Face Off: Blogs Vs Magazines
Sunday November 16th 2008,
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Kanye’s magazine shelf.

It’s no secret that print magazines are on the back foot against the massive amount of free contact out here on the internets, but is there a good reason for this trend beyond everyone wanting to save $6 a month? Let’s break it down:


It’s kinda hard to read blogs on the can, unless you want to risk dropping your iPhone into the john.

Winner: Magazines.


Free = the price is right. Although when you add up the cost of your laptop and internet connection, it’s a tough call.

Winner: Blogs.


Google image search stays losing.

Winner: Magazines.


A free CD tacked to the front is always nice, but it doesn’t exactly compare to being able to download the latest Blaq Poet banger.

Winner: Blogs.


Nobody wants to read your 2,000 word break-down of the latest Roots opus. Not even ?uestlove.

Winner: Magazines.


Another close call – good editing is an underrated skill. But few print publications are able to allow major interviews the space they sometimes deserve.

Winner: Blogs.


Letters to the editor seem to be a thing of the past, while the comments section of blogs can often provide more entertainment than the main piece. Calls of ‘First’ withstanding.

Winner: Blogs.


Just like vinyl, magazines hold it down longer than any digital format.

Winner: Magazines.

Verdict: A fuckin’ dead heat? What kind of bullshit is this?! I’m disowning this whole article.

Do you prefer blogs or magazines?

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Comment by smokeYYY 11.16.08 @

Re portability: I’m taking a dump as I type this. Blogs ftw!

Comment by Dan Love 11.16.08 @

In my youth,if RapPAges or VIBE dissed an album I liked, I might write a letter in strong disagreement which works but commenting on blogs like this allows a free flow of iteresting ideas and views from actual listeners and supporters of the culture rather than just ideas from writers who are more like employees of some shit. Blogs got actual music, its all evolution! Love IT!

Comment by chronwell 11.16.08 @

i gotta go with blogs. i’m cheap like that.

Comment by bacemonk 11.16.08 @

I prefer what I call Blogazines. It’s where you throw the magazine at the screen and keyboard and you read whatever it lands on. You’ll end up with either a record review in Rolling Stone, or an old cougar getting her mudhole rammed on youporn.
You win either way.

Cool, eh?

Comment by Dick Shittman 11.16.08 @

I am a writer/Special features editor for the original and best Street magazine in the world, Don Diva. I like the mags over blogs cause blogs arent as available. Not everyone has a computer, so you know how that goes.But Don Diva stepped it up and now we have a blog and we takin it to the next level while still keepin it street, ya dig!

Comment by Eric Williams 11.16.08 @

the 3rd comment is str8 truth

Comment by Shawty S.O. 11.16.08 @

I’d say the fact that magazines are often biased to, or at least focus on certain artists descredits them. How many magazines has Wayne covered in the past year? Way too many…Ghost dropped two albums in 2006 and didn’t make a single cover.

Comment by Casey 11.16.08 @

Not really thorough, first i’d have mags compete with ‘hip hop sites’ such as allhiphop, hiphopgame or sohh, they bring ‘real’ content instead of blogs which are more like content aggregators, they rarely create original content.
You should have put magazines against hip hop websites, not blogs.
Also you didn’t mention the speed of delivery which is the most important thing: websites deliver instantly + the force of videos

Comment by Chamo 11.16.08 @

I go with blogs too but magazines win the interview battle easily from my pov. Reading anything other than short articles online is a f-cking pain in the ass what with the having to click page after page to get through the whole thing. On top of that, most (but not all) bloggers are pretty medicore interviewers. The interview and long feature format just do not translate well online.

Comment by ian 11.16.08 @

Nahh sorry Dan … Can’t be balancing a Laptop on my knees when I’m ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’ + plus if the loo roll is gone the shit sticks in the keys – magazines have got your back in ‘bare tube’ emergencies.

Robbie – you need to make a ‘Best of Unkut’ mag then I’m happy on all fronts ( especially if you can slip a couple of pages of 3 ply in the back )

Shit is real!

Comment by ED209˚ 11.16.08 @

Nothing better than pulling the plastic off a new Buttmann mag. Chea!

Oh, and [ll].

Comment by Dallas 11.16.08 @

I have an extensive collection of the Source, XXL, Vibe, and Slam. But Blogs take it hands down. You can’t watch wideo in a magazine.


