!

Comment by Brock 11.26.08 @

i voted. i feel so cheap.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 11.26.08 @

I’ve just tested all of those equations. Surprisingly they’re ALL correct. Even the Killa Sha one.

I also ran some other stuff through the equipment, and the following formulae came out:

The Clipse – Neptunes/Timbaland = 0
Lil’ Wayne = :-(
Elzhi – Jay Dee = Guru – Premier
Black Milk = Jay Dee / 0.5

Comment by mustard 11.26.08 @

I appreciate mustard showing his work. A+

Comment by Eons 11.26.08 @

Redman better than Guru? Get the fuck out of here. I like Redman and all, but Guru has made numerous classic tracks. Not to say having the best DJ didn’t help him (shit, Prmier made Group Home sound good) but Redman is a step below.
Oh yeah being from NY makes me play favorites, but there are still good mc’s from all over. Common, Outkast, Scarface, etc

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.26.08 @

Group Home IS good… why don’t people just say it… so is Brainsick Mob… these are undisputed facts, look into it.
Robbie, funny shit with great intentions: an NY-centric world of hip-hop was great once it could be again, so thanks for keeping hope alive with hitler-ish tactics, as well, I gotta give respect to a blogger who begs people to call him a douchebag, that’s some G.G. Allen shit right there… keep up the good work douchebag and try not to get so down on yourself… I notice you don’t live in NY? Why not? if you love it so much why don’t you marry it?…

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 11.26.08 @

shamz, BTW, goodlookin’ on big upping Jihad from 3rd Sight all the time… he’s a way under-rated Cali MC, his 12″ “Rhymes Like A Scientist” with DJ D-Styles from the late-90s is a wicked good record. Golden Shower Hour, Murder Death Kill, all that shit is grimey classick!

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 11.26.08 @

I am not american so I’ve always been a geographically unbiased listener and I also must admit I went into different phases including the heavy rotation of west coast gangsta rap in the early 90’s. But now as a reluctant customer in my mid 30’s I can see Robbie’s point. Even though some of the NY mc’s he claims to be better than their rest of the USA colleagues might not be always technically superior, I must say that it’s rare to find the energy and the rough approach of New York mc’s in a rapper from elsewhere. And I am of those who consider Elzhi one of the best rappers in years. But I’d still listen to old albums by Kurious,K-Solo or D-Nice rather than stuff from theoretically best rappers such as Ras Kass,Planet Asia or Outkast. And that’s not just because I don’t share most of their choices in beats…

Comment by ceedub 11.26.08 @

That’s what the fuck is up…ScubaHoodedFuneral thank you for telling the truth on “Jihad”……Ill Hip Hop is not a regional thing anymore…….Pow

Comment by shamz 11.26.08 @

redman is better than guru. if anyone has a classic guru freestyle i wanna hear that shit. lol….fuckin doesnt exist. just listen to redmans freestyle with biz which came out be4 step in the arena by the way…and u might wanna do the wop the running man and the huckle buckle too….what a nerd

Comment by mercilesz 11.26.08 @

Even if they have different stlyes, Redman and Guru are both top class, that’s not the point, Guru is NY-bound and even if you consider him a non-newyorker, he is still from Boston which made Robbie’s list. Redman should be compared to someone like Daz or E-40 or Nelly. And he chews they asses!

Comment by ceedub 11.26.08 @

By the way Robbie, what about a poll to determine the top non New York rap albums ever which could then be compared to the top NY albums in order to consider which area has been the most consistent at least in terms of music quality?

Comment by ceedub 11.26.08 @

redman is from south orange ave newark nj…thats closer to ny than roxbury…whbi/wnwk is a newark station….club sensations in downtown newark was one of the major hip hop clubs back in the day… dude… what r u talking about? nj ny and philly were like the only places you could hear rap in america in the 80’s….cmon

Comment by mercilesz 11.26.08 @

Dont forget Godfather Don one of the most illest at flippen styles which no one does anymore. Pretty much anything that came out nyc trystate area before 98 bodies any of that soft shit out now… Beatnuts, Show an AG, Group Home, Gang star, Redman, Wu… all that shit is why we all fell in love with hip hop….

