Five Indy Sure Shots (90’s Edition)
Thursday November 13th 2008,
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Ah, the 90’s. It was really the best of times and the worst of times for rap. For every Stunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop you had ten shitty Naughty By Nature knock-offs. Then there was the much touted indy/underground explosion that saw thirty to forty new 12″ singles dropping every week. I actually knew a kid who spent every cent he had copping everything that Beat Street and Mr. Bongo stocked as it dropped, so I’d go and fill-up a 90 minute TDK every couple of weeks with those shits and cop the best of the bunch myself. The thing is, there’d usually only be one or two tracks on every tape that were actually worth owning – a fact that many indy fans seem to forget when they reminisce over that era. Regardless, the good stuff was effin’ great, so I thought I’d dig into the shelves at Unkut Dot Com HQ and throw you some of my sure shots from the time.

This first installment concentrates on one or two hit wonders, although it’s debatable as to whether or not any of these songs were even minor local hits, and I’m not going to accuse any of these dudes of being ‘flash in the pan’ type artists…OK maybe a couple of ’em.

J-Force – ‘For All Thoze’

Sporting the best use of the ‘Shook Ones’ accapella ever, Force (part of Marley Marl’s House of Hits team at the time) does his thing over some moody keys and sparse drums. Might be the greatest white rap song too.

Fish B. One feat. B. D. Booze – ‘How That Sound’

DJ Enuff provides a bare-bones ‘Apache’ grab and a bass tone for these two unknowns to unleash some rapid-fire routines that still impress.

AK Skills – ‘One Life Ta Live’

For his second single, this Far Rockaway native really hit his stride and rode this uplifting Eddie James track into submission before riding off into the sunset.

Dark Skinned Assassin – ‘Lock Shit Down’

Quality Staten Island material with a vague Wu connection, assisted by a winning RNS beat and an ideal Raekwon sample.

Saukrates – ‘Father Time’

Before his fruitless Def Jam deal, this Canadian’s debut single remains his most memorable effort, as performs his best Jeru impersonation while firing shots at the Wu.

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Nice selections! I played that Ak Skills joint real heavy on my radio show. I did the scratches/cuts on the Father Time remix. I know Sauks wasn’t dissing the Wu though!

Comment by DJ Grouch 11.13.08 @

kinda funny i used to smoke mad weed to ak skillz and father time in high school…the other tracks i dont know…how bout Pop Mega? i think he was out around the same time…oh yeah that wasnt on an indie but it was just as underground as these joints.

Comment by mercilesz 11.13.08 @

Love that Ak Skillz track, bumped it hard all last summer.

Nice drop Robbie.

Comment by Dan Love 11.13.08 @

Fish B. One from the Bushwackass crew, no doubt. I always found the spelling to be interesting.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 11.13.08 @

i used to be bangin that Fish B one joint !

Comment by mikki dee 11.13.08 @

Word on the AK Skills track, I played that to death.

Comment by End Level Boss 11.13.08 @

dope selection – hearing that fish b. one track really took me back to the days of digging through stacks of vinyl in london’s mr bongo.

Comment by Ryan Proctor 11.13.08 @

the father time remix is much better imo.
the j force is one of my fav indie.
ak skills was dope..the song out of the tru criminal ep is dope as well.
overall i got 3 of this 12″, nice selection though

Comment by mp 11.13.08 @

“dead poets society – lick a shot” anyone?

Comment by mp 11.13.08 @

Dope post Robbie, I own the Fish B. One and Dark Skinned Assassin 12″s and I am not selling them ever.

Comment by Jaz 11.13.08 @

dope post robbie. i put that ak skills joint on my most recent mixtape.

Comment by bacemonk 11.13.08 @

“dead poets society – lick a shot” anyone?
Comment by mp 11.13.08 @

that joint was my shit, too bad pt. 2 was average at best :(

Comment by eightyfive 11.14.08 @

I gotta say I still like all these tracks (maybe not the Saukrates as much anymore). All 5 are still in the crates somewhere. Most the wu indies were dope and the Bushwackass were nice too.

Comment by kristhegreek 11.14.08 @

Tru Criminal = one of the best indies of that time. Didn’t know the J-Force 12″. Good shit.

Comment by Krisch 11.17.08 @

I don’t know how missed this post before but I’m here working on a project on “artists who only released singles, no albums ’93-’99” and as I’m listening to Fish B One right now I decided to search the web for some info on him and found this.

Anyway, I have been listening to most the tracks mentioned this week:

Lick A Shot Remix is hot. The rest of the single or their other 12″
not so good. Plus that weird line on the remix is…uh…really
weird. Does he say that smoking blunts makes him “sick
enough to slide up in your homo cousin”….what is that about???

Father Time: still the joint to me

J Force: I prefer the B-side “Runnin On E” he has some nice lines
in there.

Dark Skinned Assassin and AK Skills now are more really about the production more than the mcing for me. It’s not bad, just average I think

Now the Fish B One, Both joints are still top notch to me. I wish he would have dropped an album around that time!

Comment by kevin beacham 12.04.08 @

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