Comment by Josh 11.16.08 @

i dont even know any magazines with GOOD cds on the front anymore

Comment by B$BofIAIC 11.16.08 @

How about blogs about magazines ?
-> http://www.ifihavent.wordpress.com

Comment by SLurg 11.16.08 @

blogs are updated daily well nahright is props to eskay

and mags monthly?

id have to go with blogs

Comment by redheadkilla 11.16.08 @

“first i’d have mags compete with ‘hip hop sites’ such as allhiphop, hiphopgame or sohh”

^ I don’t know anyone who messes with any of those shits.

Comment by Robbie 11.17.08 @

i’ma go with magazines. i like full thought out features on my favorite artists. the only thing a blog wins in is in news and music. other than that, as an artists i’d rather have the cover of XXL than nahright.com

Comment by Sam 11.17.08 @

Blogs are much more influential these days and more popular, but magazines still have they place in todays market.

Comment by Donny Goines 11.17.08 @

Great post, interesting topic and discussion. I think both blogs and magazines have a place in the game.

But you got to remember, it aint like the people who write magazines can’t write blogs. I mean I dont really buy XXL the mag, but I go to their site like everyday, so what’s the difference? We get it in one way or the other by the same heads. I see people shouting out Nahright on in the comments, but remember Eskay used to work at XXL and now he’s at Complex. Don’t let the net fool you.

Take for example chronwell said; “views from actual listeners and supporters of the culture rather than just ideas from writers who are more like employees of some shit”

I used to feel the same way until I realized that that the writers of mags were listeners and supporters of culture before they became professionals. For all I know, Robbie might have worked in the magazine world in his past (or may freelance currently).

I used to think that blogging was this changing of the guard, where new people would come up and have their say. But most of the time, it’s just more of the same. All it does is make information a lot less profitable.

Comment by Incilin 11.17.08 @

Excellent post Robbie. And I’ma go head and proclaim that I voted “on the fence.” Contrary to popular consensus, there’s still a good chunk of writers who put it down in the magazines of yesteryear and unlike most (let’s say 70%) of the top blogs out there, they still put the art of it first over than a hot topic.

Comment by TC 11.17.08 @

ED209 – I hadn’t ever considered the emergency bog roll situation, good shout. Laptop on bare knees feels so warm, mmmmm…..

Comment by Dan Love 11.17.08 @

What about Accountability? I mean, the reason magazine started killing themselves in the quality material dept. was because they had to follow the bullshit trends of the mid ninetys and go soft and commercial. Rap mags doing stories on R&B diva bitches and shit. With a blog you can do whatever you want, without some higher up asshole nixing your story because its not commercially viable.

Comment by Topski 11.17.08 @

I’m going with Blogs, for many of the same reasons as others have.
– more frequently updated
– videos
– easier to read at work when you are bludging. Magazines are nowhere near as easy to hide.
– community feedback. I wouldn’t be able to write this response to a magazine article.
– Depth. You cant have a hyperlink in a magazine, but online you can elaborate on a subject without even having to write anything – all you have to do is link it. Mag author’s have to count their words.

Comment by Headlock 11.17.08 @

“Blogs are much more influential these days…”

Yeah, but being bigged up on a mainstream hiphop blog is kinda a kiss of death for an artist if you look at recent examples!

Can’t believe people are comparing watching a video to reading words though – two different worlds!

Comment by HS 11.18.08 @

Dan – my laptop must have problems cause it gets too hot for my ‘english thigh table’.

Perhaps I’m just sat there too long.

Comment by ED209˚ 11.19.08 @

I’ll take mags.
A) They pay me real money to write for them
B) You don’t have to put up with moronic comments from internet haters.

Comment by Drew Huge 11.20.08 @

I kick a whole cubicle block of writer’s asses weekly on my blog. I’ll have reviewed every album that came out that month before they even printed. Plus, I don’t get edited and no one can put restrictions on what I write about.


Comment by Dart_Adams 11.22.08 @

Thanks, great

Comment by Adam Rashid 11.26.08 @

i go with whatever’s in front of me, which more often than not is the blogs’s. probably cause i’m home more often than not.

if i’m at a mate’s place, i’ll be flickin through a mag, if anything.

if i’m out and about looking for some time to kill, i’ll scope a mag, but i ain’t buyin unless its got something really worthwile.

but, shit, you cunts don’t give a fuck.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 11.28.08 @

It’s where you throw the magazine at the screen and keyboard and you read whatever it lands on. You’ll end up with either a record review in Rolling Stone, or an old cougar getting her mudhole rammed on youporn.
You win either way.

Comment by Hispanic Students 06.09.11 @

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