Comment by HEMLOCK 11.26.08 @

Obviously I consider Jersey as part of New York in terms of great rap.

Comment by Robbie 11.26.08 @

^^^^ Pardon then.

Comment by openhead 11.26.08 @

Merciless you sound like a bafoon once again …..{” N.Y.”, “N.J.” and “Philly” the only places to hear Hip Hop in the 80’s}……Wow, that’s one of the silliest comments I have heard in a minute duke……Radiotron, what……KDAY {The first 24 hour Hip Hop Station in the country} what…..All out west……..I could go on and on but I will stop there…….By the way, “Redman” might be a better spitter/battler than “Guru”, But “Guru’s body of work, kills “Redman’s”………The only shit I have liked from “Redman” in the last 10 years was “GillaHouse Check” and “That’s My Word”, from “D.J. Honda’s album………100

Comment by shamz 11.26.08 @

@ mercilesz:

The first cities to get regular Hip Hop shows and have Hip Hop regularly crack it’s regular airplay rotations were: NY, NJ, Boston, MA, CT, Providence, RI, Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL & various spots in CA. Then they started having regular shows all over the place starting in the early 80’s (’80-82). This is before RUN DMC, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys and several other acts broke nationally.

Are you talking about JUST 1979 or some shit? Boston was playing “Rapper’s Delight”, “King Tim III (Personality Jock)” and all that early shit on the radio, too. God bless WRBB and later Lecco’s Lemma.



Comment by Dart_Adams 11.26.08 @

whbi had mister magic. nuff said

Comment by mercilesz 11.26.08 @

oh i meant real rap…isnt that what Robbies post is about?

Comment by mercilesz 11.26.08 @

oh yeah zulu beats was on whbi….do your homework and dont play with me

Comment by mercilesz 11.26.08 @

Homework?…..In Cali, we got all them radio show tapes…
Supreme Team, Chillout, Red, Islam, and all that shit……The problem is you didn’t do your homework about our side……{Real Rap}…..Please, “Money Merciless” you already played yourself……Julio G, Dre, Alladin, Joe Cooley, DDZ, T Stone, K.C.S.B, Broadway, King T, E Swift, etc……..It’s a T.K.O folks

Comment by shamz 11.26.08 @

lol king t and e swift i give u props 4… they r dope….

Comment by mercilesz 11.26.08 @

@ mercilesz

maybe I didn’t get my point clear: I was trying to say that comparing Redman to Guru is not a good point in this post because the comparison should be made betweeen NY/NJ rappers and rappers from elsewhere. And I consider Guru part of the NY Hip-Hop culture as we all know Gang Starr were always based in Brooklyn. I wasn’t tryin’ to say that he is better than Reggie Noble (by the way, he’s not), I was just sayin’ that both Redman and Guru are better than most of the non-Tristate area rappers. Plus Robbie wrote:

It’s not so much that everyone outside of New York can’t rap, but they just seem to lack that certain spark that residents of Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn seem to bring to the table (don’t sleep on Long Island either). Fuck it, throw Philly and Boston in there as well.

This later sentence makes Guru part of Robbie’s strength mc’s even if you consider him a bostonian.

Comment by ceedub 11.26.08 @

Peace to all you little faggots catching feelin’s.

Boss Money > The Clipse = Eddie Cheeba & Bago by a lightyear

Blaq Poet > Bun B = Blaq Poet’s bootleg mixtape is better than Bun B’s whole career

Q Tip > Kanye West = I never liked Tribe that much, but I always hated Kanye

Roc Maricano > Lil Wayne = “Snow” >> Lil Wayne’s whole career. The kid is a homosexual leprechaun lookin freak with a retarded voicebox

Sadat X > Ice Cube, Ice T, Ice Cream, Ice Berg…whatever the fuck

Joell Ortiz > Elzhi = yes
Elzhi is fucking garbage and only overrated by you dick humping net nerds

Minnesota is a legend. Black Milk is average at best.

Milano > Phonte = you kids deaf AND retarded?

“Rep For The Slums” >> Phonte’s career.

you fag hags are WAY too sensitive.

Comment by AFFEX 11.27.08 @

By the way…

Redman > Guru

I always thought Guru was garbage. And Primo is known for working with sub par emcees.

Redman is top 10 of all time.
Guru is….top 100.

Lemme add on:

Show & AG > UGK

Godfather Don > Del

RZA > Dre

Comment by AFFEX 11.27.08 @

so you’re saying black milk is dilla times 2?

Comment by KQ 11.27.08 @

oops – messed that comment up. it was in response to mustard saying “Black Milk = Jay Dee / 0.5” which is the same as saying “Black Milk = Jay Dee multiplied by 2”

Comment by KQ 11.27.08 @

The way I look at it…. Every one has there own opinion and ear for whos better, but one thing you all gotta agree on is the intergrity and love of the artform and skills definetly went downhill after 1999. When this computer online crazyness took off the whole dam culture went down hill. these kids are spoiled nowadays. They can do everything from inside there house. You used to phisically have to be in the streets, clubs, open mikes, etc. to really grasp what was going on in the game. Robbie your list is kinda crazy in a way but if thats how u feel, so be it. I cant run with killa sha being better than andre, now we all know that is not the truth… ease up. we hear you but be easy…

Comment by HEMLOCK 11.27.08 @

Blaq Poet deserves respect, but Bun B in his prime wipes his ass with the dude. Ridin’ Dirty and Super Tight shit all over almost anything anybody you’re biggin’ up has ever released.

Nowadays Bun is more formulaic, but he can still still rap circles around half of New York without having to think about it. And Andre 3000 can do the same.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 11.27.08 @

Also– Money Boss may get busy, but Pusha T is out of his mind with it, so you can’t count Clipse out. T.I. and Phonte have also dropped some outstanding shit.

The way I see it, the stuff that matters most outside the East Coast is a select batch of Houston and Atlanta rap: OutKast, Goodie Mob (Soul Food makes most rap albums look inadequate), ‘Face/Geto Boys, Devin/Odd Squad, Z-Ro/Assholes By Nature. I can do without most of the West Coast and elsewhere. With certain exceptions, of course, such as Saafir because “Light Sleeper” is essentially the greatest rap song ever.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 11.27.08 @

So Robbie is wrong, and as for Redman vs. Guru, of course Redman. One’s a really talented rapper, the other’s just solid. I love Hard To Earn and I’m still surprised whenever he has a particularly good line. Which happens maybe 5 times on the album.

Comment by Tray 11.27.08 @

you a stupid fresh genius, word

Comment by bubbah 11.27.08 @


I dig most of what you wrote but you messed up badly with one sentence:

And Primo is known for working with sub par emcees.

Now that’s major bullshit. Primo might have worked ALSO with sub par emcees but he has produced dope beats for many mic legends including arguably the top three mc’s of all time:

Rakim (New York, It’s Been A Long Time, others)
KRS (almost the WHOLE “Boom Bap” album and other dope stuff such as “MCs act lile they don’t know)
G. Rap (First Nigga out of his rawkus album is one of his best joints ever)

Plus, artists he discovered such as Jeru, Krumb Snatcha, NYG’z or Hannibal Stax are far from being sub-par. (OK maybe Big Shug might be but what the fuck)

Comment by ceedub 11.27.08 @

ceedub – of course I didn’t mean ALL emcees Primo works with are average.

I mean…I’m a big fan of Rakim, Poet, Royce,G Rap, etc..but Big Shug, Termanology, etc..are wack as fuck.

T.I. and Phonte have also dropped some outstanding shit.

outstanding?? C’mon, now you’re reaching.
T.I. has (in my opinion) never dropped a decent track in his career. T.I. , Jeezy, Weezy, whatever the fuck…the dudes rely on their “swagger” (no homo) more than anything.

And you dudes serious about Andre 3000???

People actually listen to Andre 3000??

That’s a serious question, coz I could never listen to Outkast/Andre 3000.


Comment by AFFEX 11.27.08 @

T.I. is terrible

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.27.08 @

AFFEX wrote:
“Joell Ortiz > Elzhi = yes
Elzhi is fucking garbage and only overrated by you dick humping net nerds”

i agreed with u on all the other ones,but on this one u musta had a hit of the crack pipe..slow down homey

Comment by dj blendz 11.27.08 @

I’ve always thought that Outkast lovers are not really into Hip-Hop…ok maybe I’m biased and I can see that people from the ATL/Decatur area might relate to them but their shit is far from the kind os stuff Hip-Hop got me used to…

T.I. sucks and always will…

Phonte is average and is not helped by a soft-ass production team…

Comparing Guru to Redman is unfair because Redman would win against most mc’s out there…Guru should be respected though because he’s kept it solid for more than a decade (damn, I even dug his solo lp after he split with Primo!)

And to be honest I think both Joell Ortiz and Elzhi are dope as crack!

Comment by ceedub 11.28.08 @

is 63 comments the max on any post or what?

Comment by ED209˚ 11.29.08 @

…apparently not…

Comment by ED209˚ 11.29.08 @


Your Poll pairings would make a great billing for a Wrestling Match ( not that current US Shit – proper UK 70s business … FIT FIN-LAY! and all them )

Love to see a masked K-Sha body slam Andre(w)

And the Money Boss / Clipse tag team bout would be amazing.

Make some calls Robbie – make it happen.

Comment by ED209˚ 11.29.08 @

Purple Haze > all of the NY rap albums released since 2004.

And I hate Dipset (but that record is retarded- IN A GOOD WAY).

Comment by ED KOCH 11.30.08 @

genius post…keep em talking fam haha

Comment by Praverb 11.30.08 @

haha i think some people forget that this site is called a tribute to ignorance and some posts need to be taken with a grain of salt. But still, agreed for the most part, NY emcees do always bring that certain somethin that can’t be matched.

But if you’re talkin’ non NY rappers, Black Thought matches it with any rapper past or present. And currently Supastition burns most emcees you can name (present day)

Comment by t-bone 11.30.08 @

Andre doesn’t even give a fuck, his rhymes are layered and take time to unpack and he doesn’t even give a shit if he flies over motherfuckers’ heads. Sometimes he can seem too mannered but I think the first three OutKast albums, plus most of the fourth, are damn near perfect.

9th Wonder and the other producers Phonte hangs with are weak. But the man himself writes good lyrics. I think he’s one of the nicer rappers out.

T.I. gets iller as a rapper all the time and has always had finesse enough to sell anything. Plus he was fucking rugged out the gate– his first single was nasty. He isn’t a genius but there’s gotta be ten. fifteen tracks of his that I think are dope as hell.

I think Guru is the single worst rapper to ever be considered a legend or seriously respected. Out of all the emcees who get reverence and love from the late ’80s, early ’90s, he is by far the wackest.

I stand by my claim that Bun B is one of the all-time greats. And in the present day, KILLER MIKE will demolish whoever you can name.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 12.01.08 @

NY (excluding commercial shit) has just been more consistant. this statements kind of like saying if youre not in Hollywood dont make movies…..

Comment by don chalant 12.02.08 @

I voted YES, and except for the very last two artists it wasn’t a question. But, Killa Sha>Andre 3000, I’m not quite sure of that. Andre puts it down like no other from down there when he’s rhymin’. I will say I don’t know a lot of Sha’s material, either, so I’m not going to debate stridently.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 12.02.08 @

i love this shit LMAO!!

Comment by Tabauri 12.04.08 @

wtf. i stumbled on this shit maaad late. what a shitshow. but here’s the breakdown:

Money Boss.. u fkn kidding? Clipse take it.

Blaq Poet is dope…but c’mon sonny. Bun B.

I suppose Q is better than Kanye technically. We’ll come back to this in a few years.

I LIKE Marciano. I LIKED Weezy. Both have an opportunity to sell me still. But neither has yet (except for when Dedication 2 came out, I thought shit was about to go down right there).

Did u just say that Sadat fackin X is better than Cube? U mad twisted son. That’s some audacious shit. Amerikkkaz Most Wanted bitch. c’mon.

Joell Ortiz smokes Elzhi (fuck Elzhi).

Sean Price, Minnesota, Doo Wop & Milano all win too.

Pharoah probably is better than Com. But he hasn’t proved that shit yet. U kidding me man? He hasn’t put out close to enough material. Com fell off hard but Pharoah hasn’t even had a chance to fall off. We’ll come back to this one when Pharoah actually works hard on something again.

Unfortunately, be mad all you want, but with at least 3 amazing albums, TI actually wins (trace his IP and kill this motherfucker lol). Jada is incredible. But he is also one of the absolute LEAST CONSISTENT rap artists of all time. What a waste of talent.

Oh. and Killa Sha can suck my dick. 3 Stacks baby. holla. peace out.

Comment by Cass 12.15.08 @

Are you fucking kidding me?!!?!? Common is damn near better than anybody on the fucking list! Classics from as far back as his first album ’92 sooooo many joints. Monch is spotty on the album releases, dude is great don’t get me wrong but hes right under Common. Come on are you joking Common made I used to love H.E.R. in ’94! No Organized Konfusion shit makes the back of the hairs on your neck stand up like I USED TO LOVE H.E.R. shit the Rawkus internal affairs cannot claim that. The state Hip Hop is in your gonna compare Common to Monch!? Who gives a fuck. FUCK YOUR STUPID LIST!? Is this what Hip Hop is about? Best guys on your list in this order are Common, Monch, Jada and Price all the best go listen to their songs study their flows and make an album yourself your wasting everybodys time with your gay ass blog go back to putting up dope songs and freestyles we don’t have the time’s in our school and job filled lives instead of comparing great rappers to great rappers. As long as nobody is doing the Juice Man Bow Wow Soulja Boy dance off on the list I don’t give a fuck if their from Iowa or the heart of Brownsville SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Comment by What is this BULLSHIT!? 02.27.09 @

Thats funny cuz Common put the cover of the 1st Organized Konfusion album in the video for I used to love her….I don’t know….i’m just saying….

Comment by Mercilesz 02.27.09 @

“gay ass blog”

I can’t read that and not hear Arnie say it.
In fact if you read the whole of ‘What is this BULLSHIT!?’s comment in the style of Terminator Arnie it is very (well… more) entertaining.

“Monch is spotty on the album releases, dude is great don’t get me wrong… Sarah Conner”


Comment by ED209˚ 02.27.09 @

ed209 just made me laff…thats mad funny…btw way that album came out in 91 i had my 1st crush/girlfriend that year…..ha ha

Comment by Mercilesz 02.27.09 @

o neva mind about the 91 reference i was talking about OKs album/STPs album wich dropped in 91…sowwwwy bacardi is the shit

Comment by Mercilesz 02.27.09 @

Suck my dick Eddie, you dork, what are you even talking about, what the fuck does the Terminator have to do with crybabies complaining about hip hop. All I was trying to say was that NY doesn’t mean, shit a good rapper is a good rapper and it today’s terrible state of hip hop something like discussing NEW YORK being the only place good spitters can come out of is so irrelevant. Redman, Ras Kass, Kurupt, Common, Little Brother, Eminem all some of the best MCS aren’t from New York and if I can’t be pist about this post than eat a fat dick. Can’t hate on ED209 too much tho at least he is trying to do something with the music itself aka blending good rappers flows with your SHITTY beats. I mean look at this corny looking motherfucker:


Mercilesz first get your facts straight then get off Ed’s dick. Like we even give a fuck ’91 is the year of your first homosexual hookup. First girlfriend? Oh yea your first imaginary one?

Comment by EDDIE209 can eat a fat dick! 02.28.09 @

ooooh i just got dissed…the point is that Common looked up to OK/STP who dropped 1st and thats why he included that album cover in the i used to love her video….thats all….. a comes before b….1 comes be4 2…u wasn’t listenin to hip hop in 91 or u would know the impact fudge pudge had when it dropped and why common repects monch so much…..”kid capri plays beats like this”….nerd

Comment by Mercilesz 02.28.09 @

/ \
/ \
/ Here lies \
/ EDDIE 209 \
| R.I.P. |
| | | |
| Mortally wounded by |
| witty and original |
| put downs on |
| 28/02/09 |
| Died in action |
| for the love |
| of NY Hip Hop |
| | | |
| “No more Cakes |
| for the corny |
| looking dork” |
| |
| |

Comment by ED209˚ 03.01.09 @

( My gravestone didn’t make it )

Comment by ED209˚ 03.01.09 @

ED209 was just ethered by that guy

Comment by damn 03.02.09 @

that guy is checkin out pictures of men and asking them to suck his johnson. this aint no gay singles club

Comment by D.K. 03.02.09 @

ED209 come on you can’t go out like that come back at him correct.

Comment by DOOM 03.03.09 @

It it over for that limey moron

Comment by DOOM 03.03.09 @


Comment by QUEENLIZIZDABIZ 03.03.09 @

You no good dirty limeys!

Comment by AnarchyfromtheU.K. 03.03.09 @

“All I was trying to say was that NY doesn’t mean, shit a good rapper is a good rapper”

He needs to forget about Common and work on his commas, and then find Sarah Conner.

I do have 17 ideas for his next post though…as follows :

1. Nice night for a walk
2. Nothing clean, right
3. Your clothes, give them to me now
4. The 12 gauge autoloader
5. The .45 long-slide with laser sighting
6. Phazed plastic rifle in 40-watt range
7. The Uzi nine-millimetre
8. All
9. Wrong
10. Sarah Connor?
11. I’m a friend of Sarah Connor
12. I was told that she’s here
13. Could I see her, please?
14. Where is she?
15. I’ll be back
16. Fuck you, Asshole
17. Get out

Comment by ED209˚ the motherfucking cock sucking corny looking dork limey moron 03.03.09 @

Hey you stupid limey geezer go back to listening to BOY GEORGE! Lose the limp wrist bitch.

Comment by ed209 choked on a dick 03.06.09 @

Yah dat was pretty funny about dah commas! Good one ED209.

Comment by Comma commentator 03.06.09 @

I just listened to Ed’s beats that guy blows! Don’t quit your day job Ed, if that guy doesn’t know about commas and sounds like Terminator at least he never created those painfully poorly made beats.

Comment by Soo-WOOOO 03.06.09 @

Looks like someone left the cargo hatch open in Faggotville again, because we’ve obviously taken on quite a few stowaways. Will you guys all go back to the gym and resume pumping each other and leave unkut alone??!?…
This quote is the gayest: “No Organized Konfusion shit makes the back of the hairs on your neck stand up like I USED TO LOVE H.E.R.”
For the record: I used to love h.e.r. is for whiny, crying backpacky Urb magazine reading baby bitches… always was, always will be… “the back of the hairs on your neck” is funny as shit… but what’s really funny is that you are criticizing this site for believing that pure hip hop is exclusively a New York thang and all the while you are heralding a song that laments-like-a-bitch and begs us to return to the traditional ways (bringing us right back to NY whether you or Common like it or not)… herbs like you shouldn’t breathe, ed shoulda murked you in the bud…shit, releasing hypnotical gases on these gaybos. and i’m out!

Comment by stoolthrowa 03.06.09 @

hypnotical….ha ha… i through iraq and iran…so don’t ask me _____

Comment by Mercilesz 03.06.09 @

Yes and you are out! Out of the closet you homosexual. Stoolthrowa shitting on Common, uh he is a great MC you are just a fucking scumbag where are your accomplishments? Stoolthrowa you seem to have no problem effortlessly describing the scene in a gay bathhouse probably because you spent the better part of your childhood getting buttfucked in one. The joke is on you faggot because 99% of the people here are fucking backpackers, who do you think your addressing? gangbangers? Its a fitting name for you because you would throw your stool like a retarded monkey obviously you are a douchebag. Gaybos? what is that 2nd grade talk? Listen little gay bath house pussy nerds like you aren’t allowed to use the words murked or herb.

Comment by Stoolthrowaisjustasmallturd 03.07.09 @

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